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Aug 152016

Diác.-Edimilson-Dias-da-Silva-150x150We live so accustomed to trading relations, that we run the risk of imagining that God treats us this way as well. However, the Lord doesn’t love us by the fact that we have chosen to live with Him. Paul tells us that: “the proof that God loves us is that Christ died for us while we were yet sinners” (Rm 5.8).

God loves us! We don’t have to do anything to pay for that love. However, the more we love him, our life will acquire His way of acting. With God, we learn to forgive as He forgave us, to seek the Father in prayer as Jesus sought; We discover that, in reality, wherever we are can be a source of communion, not division.

Lord help us today to experience this love freely and that we may love with gratitude.

God bless your day.

Your brother,
Father Edmilson Dias
Maranathá, come Lord Jesus!

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Jul 112016

Como fazer uma boa confissãoThe confession is a sacrament of healing

More and more people sought the healing of the soul, faithful have also shortened the time from one confession to the next. But you have to stay tuned because it is not enough to confess to several times, we must confess correctly. But how do we do it?


Well, confession is telling the truth, report something that was done; to confess means assume such an act. In the case of sacramental confession, it means the sins, errors committed against God’s commandments.

Four steps for a good confession

We can say that it takes four steps. In the first, the person must put himself in prayer, asking God for the grace of a sincere contrition; in the second: a good examination of conscience praying to remember what it was like to walk the path of holiness from the last confession to the present; then, go to the priest and confess. Finally, after the confession,do your penance.

So, the first step is to pray, pray to God asking for a heart repented of the evil done, because not always does one repent. Often, the conscience is slack, i.e. until you know you made a mistake, you cannot come the repentance. The prayer will be to ask God for the grace to be convince of the evil of the act and to repent.

Second step: It is important to make a good examination of conscience, i.e. take stock since your last confession about the wrongs committed. Right now, it is important to say that sin confessed is sin forgiven. If a sin has been confessed and not longer committed, it is not necessary to confess it again. Another interesting tip: If you have difficulties, afraid or ashamed to confess, do the following: make a note of your sins. This will help you and the priest.


The third step: get a Catholic priest, a priest linked to the Roman Catholic Church, as he received the Office to celebrate this sacrament by the authority of the Bishop who ordained and the local bishop. In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of the Church in which the priest forgives sins.

Don’t worry: “what the priest is going to think of me?” or “the priest is a sinner like me!”. The priest will not be thinking that way. Imagine! If that were the case, we wouldn’t be able to live alone thinking about the evils of the human being. He receives the grace of welcome, hearing, giving a direction.By the laying on of the hands of the Apostles, by the grace of apostolic succession, the priests are employees of bishops, of the first apostles who gave this power to the other Apostles to reach today. Why confess? Because we believe in forgiveness and in the authority to forgive sins given by Jesus Christ to the Apostles (Jo -23 20.22). The priest is sinful, but is chosen;and regardless of their Holiness when he teaches and forgives sins, one is forgiven.

The fourth step: after confessing, the father gives some guidance. He might ask the faithful to say the Act of contrition; then, he gives penance. On the Act of contrition, there are long, others short and formulas that can also be prayed spontaneously. The priest usually gives some penance for the faithful can do reparation for teh evil; it can be a prayer, a gesture to that resumes holiness lost by sin. And if the priest does not give penance? (i.e. he forgot) Calm down! The confession is valid. Say a prayer and have the attitudes of a Christian, i.e., resume the life of the commandments, live life wondering how Jesus would be  if he were in your place.

Don’t cheapen this the sacrament of confession

The confession is a blessing, so don’t cheapen this, don’t treat it any other way. Examine your conscience, confess and propose to sin no more. Be firm with yourself and pay attention to gaps that you leave the enemy. When one stops praying and watching, anyone becomes easy prey.

Pray your personal prayer, go to mass, your devotions and pray the Rosary. Watch. Am I in a good environment? Should I watch this program? Finally, as stated above, remember that it is not enough to confess many times, it is necessary to break away from sin. With the grace of God, continue ahead and have the goal of Holiness.

Father Marcio

Father Márcio del Prado, born in São José dos Campos (São Paulo) Brazil, is a priest in the Canção Nova community.  Ordained on 20 December 2009, whose priestly motto is “do ye to them” (Mt 7.12), Father Márcio attended Philosophy in the Canção Nova Institute, in Cachoeira Paulista (SP); and theology at Mater Dei Institute, in Palmas (TO). Twitter: @padremarciocn

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Jun 212016


Father Delton Filho! Photo: Yamin/

A heart that has Jesus as master teacher, Loves!

The word of God, today, helps us to understand, with a lot of beauty, that Jesus is our Teacher.

My community is ‘Coração Fiel’ [Faithful Heart], and when I introduce myself, I explain that it’s because of the heart of Jesus. We’re still in the process in which we can be faithful. It is important, when we hear talk of Jesus, we ask ourselves who really is our master.

I looked up the definition definition of the word “master”[mestre], and the Dictionary says master is a teacher who has good content, who is expert in the subject “. This does not apply to Jesus, because he is not only an expert, He is God.

We need to ask ourselves: “Is Jesus  our master?”Many people say that He is their master, but regard the presence of him only as a companion; they do not allow the Lord to direct their lives.

The true obedience

To obey is not just do what I’m told. Before Jesus, do not just  what he asks, you do must want he wants.From that moment, Jesus will be our master. He’s a master, because He obeyed the Father until the death of the cross.

Many do not obey the Lord and just resort to him after [things go wrong]. We need to take in our life the posture of obedient children.

“A master of the law came to Jesus and asked him: ‘ what is the first of all the commandments? ‘Jesus replied, ‘ the first is this: hear, o Israel! The Lord our God is one Lord ‘. ” (Mc 12, 28b-29)

When questionedabout the greatest commandment, He started with the verb ‘ to hear ‘. We need to hear, it is very important to a child that he listens to the advice of their parents.


‘ Who has jesus as master, loves. ‘ Father Delton Filho. Photo: Yamin/

Works of mercy

Corporal works of mercy

Feed the hungry, give drink to thirsty, clothe the naked, visiting the sick, visiting the prisoners, welcome the pilgrims and bury the dead.
It is necessary to know how to do works of mercy. What else do you need to do? Bring people hope.

Spiritual works of mercy

Teach those who don’t know, give good advice, support with patience the weaknesses of others, console the afflicted, comfort those in need, to forgive those who have offended us, pray for the living and the dead. A heart that has Jesus as master has these characteristics.

It is possible to love without liking, because love is not a feeling, but a decision, a behavior. And when you decide to love, you might start liking from that point forward. Jesus did not tell you to like everyone, he sent love. Love!

Who has Jesus as master of the heart, loves, obeys; and who obeys has stability in life. Obedience guarantee firmness and courage. The strength of the heart is guaranteed by obedience. Who has Jesus as master of the heart, has mercy, hope.

Portuguese Transcription and adaptation: Raheem Calixto


Father Delton Filho

Priest of the community Coração Fiel


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Jun 162016

A confissão é encontro com a misericórdia de Deus. É nele que encontramos força!

The Sacrament of Confession is meeting with the mercy of God. In it we find strength.

“… and I am well pleased in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions and in anguish because of Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong. “

Finding strength in weakness is no easy task, you must be aware, in prayer, focused on God. I speak particularly of the tribulations of those serve God. It’s easy to be betrayed by our feelings and to forget the reasons and objectives for which we choose to remain faithful to the Lord.

But in this reading today (Below), Paul speaks of a thorn in the flesh, an Angel of Satan to beat him and despite having asked Jesus three times, he was not released. What would it be? Temptation? Sin? An angel that really the punches?

I don’t know. The fact is that Jesus allowed this so Paul wouldn’t be proud for living so close to him and experience so many graces. So Paul gloried not in mystical feats, but in all he suffered for Jesus and the proclamation of the Gospel.

Do we have that kind of courage?

Read the passage in II Cor 12, 7-10

Title: Weakness and strength

Eternal Principles

II Cor 12, 9

But the Lord said unto me, my grace is enough for you; as it is in weakness that the force is carried out fully. “

Make a note in your diary of  God’s message to you and how to put it into practice.

from the blog DIÁRIO ESPIRITUAL [Spiritual Diary]

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Mar 222016

Thiago Tome. Photo: Wesley Almeida/

The meditated Word is in Saint John 4: 39-40: “Many Samaritans from that town believed in Jesus because of the word of the woman who testified: ” He told me everything that I did. The Samaritans went to him and asked him to stay with them; and he remained there two days. Many others still believed because of his word, and even said to the woman: ‘ it’s no longer because of what you said that we believe, because we hear for ourselves and we know that this is truly the savior of the world ‘ “.

Imagine that you’re doing your chores of everyday life and Jesus begins to talk to you about your life. That’s a first!

The Samaritan woman said: “I know that Messiah will come when it comes, we will know all things.” Jesus said to him: “it’s me, I’m talking to you” (John 4, 25-26). A few times we see in Scripture Jesus say: “that’s me!”.

Have you experienced being with Jesus?

My first encounter with the Lord was when I was 13 years old. On that date, I was impacted, and even as a teenager, I felt the presence of God in me. At that meeting, they asked me which career I would like to follow; amid so many responses that I got, the only one I could give, for sure, is that I would like to serve God.

What is this that comes from Heaven?

The Samaritans and Jews didn’t get along, but Jesus broke a cultural barrier. That woman’s encounter with Christ, was so impactful , she came out screaming to everyone who had lived. That excitement, she just knew that God had shown him everything he did. “Come see a man who told me everything I did” (John 4.29). The woman proclaimed, and the Samaritans wanted to get closer to Jesus, they wanted to be near to him.

If there are limits in your life, know that Jesus is with you and He goes beyond the boundaries of your heart!

Pilgrims take part Thursday of worship in the new song. Photo: Wesley Almeida/

How long you has it been that you have not heard the voice of God?

Perhaps, in your rush, you don’t live the experience of stopping to have a meeting alone with Jesus. Live this moment, understand a God that wants to be with you and hear you.

You can have an experience with God and bear witness to it every day. But you have to be patient, because it’s the right time for each thing. That woman had no awareness that Someone heard his cries and pain; and, many times, you feel like it, so I need to know that there is a God who hears and knows everything that you pass. There is much new in the Lord, you just have to know.



Do people like to be close to you?


Nobody wants to be around someone who just murmurs. We draw people closer when we take them to the good things and the news of God.

Do you know what is best for each person? They need to experience that, in fact, there is a God who’s cares about them. Just as Jesus was a something new to the Samaritan woman, He has to be the same for you too!

There was a transformation in that woman’s life, and then she attracted many people. See the newness of God has more strength than your sin, than the wrong life you lead. What you witness about God changes everything! Take that news to your family.

Thiago Tomé
Canção Nova Missionary

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Mar 172016

Jesus no desertoWe’re still in Lent! We have this week for us, through the Liturgy, in the desert with the Christ. The desert was the first place of rendezvous of God with the old Israel. It was there that he came and made covenant. It was there that he led the people. It was there that He wanted to speak to the heart of His people. We even sing with enthusiasm in the masses: “the people of God in the desert walked … I’m also your people, Lord! I’m on the path. “

In fact, during Lent, we are immersed in the mystical desert spiritually. Mystical spiritual combat, of penance and fasting, mortifications and trial, but also the depth of an encounter with God. Yes! In the desert there is spiritual life. The ancient religious hermits of the III and IV centuries such as,  as Saint Anthony, called desert fathers, are witnesses of this.

But it was also in the desert the people of God sinned. The book of Exodus tells the big story of the Israelites’ liberation from the power of Egypt. Even free they demonstrated an interior slavery. Even though they hadn’t tasted the bitter waters of Mara (Ex 15), that generation of slaves brought in their hearts the discreet – but at the same time devastating – poison of contempt.


The thirst, the hunger  led them to surrender to the whims of own desires; they discredited not only the leadership of Moses, but, mainly, of Providence of God who  released them from the power of the Pharaoh. “Your murmuring is not against us, but against the Lord” (16.8).

Looking at them, it’s time for us to review and question: how many times do we do the same? How many times, moved by my opinions about what’s right and what’s fair, am I just mumbling? How many times should my lips utter words of gratitude to God but are stained by the gall of the complaint? When my heart should be inhabited in fullness by God, became the Center of murmuring against him?

How bitter it is to live with contempt. Paul already warns in his letter to the Philippians “do everything without complaining or murmuring, that you may be free from reproach and ambiguity, children of God without blemish” (Fl 2.14). We need to be in a constant state of vigilance, after all, no one is free from sin.

That at the end of Lent we can follow what Pope Francis asks : fast from negative words; say kind words; fast from discontent and be filled with gratitude; fast from complaints and be filled with the simple things in life; fast from bitterness and sadness and fill your heart with joy. Just like that, the desert will be for us what Hosea prophesied: “I draw and take her into the desert and speak to her heart!” (2.14).

There’s still time!

God bless you!

Seminarista GeorgeGeorge Lima

Seminarian Canção Nova Community

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