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Oct 022017

Daniela Miranda. Photo: Paula Dizaró

Be brave, do not be afraid.
Daniela Miranda. Photo: Paula Dizaró
How is the Lord’s Mercy in our lives? It is carried from generation to generation. Let us repeat these words described in the diary of St. Faustina number 449: “I am your mother by the infinite mercy of God. The soul that faithfully fulfills the will of God is the one that pleases me the most. Be brave, do not be afraid of illusory difficulties, but set your eyes on my son’s passion and you will conquer.

What does courage mean? Courage does not mean absence of fear, but rather, to act even in the face of fear because trusting in the Lord we will move forward. The deeper we delve into the Lord’s Mercy, the closer we come to the Merciful Jesus.

In I Samuel 17, the episode of Goliath is told. Every day we face many Goliaths in our lives. What is our Goliath? What are we facing that is too big? Are we struggling to win?

On the other side we have David who was very small but had the courage to face the challenges. To be brave we must assume who we are and the qualities that God has given us. This is how we will serve the Lord, so let us enter confidently in combat with the gift that God has given us.

Often people will tell us words that discourage us, but we can not be discouraged and we must have the courage to say and do everything with humility and trust in God.

Most of the time we want to win battles using weapons, but we need to overcome them by proclaiming trust in Jesus.

Courage is linked to trust, because when we are with a confident heart we have the courage to face the daily challenges. In the face of  difficulties, the enemy wants to deceive us, but when we face obstacles with confidence in Jesus, a stone is enough to overcome.

Our confidence grows as we move forward in prayer, so it is important to have a life of prayer.

Daniela Miranda

Missionary of the Canção Nova Community

Aug 292017

Lord God who saves

The world is rampant, nothing holds it, and it is no use having illusions that some government, party or ideology could solve the situation. What happened to the Communist, Marxist ideology? What happened to the Berlin Wall? Salvation comes from the Lord: the “God who saves” is Jesus.

The expected Messiah, the anointed Christ is Jesus! He is the Lord, He is Kyrios, He is the solution!You may wonder, “Why has not He come yet?” Jesus has not yet come, because rather, it is necessary to cleanse the face of the Earth, to take the children of God from the dirt, from the garbage in which they are.

But if the children of God insist: “We want to be in the trash! We want to stay in the dirt! Leave us here! “, Jesus is obliged, by mercy, to delay His coming. Because He does not want to lose anyone, He delays His coming, giving more chance and more time for all “prodigal sons” to return to the Father’s house.

We are now in the “time of mercy,” and the Lord is increasingly manifesting His immense mercy.

His brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

Portuguese version

Feb 122013

We cannot stop in our human limits. We need to advance, day after day, with courage and determination. Alone we cannot gain anything, but, supported in Divine Mercy, we will be capable of walking big steps and explore new horizons, because this grace brings us the force of living coming from God, who sustains, frees, saves and heals us.

Jesus I trust in You!

Luzia Santiago.
translated from Portuguese

Mar 162012
Do you understand that Divine Providence likes to have as raw material a part that is from each one of us. Unhappily, we have the pessimistic habit of waiting all from God as if He does not like to count on us. It can be logical to think that the Lord does not need anyone; but it is absurd to imagine that a father does not want to count, with joy, on the little and fragile steps on his son.

Understand? Do not leave all in the hands of God the Father:  Fill Him with joy, permitting that also he can count on you! It is hard to understand, but it is true: without our part, God does less, for He wants to need us!

Ricardo Sá

Now shall we  pray together?

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translated from Portuguese

Dec 232011

St. Faustina wrote about the Mystery that briefly we will celebrate: the birth of Jesus. “God, you who did not condemn man after the fall, but, in Your Mercy, pardoned him; you pardoned as God, this is, not only you took the guilt from him, but you conceded to him all the graces. You brought through mercy and you even allowed yourself to descend to us and to raise us from our misery. God will descend to Earth, the immortal Lord of Lords will stoop. But where will you descend, Lord? Will you command that you a new sanctuary may be constructed to you, where you intend to descend? – O Lord what sanctuary will you prepare if the whole Earth is your footstool? – You yourself prepared a sanctuary for Yourself – The Most Holy Virgin. Her immaculate womb is Your Dwelling and in it your brought forth the inconceivable miracle of your mercy Lord? The word made flesh: God lived among us, the Word of God, Mercy incarnate. For Your descent elevated us to your divinity. It is Your excessive love, it is the abyss of your mercy. The Heavens wonder with this excess of your love. Now no one fears to draw near to You. You the God of mercy, have compassion on our misery. You are our God, we, your people. You are our Father and we your children through grace. Blessed be Your Mercy. . .

Fr. Antonio Aguiar

translated from Portuguese

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