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Oct 312017

Jovens chegam na Canção Nova para o Acampamento PHN.Jesus gives us the opportunity to accept Him as the only Lord

Our people today are indecisive. Even those who are in the Church and have received the grace of the baptism in the Holy Spirit, they seem like little birds that jump from branch to branch, between God and sin, or, between God and the sects, the healers, fortune tellers and crystals. emphatic: it is not possible to serve two masters. By resorting to other masters, not to God, in the hope of finding solutions to marriage, finances and illnesses, we contaminate ourselves and those with whom we live and love. We must renounce this, confess it and be set free. Imagine you are drowning in a muddy, muddy river, and the Lord throws a rope to save you. What do you do? Despise the rope? No! You must cling to it, for you can not withstand the current. It is time to cling to the rope thrown by Jesus and let Him save you. This is accepting Jesus as Savior, for He will show mercy to us. It is about our salvation, since we do not want to get lost. We are the chosen ones of God.


Monsenhor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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May 232017

We all have need of inner healing.

Passos para a Cura InteriorIn my time in God I am convinced that one of the most important factors that we need to live in our lives is the process of inner healing.

When you walk this path of a deep inner healing, you discover the sources of the more significant ills afflicting us, and then we need to seek the means necessary for these evils can be definitely solved in our lives.

Yet I have learned with the legacy he left us of our beloved Father Rufus Pereira who repeatedly taught us that a spiritual healing does not happen before the person goes through a deep inner healing; because otherwise the person can continue in their compulsive habits of sin.

A very clear example is in the case of a drug addict, it will be very difficult to achieve his or her definitive cure unless he or she is healed inside of the causes that led to drug addiction.

Father Rufus also said: “the inner healing is a key type for total healing of the person. Similarly without inner healing, he cannot experience that physical healing that requires first this inner healing nor experience deliverance. “

So I thought it was important to highlight some steps that we can concretely take to begin our inner healing process.

An important thing is when we enter this inner healing process nothing can be undervalued or overlooked, everything should be taken very seriously, because it is from these facts that we’re going to make a life in full freedom!

Three steps can be listed to begin our path to inner healing:

The first step is to recognize that there is a need for inner healing, and find out in which area of your life that this cure need to happen. This is the moment of the diagnosis. It is necessary that the person if notice, observe your life, look for other people to help – there count on the main help for this diagnosis that is the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

And you might wonder: How to find out the problem that I have?

The answer, found in medicine itself, on what we see in doctors ‘ offices.

Our first attitude is stop and examine all the symptoms that we bring that may be connected to what we believe to be our problem. It is important that the physical and emotional symptoms are also examined. It is necessary to determine symptoms: fatigue, sadness, envy, jealousy, anger, despair, anguish, and so on, because these symptoms make it easier to identify the problem.

Care is needed with the diagnosis through the knowledge of all the symptoms.

The second step is to remove the locks to inner healing. To achieve a cure requires a correct diagnosis of the emotional symptoms related in the first step.

Father Rufus helps us saying, his experience indicates that there are four major emotional symptoms in which we need to go deeper and understand by which of these emotional symptoms are emerging physical symptoms or even emotional diagnosis of the first step.

They are:

-Feeling of Rejection: Usually it happens in our relationships with other people, being more pronounced when these people are very close or have some kind of blood bond with us.
Rejection happens when we feel that we are not loved or respected for as important and by those we love. That doesn’t mean that in fact these people don’t love us or lack respect, but we feel like this, we don’t feel that love.

We wanted these people who are so dear to us we look at us differently, to have other attitudes with us; We wanted to actually feel a little bit of love on the part of these people.

We should not blame anyone for this, it is very important within our healing process.

-Feeling of inferiority: This feeling is about the relationship with ourselves. Usually when we live the process of comparisons. Comparisons with the brothers, with classmates or even with other people. “You’re not as smart as your brother”, “you’re too slow, I’m going to have someone else do it…” or words like: “you’re stupid, you’re unable to do that.”

With this we start seeing ourselves in a manner in which we feel less than other people, a self-pity develops and can bring you to feeling of hatreds against yourself, and end in the extreme in self-destruction.

-Feeling of guilt: This feeling usually rises when we made many mistakes and we felt that because of these mistakes God will not forgive us or love us. The feeling of guilt is a terrible thing! It’s something that if we don’t take care it can lead to severe consequences, I met people who had the desire to kill themselves because they feel guilty for something and cannot  not forgive themselves. The guilt can easily lead a person to deep depression.

The Bible teaches us that: “If your sins are like Scarlet red, they will be as white as snow” (1.18)

In Jeremiah is said: “I have Already forgiven your sins, your SIN I will never remember.(Jr 31, 34)

And yet St. Paul tells us: “in Christ Jesus there is no more condemnation.(Rm 8, 1-2)

-Feeling of Fear: Does not concern the common fears from adverse situations happens to us. But says fears without a certain logic, without reason, as for example, the fear of the dark, fear of diseases such as cancer, AIDS, afraid to be in the middle of a crowd, fear of solitude, fear even to breathe because of bacteria in the air.

And as this fear arrives in our life? Generally by what we hear from other people, and then we started having these fears. We listen to certain things, certain subjects, and that they come into our mind with a force that we can’t control.

That’s why the Bible repeats more than 360 times: “be not afraid. Fear nothing. “

These are the four main areas in the need of inner healing. So it is necessary to pray to the Holy Spirit for light illuminating the dark areas of our life so we can identify the cause of the problems that we carry today.

And arrived exactly on the third step is prayer: After we identified the symptoms and discerned where are they are showing up, it’s time to pray and ask God for our healing, for the healing of our history. It is necessary to allow God through the Spirit to act freely in us to heal us.

In short: We need to diagnose the realities which surround us, feelings and emotions, our physical sensations, we carefully make a clarification if these symptoms are linked to the feeling of Rejection, to the feeling of Fear, feelings of Inferiority or feeling of Guilt.

Identifying the source of these symptoms it is the time to pray! Pray in the light of the Holy Spirit so that He can visit these areas of our lives and Heal us and release us.
It is important to say that it is not something simple, and that is not done only once. This process is sometimes a hard process that requires hard work and dedication.

We already have a good material to begin our walk towards our inner healing. Let’s not forget that this requires much effort and desire. God will do nothing will unless we do the minimum that falls to each one of us!

I hope you can share the results of your search.

Pray also for me and for all that the Lord wants for me ok?

God bless you!

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Jan 312017

candlesA lot of time, we can look for big miracles as signs the Holy Spirit present, but it is in the little things, he does the most work!

Washington, DC, USA–The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways, and not necessarily with great fanfare. Often times, I remind people that unlike the movies, where dramatic music underlies every powerful act of God, we do not have such music in our lives. The Holy Spirit acts without music.

I had just arrived from Boston by Amtrak and then Metro (subway) to the campus of Catholic University of America for the tail end of the annual Vigil for Life held at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception last Thursday night (January 27). This is always held on the eve of the Pro-Life March in Washington, which protests the legalization of abortion in this country. I was not wearing my clerics because I was traveling alone and in the wake of a lot of protests throughout the US, especially in the cities along the eastern seaboard of the country, I thought it would be safer to travel without cleric.

The vigil for life just ended and people were leaving the Basilica. I then figured it was best to go to my motel after I got a few pictures. Grabbing a quick supper at the CUA Barnes and Noble and then shopping there for a small card for my phone, to replace the one that became corrupted, I met a young seminarian from St. Louis in his clerics and alone. He was looking for something to power up his now powerless Google Pixel. Again, I was concerned about his safety, although he was not. He needed to find his friend in Maryland where he would be staying. Without his phone, he had no way to contact him or even know how to get to his house in Maryland. Further, he did not know his number because it was on his now powerless phone. I have traveled in my own country and in various Asian and Caribbean and South American countries, I am used to traveling and I know how not to look like a target. I also speak three languages and granted speak them all them like a “Gringo” but I can get around. He was alone, young and in his clerics with no power in his phone to get to his friends house. This had me concerned for his safety in the aftermath of some violent and disturbing protests of the previous week in this same city, especially since he had no way to contact his friend.

I am a writer and whenever I travel, I carry my Chromebook in my backpack. I realized that my Chromebook could fire up his Google Pixel enough for him to contact his friend and so he could find adn arrive to his home safely. I pulled out the computer, put it on the floor of the Barnes and Noble and turned it on. He connected his phone, charged it a bit enough to call his friend. It was like we were trying to contact someone using almost rudimentary means from the field. He learned his friend would meet him in Maryland five stops from the Brookland/CUA station which I knew was only two blocks away. We walked there, he found his way to the train and that was the last I saw him.

The Lord provided, but I was the channel through which He provided and that is because I just happen to carry a computer with me. If it was not me, then the Lord would have found another.

This was Divine Providence. I was just there where God could use me even without my knowledge or planning. The Holy Spirit uses us everyday and the more we give ourselves over to Him, the we more can expect Him to use us in little ways. Meanwhile, know that the Lord does provide, trust in Him always.

Did you heal someone today? probably not. But did God use you today? Probably in more ways than you know. See how God used others to help you today, reflect on it during the day.


Have a blessed week.

Fr. Robert J Carr



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Nov 232016

Our mission is to bring the charism New Song every service

The Medical Centre Padre Pio, much to attend, takes the resurrection of charisma each attended

The Medical Clinic Padre Pio, for 20 years serves the residents of Cachoeira Paulista (SP), employees of John Paul II, the Canção Nova Community missionaries and pilgrims in days of Kairos and Summer camps in Chacara Santa Cruz Foundation in Cachoeira Paulista SP, Brazil.

Our mission is to bring the charism New Song every service

Photo: File /

Currently, there are 45 professionals, including employees and missionaries working in the Emergency and Outpatient Departments. Cristiane Aparecida Ribeiro, a member of the second elo and collaborates on work in the Padre Pio station, she tells us that every day they serve approximately 100 people.

“For us it is a great challenge as well as giving a quality service, our highest priority is to bring the charism Canção Nova to whom we meet. We take on the challenge of meeting, take the proposal for a new life and the restoration of charisma. How do the sick arrive, weakened with physical diseases! Here, we seek to know the history of the person, as the healing process also takes place by inner healing, “explains Cristiane.

José Cláudio das Chagas

Photo: Ariele Silva /

José Cláudio das Chagas is resident of Cachoeira Paulista (SP) and due to a health problem, arrived to the Medical Centre. After a callus on the sole of the foot, which generated a small infection and necrosis, he was sent to Padre Pio for the exchange of dressings.

The cachoeirense recalls of care received by the outpatient staff. “I was very well received. They treat us with love and dedication. Today, I’m healed! I thank God and the Merciful Jesus by the grace received “.

“I saw this work born. Before, there was no structure, and everything was dirt floor. It started very small and now I see the will of God when I look at the Canção Nova, “recalls Mr. José Cláudio.

The the citizens is an evangelist partner by direct deposit and talks about his experience as a benefactor of this work of God. “It really pays to be an evangelist partner. I am a taxi driver and many people who come in my car share with me about their experience with this work of evangelization. Canção Nova goes beyond the spiritual work, it takes care of the social, educational and health, and returns so many people to dignity! It pays to be a loyal partner and help this work. Who is a partner helps in all that Canção Nova does for people who need this care. “

Cristiane thanks every person who contributes monthly to Canção Nova. “Be it much or little, whoever contributes to Canção No vaalso see their money being invested in the care of Padre Pio station. How many know Canção Nova and believe it is just the TV, radio or Internet, but part of every contribution also it is sent to the Social Development Network . “

“Those who still can not contribute and have thought to help this work, just say I only say do not give just to give, but find a reason to make your donation. Many share that they would like to come to the Canção Nova and help. Do you want to find a way to help in evangelization? Help Canção Nova, so that you get in one way or another, to make presence in the care, camps, the educational part. Make the experience of the charism of the resurrection. Be part of this work was born of God’s heart, “he concludes.

God bless you for your help! Thanks to their contribution we can bring the Good News to the people and rebuild many stories.


Evangelization Club
Faith transforming lives!

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Jan 132016

The world has many ways to shake up the emotions of multitudes, but Christian’s mission as evangelizer is in what’s next

Much is said about the Mission of evangelism because of the attractive potential that the beauty of the art exerts on society suffered. However, in many churches the music still is seen more as a form of entertainment and beauty than as an opportunity to experience the person of Christ. The shows of many secular artists are increasingly attractive and offer increasingly technical and artistic quality.

750x430 - Capa Musica

And what’s the real mission of art?

The human being develops lifelong numerous emotional barriers to protect himself from the suffering. Our consciousness learns to manage emotions so that they stay contained and sociable;sometimes hidden. Feelings such as sadness, joy, disappointment, fear, anger, love and friendship are part of our intimacy, to which few have access. And that is where the role and the power of art enter.The beauty generated by interpretation, for music, for dancing and the theatre has the ability to attract, to generate excitement and thus reach our intimate. And at this point it is important that the presentation is good technically. If there is no beauty, the message gets lost for being attractive and misses on the first step of the mission.

So that the message is heard, the listener has to be attentive, must be “hooked”. And when that happens, something essential occurs: we have access to each other’s intimacy. Thus, someone who had never shared the suffering experienced with anyone, to hear a song, beautiful and exciting anointed cries and opens the heart.

Thereby a memory that had been buried and forgotten comes back up and causes the feelings that one can touch.Ready! The art fulfilled first to dribble away our emotional defenses and make it in hearts with its beauty.

However, this is only the first step. And, up to this point, the art of the secular world is much more advanced than the Christian art. Movies, plays and songs can shake the emotions of multitudes. As Christians, our differential, our true mission as evangelizers, is what comes after. When the defenses of viewers lower the time comes to present the Love, the person who can turn all that inside in a new reality, more alive, happy, whole, peaceful and free.

Our entire technical effort should be employed so that we have the opportunity to get to this moment and promote this meeting. However, when we arrived there, we can only offer what is already ours.We can only present the Lord to another, with depth, detail and truth, if we get close to him.

The experience of Jesus Christ cannot be narrated, has to be lived and divided. And that grace is assimilated into our humanity on a daily basis and can be shared with others through our Ministry.Right now, there’s no more preaching, which is also an important attraction and, Yes, faith proven, experienced and witnessed. It takes our place of intimacy with God is populated by that love for others to convince that He is real and, thereby, surrender to the experience.

I’m happy when I see a show with great technical quality and strong Christian spirituality. And I pray to God that way and we can increasingly grow technically. Because what’s going transform the world is how much we know the son of God and we already allowed Him to become the center of our life, the permanent resident of our soul.

For this reason, we invest in our life with God, spending time with him, allow him to enter the dark and hidden places of our souls so that we know how to show the way to those who drink of our art. Our mission is to be of God.

Roberta Castro

Roberta Castro is a gynecologist and specialist in family therapy.Coordinator of the Ministry of music and arts of the Catholic charismatic renewal in the State of Espírito Santo Brazil.

A writer for the Canção Nova

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Dec 102015

The music has a strong presence in all walks of life and at various times. In presentations, parties, religious ceremonies, radio and TV programs, commercial advertisements, movie soundtracks, theatres and much more. We are “bombarded” with musical information. Who of us couldn’t say that there is a special song that marks a point in your life?
Although the fame is a privilege of a few, many people seek their professional experience through music. Yes, in General “live music”, for many, is to have a work coupled with great pleasure. Work with music, for those who have this vocation, is truly exciting.

Currently, being a professional musician is a big challenge. Yes, a musician who does not seek opportunities for improvement and professional opportunities, is unlikely to survive in this business.


Network, personal marketing and music business


In General, a musician needs to have a good relationship with other musicians (network) and a business side keen to promote their profession and survive well in this area (personal marketing and music business). Currently, it is a privilege of a few, who have a stable salary in this profession in Brazil.

There are branches in which a musician can work. In addition to execute an instrument or sing, the musician can specialize in arranging, conducting, music productions, classes and more.

To specialize it is necessary to dedicate daily practice and study hours. Whether in private lessons, studies in conservatories or studying in a college. A particular curiosity is that the College of music is one of the few in which the student has experience in the area. Otherwise, the student will not be able to pursue or even join the College.

Love of music is essential to avoid a frustrated professional life. I personally don’t know a musician who succeeds in this profession and does not have a life intensely musical. The love of music that supercedes the sound and is noticeable to listeners.

Fábio Rabello-(saxophonist, music Ministry Canção Nova)


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