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Jan 022017

 Don’t fear What Is New

The new always comes and changes always happen

Life is marked by innovations. As we live, we are faced daily with numerous discoveries. At certain times, the news is bad; in others, well, but, like it or not, the new realites always come and change always happen. Someone who bids farewell, a job that is lost, a love that goes away. Life holds many surprises and, through them, we can always grow.

Não tema o novo
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There are changes that can be positive, sometimes even necessary. When we break with fear, assuming, with humility, the grace of not being aware of the future. We can be extremely formed by the mystery, that, gradually, will reveal themselves, unveiling our truth and adding to what we are.

The new and changes

The new realities, changes, losses reveal what we are, because, as we’re reacting before each new situation, we’re discovering new areas of ourselves and we can understand a little more who we are. It’s not through action that you know a certain person, but by their reactions, because actions can be programmed and the reactions are always natural.

Each time new, every new situation in life is a privileged moment to discover the best and the worst, the weaknesses and the strengths. There is no growth without self-knowledge. So we can’t be afraid of the new, because when we live well, making things happen in good time, we have grown significantly in comprehension of the mystery that we are.

Don’t run away from yourself, and some necessary changes, is a path of healing and maturity. Face each other, with humility and patience, given the limitations, means to prepare the way for virtue.

Happiness dwells in the heart that gradually becomes free, natural and without illusions about yourself and life.

Don’t fear the new, changes, anyway, do not be afraid if he finds out. Let life teach you to accept and love what you really are, giving off of illusions and unrealistic ideas.

When we begin to understand ourselves, we achieve the ability to transform winters into beautiful spring. Make this experience!


Father Adriano Zandoná

Adriano Zabala is priest and missionary of the new song Community.Graduated in philosophy and theology, has currently the function Responsible General Canção Nova in São Paulo (SP). Every Monday celebrates mass at the Maronite Cathedral, in São Paulo, at 7:30 pm, with live broadcast by TV CN. Presents the program “building happiness”, every day of the week except on Thursdays, at 5:00 pm by radio America (AM 1410). He is the author of the books: “Construindo a Felicidade” and “Curar-se para ser Feliz”, published by Canção Nova.

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Dec 232013

natalcnWe have arrived at the end of another year. In a few days, we will be celebrating the Birth of the Lord.  It is a time for reflection and for a possible change of life. How did you live your faith during this past year? Was it a successful time for you? Did months pass so quickly that you did not see the end of the year coming? Also can it be that you were giving thanks for the end of this year in the hopes that 2014 may be much better? 
Pick up your Bible, in the Gospel of Matthew 1:18-24. Read this passage more than once. Make a moment of silence, allowing this word to fall in your heart. It is an intensely important moment for you are meditating on the Word of God!
The Gospel shows how the newness of the birth of Jesus caught Joseph by surprise. Without seeking to understand what happened he soon made his decision, he allowed his humanity to react defensively. In his thoughts, Joseph decided how all should be resolved, therefore, an angel appeared to him in a dream and said to Him: “Joseph, Son of David, do not be afraid of receiving Mary, your spouse, what generates in her comes from the Holy Spirit.” When the adoptive father of Jesus awoke, he put aside all his decisions and obeyed the announcement of the angel. Joseph had the courage to change!

Many times, we impede the will of God realizing itself in our lives because we do not accept that our projects can be altered, that our decisions may be respected and even we may fight with God when He does not obey us. As if He has to consult us to know whether or not He may or  may not change the projects that we have planned for our life or for this year as it comes to an end. 

Can it be that in your evaluation of life, in this year of 2013, you may have fought with God and with all in order that your opinion and your decisions may take precedence. However, the happenings and the acts of  your history will drive you to other roads. We can only welcome that which we cannot change! See that I am not inviting you to a passive conformism. Therefore, there exists many situations that are greater than us! St. Joseph could not be an obstacle to the birth of Christ, however, he welcomed that reality and was happy. 

Human and Christian maturity resides in the fact that we will touch a certain level of growth in that we always need to re-evaluate life and embrace the newness that visits us (some very good, others not so pleasant.) St. Joseph is in the Gospel, teaching us that upon being capable of pondering and thinking twice before acting, is a sign of virtue and not of weakness. Acting in the heat of problems always generates more problems. It is better to be thinking, meditating and hearing God create the space necessary to generate a new response for the challenges that life brings us. 

Helped by intercession of St. Joseph, we make these days of the last month of 2013, a re-evaluation of our life and of the decisions that we plan to make. We allow the light of Christ, that is born, reveal to us the best roads. You are not alone, He is with you, Emmanuel  – God with us. 

Fr Fabrizio Andrade

Portuguese Version
From the Canção Nova Magazine

Dec 202013

The human being was not created to live stationary. Each individual has in himself the desire – some more, others less – of living new experiences of life. 

The changes that we suffer throughout life, are not always what we planned for ourselves, but if we stop to evaluate such changes, we will see that they were essential for our formation. 

Joy, sadness, fear, worry…What feelings do you have when something changes against your wishes. 

If in the reality, in which you live, nothing changes, or changes against your will, do not stop in the negative. Open yourself to the new. The newness that is more difficult to accept will produce something good. No change will have meaning if it is not for the better… Therefore, may we be men and women filled with hope. 

Will it be that we Christians who experience and know the “Good News”, will not fall into a routine and the mundaneness of this world. 

In religious institutions and organizations change constantly happens. It is necessary that those that choose to be part of these institutions are prepared physically and psychologically for this reality. 

The rule, the code, the statute, the law, the directives are created to be fulfilled, without them the organizations and groups will not have order and organization. 

Jesus Christ, Hope of Men and Women from Destrave [unlock] at Canção Nova facebook/cndestrave

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I write this blog for the public in general, but principally for the Catholic Christians. In this context, we are invited by the Church to be attentive to the changes that society lives, in order that open to the new, we may know how to announce the newness that is Jesus and His Reign. 

I end with this excerpt from the apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium of Pope Francis: 

“When the Church summons Christians to take up the task of evangelization, she is simply pointing to the source of authentic personal fulfilment. For “here we discover a profound law of reality: that life is attained and matures in the measure that it is offered up in order to give life to others. This is certainly what mission means”.Evangelii Gaudium paragraph 10

Adailton Batista

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