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Dec 042015

Pope wrote preface to an edition of the Bible aimed at young people; Francisco tells how reads his “old Bible”

CN News, with Vatican Radio

Papa encoraja jovens à leitura da Bíblia / Foto: L'Osservatore Romano

The Bible is not a “work of literary art”, but a book in which God speaks. These are words of Pope Francis in the preface to an edition of the Bible for young people and for them he commented. The published version in German is the result of a project that had diverse collaboration, as some Austrian Jesuits, Old testament Teachers.

The preface written by the Pope in Italian was published in the latest issue of the journal Civiltà Cattolica, this week. Francisco explains to young people the meaning of the Bible, the word of God by which light came into the world and can never be erased. He emphasizes that this is not a book to be put on the shelf, but to always be in hands and be read every day.

Even Mahatma Gandhi, who was not Christian, recognized the value of the Bible. The Pope reminds the young one speaks of pacifist leader: “you been entrusted to a text that has itself a quantity of dynamite enough to explode in 1000 pieces all civilization, for putting the world upside down and bring peace to a war-torn planet. You treat him, however, as if it were simply a literary work, nothing else. “

The Pope and his old Bible

Francis talks to young people about his “old Bible”, longtime companion that he wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. “If you saw my Bible … They would say: ‘ what? This is the Bible of the Pope? A book so old, so worn out! ‘, “quipped the Pope. But even if they wanted to give him a new one, he would not accept it, because his Bible, although old, saw his joys and sorrows, is his “great treasure”.

And how will the Pope read the Bible? He even responded to young in the Preface: take the book, read it, then put it aside and look for God, who is present there. He leaves to observe and understand what God says.

“Sometimes He doesn’t speak, so I feel nothing, just empty, empty, empty. But, be patient, remain there and I wait so, reading and praying. Pray sitting, because it makes me ill be on my knees.Sometimes, praying, until I fall asleep, but never mind: I am like a child next to his father and that’s what counts. You want to make me happy? Read the Bible, “says the Pope.

Persecuted Christians for having the Bible

Francis also talks to young people that, once read, the Bible should not be on the shelves filling up with dust. He recalled that today, more than at the beginning of the Church, Christians have been persecuted because they give witness to Christ, and are doomed for having a Bible.

“Of course the Bible is an extremely dangerous book , so much so that in certain countries whoever has a Bible is treated as if he hid grenades in the closet”, the Pope said alluding to the persecution that Christians suffer in so many places in the world.

Portuguese version

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Sep 012015

3285070756_2643b8202f_mAt the Angelus, Francis tated that keep the note outside the law is not enough to be good Christians

Canção Nova News, with Vatican Radio

“Exterior attitudes are the result of what we decided in the heart, but not the other way around. With external attitudes, if the heart does not change, we are not true Christians “. Said the Pope Francis at the Angelus prayer this Sunday  before thousands of faithful present in St. Peter’s square in the Vatican.

On the occasion, the Pope explained today’s Gospel where Jesus discusses with the Pharisees and scribes practice “scrupulously” the law of Moses and the “ancient tradition”, as “expressions of genuine religiosity”.

In this sense, Francis affirmed that maintaining the exterior observation of the law is not enough to be good Christians. “As at that time for the Pharisees, there is also the danger of us considering ourselves peaceful or better than others for the simple fact we observe the rules, traditions, even if we do not love the neighbor, we’re tough and proud”.

For the Pope, the literal observation of precepts is sterile if it doesn’t change the heart and translates into concrete behavior: “open to meeting with God and his Word, seek justice and peace, help the poor, the weak, the oppressed”.

“We all know, in our communities, in our parishes, in our neighborhoods, how bad the Church does and she scandalizes those people who say ‘very ‘ Catholics go to church but, then, in their everyday lives, they do not care for their family, they speak ill of others and so on. This is what Jesus condemns because is a testimony against the Christian life, “the Pope said.

Francis also highlighted a deeper aspect “that Jesus addresses in the Gospel:” there is nothing outside the man who, entering in it, can make him unclean. But are the things that come out of the man that make him impure “. According to the Pope, Jesus extols the primacy of interiority, that is, the ‘ heart ‘: “there are external things that make us Saints or not saints, but it is the heart that expresses our intentions, our choices and the desire to do everything for the love of God”.

“Jesus said: ‘ your treasure is where the heart is ‘. What’s my treasure? Is it in Jesus, in doctrine? Is the heart or the treasure is another thing. Therefore, it is the heart that must be purified and converted. Without a heart purified, you can’t really have clean hands and lips that speak heartfelt words of love: everything is double, right? Words to pronounce mercy, forgiveness: this alone can make the heart sincere and purified, “he said.

And the pope concluded: “Let us ask the Lord, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, to give us a pure heart, free of any hypocrisy. This is the adjective that Jesus called the Pharisees: ‘ hypocrites ‘, because they say one thing and do another. Free ourselves of any hypocrisy, so that we are able to live according to the spirit of the law and achieve its end, that is the love. ”

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Jul 092015

The Pope presided at Mass in Bicentennial Park in Quito. Faithful comment on the emotion of the moment and the fruits that the Pope leaves the country

Jessica Marcal
Special envoy to Quito

Much expectation, faith and emotion marked the morning of Tuesday July 7, at Mass that Pope Francis presided at in Bicentennial Park, the old airport of Quito, capital of Ecuador. It is estimated that two million people participated in the Eucharistic celebration.

Around 10 am, the Holy Father arrived at the scene via the popemobile. The faithful already waiting here since last night. Thousands of people gathered in a prayer vigil at the Bicentennial Park and, despite the rain that hit the capital Quito, spent the night there and stayed until dawn of the day to attend the Mass, which had started at 10:30 am (local time ; 12:30 GMT).

.: Read in full the homily of the Mass in Bicentennial Park


Volunteer Maria Gloria Paredes helped to welcome the Pope and the faithful. She said the work was great, but quite rewarding to be able to serve God. “It’s a total commitment, and a delivery of love. We went through rain, hail, cold all night, since yesterday afternoon. It’s the most wonderful thing because we are serving God next to the Pope. “

For Maria Gloria, the main fruit of this visit of Pope Francis is the seed of love that he leaves. “Even if countries face conflicts and problems, the message he leaves is that of Jesus: to love one another. That is our total commitment to work. We are tired, but the delivery is wonderful. “

Also a volunteer at Mass, Andres Paladins witnessed three months of preparation with great effort and dedication so that everything was ready on the big day. “It was a great experience, one of the best I’ve ever had in my life! I can say that I liked very much. “


According to the student Valeria Pazmino, a native of Quito, attending Mass with Pope Francis was a unique and indescribable experience. The celebration represented, for her, a way to say a lot to the world. “First, let’s pray for the political situation in Ecuador, the world situation of Catholics, therefore, around the world, are dying by thousands of Catholics to profess their religion. It’s a very difficult situation. “

She did not cease to express the thanks that should be addressed to the Pope by his example of humility. “He practices what he preaches, he is the most pragmatic man I ever knew.”

Portuguese Version

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