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Jan 022017

 Don’t fear What Is New

The new always comes and changes always happen

Life is marked by innovations. As we live, we are faced daily with numerous discoveries. At certain times, the news is bad; in others, well, but, like it or not, the new realites always come and change always happen. Someone who bids farewell, a job that is lost, a love that goes away. Life holds many surprises and, through them, we can always grow.

Não tema o novo
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There are changes that can be positive, sometimes even necessary. When we break with fear, assuming, with humility, the grace of not being aware of the future. We can be extremely formed by the mystery, that, gradually, will reveal themselves, unveiling our truth and adding to what we are.

The new and changes

The new realities, changes, losses reveal what we are, because, as we’re reacting before each new situation, we’re discovering new areas of ourselves and we can understand a little more who we are. It’s not through action that you know a certain person, but by their reactions, because actions can be programmed and the reactions are always natural.

Each time new, every new situation in life is a privileged moment to discover the best and the worst, the weaknesses and the strengths. There is no growth without self-knowledge. So we can’t be afraid of the new, because when we live well, making things happen in good time, we have grown significantly in comprehension of the mystery that we are.

Don’t run away from yourself, and some necessary changes, is a path of healing and maturity. Face each other, with humility and patience, given the limitations, means to prepare the way for virtue.

Happiness dwells in the heart that gradually becomes free, natural and without illusions about yourself and life.

Don’t fear the new, changes, anyway, do not be afraid if he finds out. Let life teach you to accept and love what you really are, giving off of illusions and unrealistic ideas.

When we begin to understand ourselves, we achieve the ability to transform winters into beautiful spring. Make this experience!


Father Adriano Zandoná

Adriano Zabala is priest and missionary of the new song Community.Graduated in philosophy and theology, has currently the function Responsible General Canção Nova in São Paulo (SP). Every Monday celebrates mass at the Maronite Cathedral, in São Paulo, at 7:30 pm, with live broadcast by TV CN. Presents the program “building happiness”, every day of the week except on Thursdays, at 5:00 pm by radio America (AM 1410). He is the author of the books: “Construindo a Felicidade” and “Curar-se para ser Feliz”, published by Canção Nova.

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Jun 172014

You may be living struggles, difficulties and ask yourself, “why me?”. But as a priest I am united to you, every priest also has questions and does not always have answers Faith is like this:. “You first put your foot, then God puts the ground” maybe you are distressed today with problems in your life, in your family, but take the first step and put your foot on the ground.

No one better than St. Augustine talks about the Holy Trinity, . He began writing a book about the Trinity when still a young man he edited the book was he was older. Did he have doubts, unanswered questions like you and me? Yes, of course.

He entered the mystery of love that is dialogue, family, relationship. After 16 years of study it is understood what Augustine says in today’s Gospel about the Trinity: “God so loved the world that he gave his life for it.”

St. Augustine held that neither sin nor mistakes along the way could separate him from the love of God. Does not resolve to get people to pray without taking them to think. Faith is not rooted if it does not transform the conscience.

Many of our problems today are in relationships. Parents seeking advice because they and the children do not get along.

“Love just happens, before there is respect and admiration,” God is opening, God is relationship.

Moses now shows us the image of a God who was invisible, he uses five adjectives to describe such as kindly, compassionate … And what is your adjective? Jealous, quarrelsome? We need to look like God. No life has no meaning in God if not transform does not transform the conscience, if we are not touched by God, by His love.

The person who feels unloved dries inside. How many people live with deep wounds of rejection, that only love heals. Disappointment freezes them You may well be like this but  son, daughter do not get discouraged! Do not allow acids of lack of love to destroy you from within.

When I wrote my first book, I made a poem for my mother and there wrote that in the eyes of my mother I found strength and courage to find myself in life. Often before I returned to the Church I came home drunk, drugged and my mom was waiting in the room looked me in the eye and that was how I discovered that there was a greater love that could get me out of the pit.

We are not aware of the effect that the love we give can cause the life of another. Do not give up on love! How many realities in our life that make us want to give up on love. Anne Frank states that: “The basis of love is admiration”, perhaps you missed the others, but God has not lost his admiration for you.

God can turn any desert into a flooded place and make a river run. With God everything can start again, every moment he can create and recreate their history. Let God into your heart, for where God enters the realities are transformed.

Do not let the bitterness of yesterday bury the possibilities of today and kill tomorrow. You have conjugated the verb to begin again?

You know the response of men and women of faith? “Today is difficult, but tomorrow will be better, because God is with me.” Conjugate the verb start over as many times as it takes. What makes you a loser is not falling, it is not having the courage to stand up and start over.

“You put the first foot, then God puts the floor”
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“Love and do what you want.” He continues: “If you silence yourself, silence yourself with love; if you scream, scream with love if you correct, correct  with love; if you forgive, forgive with love If you have love rooted in you, nothing but love will be your fruit” . When you inject love the fruit can only be the resurrection.

Do not ignore the opportunities that God gives you every day. Open yourself to the reality that God loves you, and do not be afraid to love, love until it hurts. Through your love, your family will find God’s love. Do not wait to get until you get to the bottom of the well, love today! Inject love and you will receive resurrection.

St. Augustine said that the Father is the one who loves, the Son is the beloved and the Holy Spirit is love. You have this seal of communion of love of Godhead everyday when you draw upon themselves the sign of the cross. And when you do this you are saying to God, “You can love me like they love in the Trinity.”

This event is called “Hugging Sao Paulo” because what this city needs is more embracing of God. God wants you to embrace Him wherever you are. The world is lacking embraces and love. If more parents embrace their children’s recovery houses would be emptier. The hug is able to heal even to free the oppressed people from the devil. God wants you to hug him.

How to do well when you get ill in a medical office and the doctor embraces you with the solution, with good treatment, with a look. Hugging is not only with arms it is when you have the courage to take your place on the bus or subway to other people, when you have the courage to respect others when you promote peace in football stadiums.

Inject love and you reap resurrection, it is the embrace of God. Jesus wants to embrace your reality with your arms.

Father Adriano Zandoná

Missionary of Canção Community
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