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Jul 312017
Photo: Daniel Mafra /

Photo: Daniel Mafra /

It is important to understand what to do after a difficult day.

The Word of God teaches us:  In my spirit faints within me, my heart is consumed. Tell me the road that I must follow, for to you I lift my soul. Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your good spirit guide me on a flat road “(Psalm 143,4,8b.10).


He knows those days when we think in our hearts: My God! Why did I get out of bed today? I should have stayed home sleeping! Well, those complicated days indeed do exist and happen even if we do not want them. Days when everything seems to run against us, where we spend the hours crossing people who are more distracting helping, so that everything gets under our skin and anything, no matter how small, is cause for irritation and whining. Hence the question: what do I do on a day like this?

As we read Psalm 143, we realize that the psalmist also had his moment of wanting to “lie in bed” and forget that such a day had existed. But what did he do? Murmured? Did you become a victim? Put the blame on everyone? The answer is “no”. At the very moment when he could no longer bear it, when his heart was consumed and his spirit faint, he prayed to God and asked that the divine will be fulfilled in his life. Instead of blaming “government,” the people around him, and the “system,” he begged the Lord to show him the way to go. He asked the Lord to be his teacher and, like an applied student, wished to learn to fulfill the divine will.

At this difficult time the psalmist goes on, he does not complain, but wants to learn to extract the sovereign will of God from the troubled environment, like a gold digger who finds grams of gold in the midst of tons of earth.

However, discovering and fulfilling the divine will, just at that moment when our desire drives us to want to “squeeze” someone, is not as simple as it seems. But I believe that the Holy Spirit can and wants to do a new work in our heart. It is up to you and me to ask the Divine Spirit to educate us in the concrete situations of each day, whether it is difficult or not. Let us ask Him to lead us always to discern the will of God in every moment, person or situation with which we face. Believe: God will do His part. He always does it. Then we will reap beautiful fruits of conversion and holiness.

I repeat: it is not as simple as it seems, but it is, without a doubt, something wonderful. I shared with you, in this article, something that God taught me to read this psalm before the tabernacle. And why was I standing before the tabernacle reading Psalm 143? Because, just like you and the psalmist, I also have my difficult days.

Let’s pray?

“Reinflame our hearts, Lord Jesus! Give us a heart tender and attentive to Thy holy will. May we learn by listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, to find the peace that comes from the certainty of being in communion with God’s desire, even in the midst of the most complicated and distressing situations that we can face day by day. Teach me to complain less and to listen more to Your voice, to learn, more and more, to grow more and more and serve more and more for love. Amen.”

A hug and my prayers for you.

Alexandre Oliveira 
Missionary of the Canção Nova Community

Portuguese version

Feb 282017

Alexandre Oliveira on the Canção Nova TV Program Sorrindo Pra Vida [Smiling at Life] Photo: Wesley Almeida/Canção Nova

Alexandre Oliveira, on Sorrindo Pra Vida [Smiling at Life], invites us to reflect on who Jesus is in our life and mission. The true Christian is recognized as a child of God and has attitudes guided by him. Check out his message.

The meditated Word is in Saint Luke 7.18 -23:
“The disciples of John told him about all these things. John summoned two of his disciples and sent them to the Lord to ask, “Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for another?” When the men came to him, they said, “John the Baptist has sent us to you to ask, ‘Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for another?’” At that time he cured many of their diseases, sufferings, and evil spirits; he also granted sight to many who were blind.And he said to them in reply, “Go and tell John what you have seen and heard: the blind regain their sight, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, the poor have the good news proclaimed to them. And blessed is the one who takes no offense at me.


Unfortunately, in our environment, there are many Christians who expect another Christ. Canção Nova announces and preparing God’s people for the second coming of the Lord, and the community doesn’t expect another Christ, but the same, yesterday, today and always.

Many times, we Christians have created another conception of Christ, very different from what the Church tells us and teaches. How many people lose their faith, because they live their religion according to their truths!

Maybe, today, before the silence of God to our prayers, we question what’s going on. Do you want to understand the silence of the Lord? Dip your heart in Catholic doctrine. The Saints, the Holy Scriptures, the Magisterium and the Catholic Church teach us to understand our faith.

Do wait for the second coming of Christ or we hope another Messiah? The one who loves recognizes, from afar, the face of the beloved.

What is my position as a Christian?

What do we have to show the world? How many praise Him in the Church, but then murmur in their homes. Our behavior has to be consistent with what we preach.

Are we being faithful?

Christ wants us to be faithful with constancy, but the enemy wants to see us on the ground. So as not to be defeated by the devil, we can seek to be in the hands of God and let us persevere, because Heaven is for us.

Our ‘ yes ‘ is forever. We seek to remain steadfast to the end, for our loyalty becomes a testimony of life.

Do our attitudes show that we’re Catholic?

Our action follows our being our day to day attitudes show how much we are of God. No matter what, let us persevere until the end. Let us not be defeated by the enemy. God wants real children, and like good children, let’s give pride to our Dad!

Alexandre Oliveira
Canção Nova Community mission

Portuguese version

Sep 092015

The word authority is tied to “making grow,” therefore, authority is one that makes things grow


St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our refuge against the wickedness and snares of the devil.Order him God, the urgency now we ask you, Prince of celestial militia, by divine virtue, cast into hell Satan and other evil spirits that walk the world for the losing of souls. Amen.

Who is like God? No one like God!

To understand the meaning of this preaching we must understand the meaning of the word authority: what is an author, founder of a family, a proponent. We understand then that this term is bound to “make grow,” so the authority is the one that makes things grow.

St. Paul’s letter to the Romans says that all authority comes from God, who is the author, the source. All authority comes from him. The Father wanted  it this way so He gave Him the name that is above every name.

When we see that the Church began with 12 men who were afraid, they couldn’t understand the signs of Jesus, were disputing who wanted to be the biggest, but the Church began with them who were hard heads.

God made the Church to grow from them. Why did she grow? Because of the authority, God as the source of all authority grows. Things in the Kingdom of God tend to grow, because the Lord is great.

We can’t fight with human weapons

We are in a spiritual battle, therefore, our weapons are not carnal, we can’t fight, merely in human form, for this fight God wants to give us a spiritual authority coming from the name of Jesus.

“Because he taught them as having authority; and not as the scribes. ” (Matthew 7.29)

Many times, we see the spiritual authority as  only a face, its ward off demons. But it’s not just this sense, it is also to make an experience of God, to proclaim a blessing on this house.

Jesus has authority to the point where the angels serve him, coming to him. He also gives us the authority of heaven to be for us and to serve us.

“If there is any encouragement in Christ, any solace in love, any participation in the Spirit, any compassion and mercy,complete my joy by being of the same mind, with the same love, united in heart, thinking one thing.Do nothing out of selfishness or out of vainglory; rather, humbly regard others as more important than yourselves,each looking out not for his own interests, but [also] everyone for those of others.(Philippians -2:1-4 NABRE)

When writing this letter the Apostle Paul expresses affection to Philippians, because he loved them greatly. At this time he was arrested because of the name of Jesus, suffered greatly in the prison of Ephesus, but he exercised his ministry with much spiritual authority. He had such an anointing, people approaching and touched his cloak were cured. The people stood in awe of the spiritual authority of the Ministry of Paul.

Reached by the name of Jesus the blessing, healing and deliverance.

Why the Father exalted Jesus and gave him a name above every name?

“Who, though he was in the form of God,did not regard equality with God something to be grasped.Rather, he emptied himself,taking the form of a slave,coming in human likeness;and found human in appearance,he humbled himself,becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross.(Philippians 2, 6-8)

There is a secret to achieve spiritual authority. Saint Antão in a vision saw thousands of traps scattered over the Earth by Satan and asked: “who can get rid of these traps?” in his heart he heard: “humility”. It was the humility of Jesus that defeated Satan.

The humility of Jesus does not negate the quality of God. Humility is not be or feel small, itis to make small, one who serves. Jesus did not hold His divine form, stripped Himself of it taking the form of a slave.

Want to have spiritual authority? Make yourself a servant, small. This is the secret to getting evil away from your life.

St Paul although weight does not fail to make himself servant. The same thing with the Virgin Mary who recognizes her place there and always at the service. There are people who are close to God and want to serve him with the King in the belly “. The person becomes inaccessible, no one approaches, no one touches.

God is empty and if it lowers the devil does the opposite way. “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, who didst rise in the morning? how art thou fallen to the earth, that didst wound the nations? And thou saidst in thy heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit in the mountain of the covenant, in the sides of the north. I will ascend above the height of the clouds, I will be like the most High. But yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, into the depth of the pit.”(Isaiah 14, 12-15).

This is the desire of the devil, rise and take the place of God. Learn that the Foundation of prayer is humility. When you bend your knee, bow before God and love, it’s impossible to fall into sin.When you pray to God giving control of your life the devil goes away. Converse with God, not with the devil. Prayer is dialogue with the Lord and he responds.

Adore, be a person of faith, constantly in prayer. We need the authority of the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit is the seal, the mark of God in us.

It is proper of saints to have humility. God is giving you a place, a touch for you to stay protected, this touch is called humility. He wants to visit you in this place.

Alexandre Oliveira

Portuguese transcription and adaptation: Patrick Nair


Portuguese version

Mar 192015

“After Moses, the servant of the LORD, had died, the LORD said to Moses’ aide Joshua, son of Nun: Moses my servant is dead. So now, you and the whole people with you, prepare to cross the Jordan to the land that I will give the Israelites. Every place where you set foot I have given you, as I promised Moses. All the land of the Hittites, from the wilderness and the Lebanon east to the great river Euphrates and west to the Great Sea, will be your territory.No one can withstand you as long as you live. As I was with Moses, I will be with you: I will not leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and steadfast, so that you may give this people possession of the land I swore to their ancestors that I would give them. Only be strong and steadfast, being careful to observe the entire law which Moses my servant enjoined on you. Do not swerve from it either to the right or to the left, that you may succeed wherever you go. Do not let this book of the law depart from your lips. Recite it by day and by night,e that you may carefully observe all that is written in it; then you will attain your goal; then you will succeed. I command you: be strong and steadfast! Do not fear nor be dismayed, for the LORD, your God, is with you wherever you go. “(Joshua 1, 1-9).

It is a wonderful word which the Lord gives us, the theme of this preaching is, “Fear not, be strong and courageous.” There is one thing that scares us a lot in life because it catches us unprepared, it is the changing situation. This is not something easy to administer, God is giving Joshua a mission, before a change.

The Israel community is going through a time of grief, the great prophet Moses who freed the people of God from the hand of Egypt died. The people are without their leader without their reference. Joshua was a young warrior who could handle the sword, but was not prepared for what God was calling him to do.

If we want to walk in intimacy with God we can not forget three elements: purpose, promise, precept.

God has a purpose when he said: “Come on now, get up! Pass the Jordan, you and all the people into the land which I give the children of Israel “; The word purpose points to what is ahead, so God was speaking of something that was forward. God puts in front of Joshua the promised land.

“Every place where you set foot I have given you, as I promised Moses.” There is a promise to be fulfilled, but the way to achieve the promise is to go into the wilderness in a hard way. But God knows our sins, our miseries. Joshua was not the superman, he had fears. But God promised to be with him. This is what Jesus tells us in John’s Gospel, He remains with us.

The water that falls from  us,  God takes to irrigate the flowers that are in the way. In God’s economy, nothing is lost.

God is the God of promises, but He is also the Lord of the order. His Word is order, he commands Joshua to be strong and courageous. God makes us strong for us to manage the changes and accomplish what He commands us.

For you to accomplish what is needed in the midst of tribulation you need strength, is what God is saying in this word. You also need to be brave. Courage is to have the will to do what you need.

Preaching with Alexandre Oliveira - 595x420

Maybe you have a hurt in the heart after you heard several sermons that spoke of forgiveness, and the speaker has driven you to look for the person and ask for forgiveness, but it was not because you had no will.

When we heard of God’s order, we think that He gives us an order and along with it tells us, “Go”. But it is not so, God is with us to help us to keep the commandments.

In the Gospels we see that Jesus was the encourager par excellence. When the Lord tells us today: “Be strong and courageous,” he is giving us the grace to be strong and courageous. He gives us all this through the Holy Spirit who works now in our midst.

How do you have the strength and courage? By the power of the Holy Spirit. We fulfill what God asks of us, because this God is not outdone in generosity. This word is life, God is with us now.

Do not think you are alone, God is with us, the angels are with us. The Lord not only tells a beautiful word, he tells us the truth.

Prosperity in God comes from not ceasing to speak of His Word. In our midst the devil anesthetizes us, we cease to be men and women of the word. We can not walk without our Bible, warrior does not associate without sword.

We can not take the Word of God only when the “callus presses.” You want a happy marriage, a successful life? Entronize the Word of God in your home. Dispose of the bar you have, do not have in your house an altar to the worldly, make an altar to the Lord.

Alexandre Oliveira

Portuguese Version

Oct 032013

My brothers, this Word is marvelous, for it tells the story of a freed people who returned to their land, Jerusalem. Only that when they arrive there, they see that it was completely destroyed. They lived a moment in which they had to have much faith in God to rebegin and reconstruct Jerusalem.

The first step was to reconstruct the Temple, for it was there that the people met to find Jesus. The temple was the religious identity of the people.

The rebeginning was a new challenge. Reconstructing the whole city, beginning with the Temple. And the prophet Zechariah was there to encourage those people.

God was with them in that reconstruction. It was as if he said: “People, be certain! I am with your in this beginning.” And the beautiful thing in this reading is that we can contemplate the view of the Lord involving His people. Looking through three of the most important dimensions to them that were rebeginning life.

The first characteristic of this view of God is that it was a passionate view, a declaration of love of the Lord to His People: “I am very passionate for Zion, I am strong in love for her.”

God is thus: He is in love with us us and thinks of us all the time, as if he was a person in love, even remain a fool for thinking of the beloved all day.

The Lord is looking to you, in this moment with a loving view. He looks to you, thinks of you in the first place, because He loves you as  you are. For God, you are a well loved child, wanted, desired. Keep this in your heart even if you feel you are the worst person in the world, God is thinking of you with great love in this moment.

Rediscover this God passionate God in your life. He is thinking of you now and wants your attention. Many persons today do not correspond to the love of God. But they are not forgotten. God has a loving view to you.

The second characteristic is that the look of the Father is regenerating. In the Word, we can see that God gives to His people a simple thing, a  vision of a plaza. He regenerates the heart of those people, he was transforming their heart with the hope of a new life. In the midst of their discouragement, God shows them why he came, a simple and marvelous vision, of which wall could be good again.

Today, God wants to touch you with this regenerative view. Allow yourself to be touched by this view than can transform your life. The Lord wants always the best for you. He wants your happiness, as he wants the happiness of that people.

The third characteristic of the gaze of God is that this gaze goes beyond, when we are surrounded by this gaze, we seek to glimpse all  the promises that the Lord has for our lives.

His promise is that we will be His people and He will be our God. He will lead us back, but not for us “to play in whatever place” in to have turned to rebegin. He brings us back and says “Now you are in the place that I put you. We are going to begin again? I am at your side and I am going to help you.”

Today touch the promises of God, of  this loving God that regenerates and gives  to you a new life.

There is a story that counts what one day God saw for humanity and decided to take a vacation for He was tired. God does not do this, but in this story he resolved to rest. Then the Lord reunites His angels and asks an counsel from them asking them where He should hide Himself to rest.

One of the angels said: “You are the Almighty, hide Yourself in the highest mountain, so that no human will bother you.” But God did not like this idea. Then another angel said: “You are  the Almighty, hide yourself in the deepest part of the sea, there no human will encounter you.” But God did not like this idea either.

Another angel arrived and said: “You are the Almightly, hide Yourself on the others side of the moon, no one will find you there.” But God also did not like this idea, Then the Lord came to the wisest of the angels and asked him where He should hide. “You are the almighty, if  there is one place  You can hide yourself: in the heart of the people.”

It is in the heart of each brother and sister that is where God hid. It is there that He hides himself. That today you can experience this God hidden in your heart. It is through fervor of  love for you that He wants to reveal Himself.

God can do all. He can retore your house to begin in little things. In this moment, He opens an album before you and show to him that your live has many good moments.

If today you are discouraged, remember these good moments in your life. Your life is not only suffering, it has many good things. Praise the Lord. In this moment, he surrounds you with his loving gaze to regenerate your life and  make you  see more. You do not rebegin alone, God begins again joined with you.

Thank you, Lord, I feel surrounded by Your gaze of love and I praise You for putting me again on my feet.

Alexandre Oliveira

Member of the Canção Nova Community

translated from Portuguese

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