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May 082017

Proteja, ame e reze por sua famíliaThe family is our greatest asset!

Deacon Nelson Correa, on the program ‘ Sorrindo Pra Vida’ [Smiling at Life] ‘, talks about the ‘ Sanctuary ‘ family. Integrity and family unity must be preserved, so protect your family and pray for it because each one that God gave us is a precious treasure.

The meditated Word is in 1 Timothy 5:8
And whoever does not provide for relatives and especially family members has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.


The children drink the overflowing love of their parents. Father and mother are the masters of their children, because everything they do serves as an example for them. Being cradle of family faith, when we don’t take care of our children, we’re worse than infidels.

How many of you parents speak ill of your community, of your parish, your parish priest in front of your kids! What kind of example are you giving them? There is something even more important, however, the most important thing is to preserve the shrine called family. The respect we plant now is what we will reap tomorrow. Parents should be the first to show what it’s like to have faith.

A preserved sanctuary, so our family should be preserved

The family that God thought – man, woman, and children – should position itself. The world has tried to destroy the family image, then we, as children of God, we should fight for it.

Many parents don’t say “I love you” with the words, but how many attitudes express your love! How many sit down after working hard to give the best to their children.

Kids, be grateful to his parents, thank them for all the hard work they do for you. Who is appreciative is happier!

Father and mother, who don’t care to call your your adult children and are isolated from them, you know just because they are grown this does not mean they don’t need you. They need you, Yes! They need your care and love.

Honor your father and mother

The fourth commandment is honoring father and mother, and no amendments or conditions, you must honor them. There are people creating war within their own home. Do not create disputes within your House, but you have to forgive, love, makes the difference.

The enemy wants to split up our families, because, when we are divided, it is easier to destroy. How many times, in the House, we have suffered, but, regardless of the circumstances, may the Lord give us strength to overcome and mostly to love.

It’s not because we were hurt by our parents that we need to do the same with our children. It is a choice! We must choose to live, love and be happy.

Open the door of heaven for our family. Difficult problems have no easy solutions, but with love you can resolve a lot of things. We believe in our family and we fight for it.

Deacon Nelsinho Correa
Canção Nova Community mission

Portuguese version

Aug 182016

Root of the divorce is in the hardness of heart and fights over little things

Marital relations are in crisis, because each person wants their own happiness, and couples today are getting a divorce for any reason.

The root of the divorce is the “hardness of heart”. But today Jesus wants to speak to the families that the divorce happens first in the hearts of the couples.

I’m going to tell you a story I heard, whose author is unknown:

The man behind the counter, looked the way distracted, while a little girl approached the store, she dented the nose against the glass of the window. Their eyes the color of the sky, brightened when he saw the given object. She went into the store and asked to see the necklace of turquoise blue.

“It’s for my sister. You can make a pretty package?”

The store owner looked suspicious to the little girl and asked her:

“How much money do you have?”

Without hesitation, she took from her pocket a handkerchief  all all tied up and was undoing the knots. She placed it on the counter, and happily said:

“This is enough isn’t it? (There were only a few coins she exhibited proud.) “You know,” she continued, “I want to give this gift to my older sister. Since our mother died, she takes care of us and has no time for herself. Today is her birthday and I’m sure she will be happy with the necklace that is the color of her eyes.”

“The man went into the store. Put the necklace in a box, wrapped with a garish red paper and used a fancy lace with a Green Ribbon.”

“Take this!” He said to the girl. “Take care of yourself.”

She left happy skipping down the street. I wasn’t a full day that passed when a beautiful young woman with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes entered the store. She put onto the counter the opened package he gave to the younger girl earlier she asked: “This necklace was purchased here?”

“Yes, Ma’am”

“And how much it cost?”

“Oh! Said the owner of the shop. The price of any product from my store is always a confidential matter between the seller and the customer.”

The girl continued: “But my sister just had a few coins. And this necklace is real, isn’t it? She wouldn’t have money to pay for it.”

The man took the case, remade the package with extreme care, put the tape and returned it to the young woman. “She paid the highest price that anyone can afford. She gave it everything he had.”

Silence filled the small shop, and tears rolled by the face of the young woman, while she took the package with her hands. She returned home…

You are capable of doing anything for your family? You have to give everything you have for it. So you got married? Why are you engaged? What motivates you to join this woman or that man?

Wife, find time to look into the eye of your husband and tell him you love him. This isn’t just for “brand new” couples; This is characteristic of the family. I hope nobody “dies” in your home. I hope you don’t fall asleep next to a corpse.

If things are bad for your family, choose to walk the true path that is Jesus. He shouts to our hearts: “your family is good, your marriage is good”. God believes in your family, God believes in you, in your story. Stop being silly! Walk the road and don’t forget that the way is Jesus; If you want your family to be happy, give it to him.

Couples, break the hardness of heart, love, because there’s still time! Love your children while you can because they will grow. This is the right time, time to give attention to them. Break the hardness of heart. I ask you today: return to your homes without fear, the way is Jesus.

There is solution for your family, and it begins in your heart. Stay on the path, because you and your home are of the Lord “.

Original Portuguese Text produced from preaching in Jan. 2006

Feb 112014

The Christian Family is evangelizing and missionary, even without being missionaries, but being that which is proper to a common family. 

monsignor JonasEach house, each family is a domestic Church, it is seen in paragraph 2204 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Some parents are alcoholics, mothers have health problems, but this is not an impediment, for God is in this family. He comes to the sick, those that need help. As in the family of Lazarus, where his sister, Mary, was once a prostitute, Jesus was there even knowing that others spoke badly about Him.
The word of God, tells us that we should obey our parents. (cf. Sirach 3:3-7, 14-17) but the temptor puts indignation or misunderstanding between parents and children to destroy families. We need to ask God that he takes indignation, resentment and brooding from our heart. This is so that our hearts may be healed of all of this, we need the Lord. He can reconstruct, bring families to reconciliation. 

Begin right now. Decide to love and harvest the fruits of this noble gesture: love.

God bless you!

Monsingn Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community.

Portuguese version

Nov 132013

The Christian family is evangelizing and missionary, even without being missionary in the literal sense, for being that which is proper to a common family. It is to become evangelizing and missionary, a domestic church, many families are completely dedicated to the service of the Church.

Many fathers are alcoholics, thus as many others have health problems, but this is not an impediment, to be a domestic church. God is in this family, for He comes to the sick and to those who need help. As in the family of Lazarus in which his sister, Mary, was prostitute, Jesus frequented their home knowing that people would speak ill of Him nevertheless. Each house, each family, is a domestic church; The Catechism of the Catholic Church shows the rights that the family has towards society

Monsenhor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

translated from Portuguese

Sep 182013

A blessing coming from the parents is the grace of God Himself on your children.

By Adailton Batista

Son: Bless me, father, sleep with God!
Father: May God bless you my son. Sleep with God too.
Son: Amen. Bless me mother, sleep with God. . . Amen. Good night to you all. Amen.

These are, to this day, the last words that are spoken in my house before sleeping.

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Asking the blessing of parents before sleeping or before going on a trip, always was a custom in my family. A necessary value that my parents and grandparents inherited from their ancestors. For many people these attitudes can appear old-fashioned, but for those that have faith, and have a spiritual view over reality, asking the blessing to parents and elderly persons, is much more valuable than asking for a present –for example– “something material”.

The blessing coming from parents is the very grace of God upon their children.

Blessing children is as important as how much education that the parents pass on in teaching good customs. In the document of the Catholic Church on the family, the Apostolic Exhortation, Familiaris Consortio, (FC) John Paul II, says that the parents are called to show to the children , through the testimony of their own lives, the love of God.

“When they become parents, spouses receive from God the gift of a new responsibility. Their parental love is called to become for the children the visible sign of the very love of God, “from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named.” (FC #14)

Do you who are the child have the custom of asking a blessing from your parents?
Father and mother, do you sometimes take the initiative of blessing your children before sleeping or before sending them to school? If the answer is no, I invite you to to do it.

Without doubt, the children that learn to ask a blessing of their parents from the earliest days will  know how to make the assertive choices in the future

The missionary and assistance telephone technician, Adenilson Lemos de Oliveira, emphasizes that the blessing that he gives to his four children, is not his blessing, but is God’s own grace on his children. “I believe greatly in what I am doing. When I ask that God bless them, I believe piously that God is blessing them.” . . .

With the request “God bless you my son” of a father and mother to a son or daughter comes also the desire that he or she grows being a person of character, a man and a woman of defined identity, filled with values.

Thiago Camargos, Andrea Taisa e their children: Bento e Matias – photo: personal file

It is a duty and right of the parents to instill in  the life of their sons the values and the truth of the human vocation. “The family should form the children for life in the way that each one realizes fully his duty according to the vocation received from God.” affirms the exhortation on number 14.

The founder of the Canção Nova Community, Monsignor Jonas Abib, teaches pedagogically in his preachings and books that the persons that learn things by doing it, performing the task. Father Jonas affirms that one learns forgiveness by forgiving, learning to sing by singing and to love by loving. Therefore, the children from childhood will learn to ask the blessing of their children if their parents take the initiative of giving a blessing to their sons and do so successively.

Let us not prevent ourselves form cultivating this and other values, of our families. Speaking of the importance of the family, to society today is to recognize that peaceful and harmonious living among nations, peoples and individuals marked by individualism and by war demands valuing and investing in the family.

Adailton Batista,

Missionário da Comunidade Canção Nova.

Jul 182012

In these times in which the society and the media have presented other models of family, we Christians need to be conscious and committed to what is the true model of family that God created.

What is the position that the family occupies in the plan of God’s creation? “A man and a woman that marry constitute a family with their children. God wants that as much as possible, the children are born from the love of the parents. The children, entrusted to the protection and the care of their children, have the same dignity as they do.” (cf YOUCAT § 368)

The best way of combatting the wrong ideas of the family is to announce that which is true what the family is according to the original project of God, with its base in the Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition and in the Magisterium of the Church.

It is in the family that the boy, as my grandfather used to say- looking to the life of his father, with his attitudes and words, learns to be man in the future. As also it is in the family cradle that the woman-mother looking to the life of her mother, with all that she is doing, learns to be woman.

Unfortunately, the actual scene of secular TVs through the soap operas and reality programming has shown and instilled in the minds of so many youth and children the ideology that is is normal and natural for the father  to leave the mother and be with another woman. that it is normal for men to dress in woman’s clothing and behave the opposite way. The true is that these behaviors are anti-natural and completely contrary to the plan of God for the Man.

The family is the community in which, from childhood, one can learn moral values, begin to honor God, and make good use of freedom. (cf CIC 2207)

It makes it necessary to put rules and  limits on what children should and should not attend, hear and read Without rules and limits no project arrives at is original end. If the parents will not assume the time in which the sons remain in front of the TV watching dramas, to dialog and teach their children the values, the truth and the justice, more and more our families are going to deteriorate.

Benedict XVI says that “The family is a necessary good for the people, a fundamental, indispensable, for the society and a great treasure of the spouses during their whole life. It is an unsubstitutable good for sons, that they may be fruit of love, of the total giving and generosity of the parents.

That each one of us can value our families and be aware of the importance of the parents to be present in the life of their sons. Perhaps you may be asking yourself: and those that have no family? That are born of an unwanted pregnancy or of a relationship before marriage? W cannot deny – it is a reality that we face day by day in our country – what do we say to  them?

God in his Divine Providence will be responsible for the caring and the forming of these chidlren. He is the Father who forsakes no one. But it falls to each one of us to do our part, including welcoming these mothers and children in various ways and projects that he Church offers.

What is more important is to know that the family is project and  design of God, and He cares, loves and exhorts through Church itself that is each one of us!

God Bless You!

Adailton Batista.

Translated from Portuguese

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