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Jan 022017

 Don’t fear What Is New

The new always comes and changes always happen

Life is marked by innovations. As we live, we are faced daily with numerous discoveries. At certain times, the news is bad; in others, well, but, like it or not, the new realites always come and change always happen. Someone who bids farewell, a job that is lost, a love that goes away. Life holds many surprises and, through them, we can always grow.

Não tema o novo
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There are changes that can be positive, sometimes even necessary. When we break with fear, assuming, with humility, the grace of not being aware of the future. We can be extremely formed by the mystery, that, gradually, will reveal themselves, unveiling our truth and adding to what we are.

The new and changes

The new realities, changes, losses reveal what we are, because, as we’re reacting before each new situation, we’re discovering new areas of ourselves and we can understand a little more who we are. It’s not through action that you know a certain person, but by their reactions, because actions can be programmed and the reactions are always natural.

Each time new, every new situation in life is a privileged moment to discover the best and the worst, the weaknesses and the strengths. There is no growth without self-knowledge. So we can’t be afraid of the new, because when we live well, making things happen in good time, we have grown significantly in comprehension of the mystery that we are.

Don’t run away from yourself, and some necessary changes, is a path of healing and maturity. Face each other, with humility and patience, given the limitations, means to prepare the way for virtue.

Happiness dwells in the heart that gradually becomes free, natural and without illusions about yourself and life.

Don’t fear the new, changes, anyway, do not be afraid if he finds out. Let life teach you to accept and love what you really are, giving off of illusions and unrealistic ideas.

When we begin to understand ourselves, we achieve the ability to transform winters into beautiful spring. Make this experience!


Father Adriano Zandoná

Adriano Zabala is priest and missionary of the new song Community.Graduated in philosophy and theology, has currently the function Responsible General Canção Nova in São Paulo (SP). Every Monday celebrates mass at the Maronite Cathedral, in São Paulo, at 7:30 pm, with live broadcast by TV CN. Presents the program “building happiness”, every day of the week except on Thursdays, at 5:00 pm by radio America (AM 1410). He is the author of the books: “Construindo a Felicidade” and “Curar-se para ser Feliz”, published by Canção Nova.

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Jun 102015

In the vast arena of life, decision of the pointers point to the time to face the fears

“Even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not be afraid! You are worth more than many sparrows “(Luke 12.7).

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They say that in the Bible, the words “be not afraid” aew written 365 times. This means that for each day in the year we have to remember that we can beat this enemy.

Even if that account is not accurate, the fact remains that in this duel “fear vs you,” God wants to make you a winner. The Lord will not fight in your place, but surely, fight by your side. I do not know if noticed, but you’re already in the arena of life, the fight is about to start. The question is who will win: you or your fear.

There are many types of fears: fear of the past, present, future; fear of people from inside and outside; fear of loneliness, crowd; fear of dying, of living; fear of man, woman. There are people who are afraid of those who are alive, some of whom are dead.

Some with fear of betrayal, other passion; others afraid of forgiveness (giving or receiving); some afraid to speak, others fear  silence; some with fear of the known, others, the unknown. Anyway, there are many kinds of fear and write a list of all would be almost impossible.

I once heard Fr Rufus Pereira say that the devil is the “god of fear” and that feeling is like a praise into hell: the more a person feeds it, the more force  the devil hasto do it wrong. Fear and faith are like oil and water: they do not mix. Or a person has either faith or fear. If fear wins, it eventually chokes the faith.

The fear, for the most part, comes from our imagination (as St. Teresa said, “Imagination is the mad house”); so often, fear is a manipulator, or even an illusionist, which makes you see what is not there, believing what is not true and is frightening you by ghosts that have been buried but it insists that they are alive.

In the vast arena of life, decision of the pointers point to hour when it is the time to face your fears, not unarmed, but with “the weapons of faith” (Rom 13:12). Also be sure that every fighter always has a coach who tells you what to do. His is Jesus, the One who says, “Do not be afraid, little flock, for it pleased your Father to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32).

Who does not have the courage to face their fears never find he’s bigger than them, no matter what name they have; you can not fight back, that’s the panic position, it is a losing position. In the struggle between fear and you, believe that the belt of victory is yours.

Father Sosthenes Vieira
New Song Community

Portuguese version

Mar 122014

There is no reason to fear. Not to have fear is an attitude proper to the person who encounters Jesus as his treasure and, therefore, does not have any fear of losing that which is most valuable to the worldly to the point of not fearing losing one’s own life if necessary.

Therefore, if we were taken by this sentiment always it should serve us in leading to us to seek in the Blessed Sacrament the healing and peace that we may need.

St. Joseph had fear, but because of his obedience and faith, he received the protection that he needed and was led by the Divine. In this way fear did not impede him from going beyond his human limits.

You can do the same!

Your Brother,

Ricardo Sá

translated from Portuguese

Mar 052014

All my fears are realized and what I me fear comes to touch me. (Job 3:25)

We cannot  become slaves to fear; on the contrary, we have to fight against this feeling, and always trust in God. In truth, what the enemy wants is that we become slaves of him (fear) and the pain in order that we may remain immersed in self-pity angry with God and with those that are around us.
Therefore, if you are in pain, pray, seek prayer and find a doctor. This professional has the ways to help us. Do not turn yourself over to desperation, but he medicine provided by God (cf Sirach 38:9-12)

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In the hour of pain, abandon yourself into the hands of the Lord, fight to not grumble and do not turn your soul over to sadness. Unite yourself to the cross of Christ, offering all your suffering in reparation to the sins committed against the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for the conversion of sinners, for the conversion of your family members and for the souls in purgatory, giving all as a sacrifice of the Lord.
God bless you,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

translated from Portuguese

Oct 032012

Whoever does not have fear and weaknesses in life may throw the first stone! We  are humans, no one is a superhero. We may see that even the ficticious ‘super heroes’ have their weak points and fears. As, for example, Superman has his kryptonite.

But friends, I am consecrated man,  but their exists the ‘kryptonite’ of life that make me have fear in my journey. This is not something bad, for through my weaknesses and fears I touch my humanness, and the step to have an incarnate faith. I become more simple and humble.

But I cannot allow my limits to paralyze me. I encounter my humanity, but I have to continue forward, trusting to God all my miseries. And in this confidence I am continuing my road through faith, because I know that I cannot walk alone. God is always with me.

My friend, do not think that you are a super hero, recognize your fears and weaknesses, but do not allow these things to paralyze you. That this serves to make you more humble, simple and human in the road of holiness in the service of the Lord.

Strong embrace,

Ademir Costa

translated from portuguese

Feb 102011

The night was drawing near. And Jesus found himself on the shore of Lake Gennesaret, and sent the disciples to the other side of the sea. The multiplication of bread could have raised triumphalist hopes in respect to the reign of God. Jesus left his disciples from this error, left the multitude and climbed the mountain to pray alone. The faith in the Lord Resurrected helps the church confront the existential difficulties in the Siro-Phoenician Christian communities of the first century and the scenario does not stop here, but continues to our days.

The episode of crossing the rough sea, with Jesus walking on the waters, is narrated by Mark and by John. Matthew adds to it the fact that Peter dared to go to encounter the Messiah on the waters, establishing a dialogue among them both. Peter asks Jesus to permit him to go to meet him. He has the consent and put himself to walk on the agitated waters. Vacillating and feeling fear, he begins to “sink”. In our evangelical mission to cross the sea of adversities, also we feel the fear that leads us to be inclined to retreat. But Jesus is present, he secures us with the hand and encouraging our faith: “Courage, It is I! Why  did you doubt?”

Without Jesus, Peter’s boat, that represents the Church, confronts contrary winds. In the last hours of the night, seeing the Lord come to us, walking on the sea, the disciples scream in fear, thinking that it is a ghost. “Courage! It is I. Do not be afraid!” The faith in the Lord resurrected should stop the fear of Christian communities.

Peter asks for a sign that confirms the presence of the Lord: “If it is you, send me to go to meet you.” The Lord said: “Come” and Peter walked on the waters, trusting in the Word of Jesus. But feeling the violence of the wind, he remained with fear and began to sink. “Lord, save me! Jesus extended a hand to Peter, to me and to you saying: “You of little faith, why did you doubt?”

When Jesus climbed in the boat, the wind ceased and all prostrate, recognized him: “Truly, you are the Son of God!” This profession of faith, now purified through the experience of the dark night, comes being prepared from the episode of the Multiplication of loaves.

In the moments of desolation, I trust in the presence of the Lord, even in the apparent absence of Him? In the dark night, that which I ask the Lord: the miracle of a stronger faith? In the storms of life we are not alone. God does not abandon us, even when we don’t feel His presence.

Lord Jesus, in the hours of enthusiasm do not allow me to forget that the Lord is the fount of my joy. And in the hours of sadness, that I do not lose the faith in Your presence. I believe, Lord, but increase my faith. I want to risk my life for the Reign. Give the me the strength and Your power in order that I may overcome the fight from day to day.

Fr Bantu Mendonça K. Sayla

Fr. Bantu writes from the Diocese of Benguela, Angola.

Translated from Portuguese

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