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Jul 102017

The direction that our life needs is sobriety, temperance and calm

“I came into the world as light, that whoever believes in me will not remain in darkness” (John 12.45).

Adoração ao Santíssimo Sacramento

We’re in the midst of  the darkness of the world, and that darkness in the world comes into to our heart. Our souls and our hearts are in a real abyss, we’re lost, disoriented, not knowing where we’re going and where we’re going to stop.

Jesus is telling us that He came into this world as light and to be light. I was thinking: “if the lights went out and, it was dark, you could even hear my voice, but you would be lost: ‘ Where is he? ‘. I’d be lost even to lead myself to you, in fact, I couldn’t even record, why wouldn’t the camera in front of me work, because it would be lacking light [says the father referring to video].

The light brightens, illuminates, gives firmness, direction, proximity and sure. The darkness causes hurt in us, we stumble and fall; it takes us to the depths and stumbling of life, to the eternal darkness.

We need to live and walk in the light. So when I look at Jesus, He is the light I need to do many things. Inside of me, it is obscure, there are paths that I do not understand, situations that I don’t know how to solve, I don’t know where to walk, which way to go.

The first thing to do: collect myself in sobriety of Spirit. We find no light when everything is very choppy, heated and exciteable. The light of God brings calm and sobriety to the spirit. However, let’s not stay only in the comparative, but bring it to the practical life. The light of God’s direction for our lives, and the direction that our life needs is sobriety, temperance and calm.

Calm often makes us often flee. Agitation that makes us solve so many things. When we do it all so jumpy and brusque, when we trip, it is because we lack the light that is Jesus, a light that brings serenity to our soul and our heart.

Whoever believes in Jesus does not remain in darkness, does not remain in doubt even in the dark.We can even go through dark paths, walk in the doubts and uncertainties of life, but we don’t stay in them, because the light of Jesus will light up our walk giving direction to life.

I can’t live in Jesus and walk amid the false lights the world gives us, but when I let Jesus be light to my life, he points the way and direction that I must follow.

God bless you!

Fr. Roger Araujo, Canção Nova Community


Portuguese version

Apr 242017

Father Roger Luis – Photo: Daniel Mafra/

The purpose of this meeting is to be ‘ Jovems Sarados [Youth healed] with your feet here on Earth, but with your eyes to Heaven; also because the coming of the Lord is imminent.

The Church calls us to account, she invites us to live with the experience of determination that we wait the coming of the Lord, and we hope on this great day he will come to those who walk in His presence, that fall, but rise again. This will not be a day of horror or sadness, but of jubilation and joy.

We need to look at the early Church, that of the first century, in order to learn how to live in the 21st century. How were the Christians of the first century, the Church which was born and lived with the Lord? They lived every day as if He was coming back that day in an eschatological tension.

Kingdom of the world VS Kingdom of heaven

When we find Him, He starts within us a clash of kingdoms. The kingdoms of this world, against Kingdom of Heaven. When we meet Jesus, the Kingdom of God needs to take up the space in our hearts, which often was given to the kingdoms of this world. We will live this conflict until the last of our days.

In Canção Nova, starting with the community’s founder, Monsignor Jonas Abib, we declare a war: the system in the world against the system of God.

Pope Francis, in Paraguay, said this: “… That’s what the world needs, young people with hope and strong of spirit; youth not weaklings, neither yes, nor no (undecided). We don’t want young people who tire quickly or those who are bored “.

Watch and pray is the call of the Church. I don’t know if He  will come in our generation, but I live and need to live as if Jesus came back today. We need to watch our senses, our relations, what kind of friends we are seeking.

Young people be healed, be honest with God. Look at the commitment that you have made with him. We believe in you, we believe you are a testament to the young people of the 21st century.

Fr. Roger Luis

See an excerpt of preaching in its original Portuguese:

Nov 192013

entrevista_perogerIn Canção Nova, the people learned with Monsignor Jonas that rain is the sign of blessing. And this rain that falls right now, is the sign from Heaven that that this retreat was blessed. It is the sign from God also coming through the Church in her liturgy. And today is the penultimate Sunday of Ordinary Time, being that next week, the Feast of Christ the King and afterwards the First Sunday of Advent, a time in which the Church alerts us on the coming of the Lord, saying to us that all will have an end.

During this retreat, we adore, we sing, we pray and we engage in spiritual combat. Also this is the sign that we are walking to the end.

The book of the Apocalypse says that the Devil knows that there is little time left to him, therefore, this combat becomes each time more intense. The Day of the Lord is each day closer; today closer than yesterday. The demon knows this and uses all the means to lead the children of God to be lost.

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The demon uses also men and women to bring the children of God to perdition. You only need to see TV programs and the music industry to perceive how things are done to envolve principally sexuality. Seeing the world as it is, as sensuous as it is in all the media, on all sides. Secular journalism, that wants each time more “blood” and puts each time more tragedies and deaths in our houses [with their programming], does all this to make us more and more anxious and thus makes us more fearful and more consuming.

Even inside of the Church there is entering a “psychologicalism” in the preachings, through which the people cry, they are touched in emotion but they do not change their lives. The enemy of God, has worked through the preaching of priests making it a poetry that changes the lives of no one.


The Celebration of Mass at Canção Nova, Sunday


Perhaps you have encountered a long line and experienced many setbacks here at the mother house of Canção Nova. And the demon perhaps has breathed in your heart saying to you: “Look here, that you must leave here!” The demon also is wroking in order that the blessings of this retreat may be manipulated into a cause for grumbling.

The word today says that the impious will be judged. At times you see those known to be drinking all, in a life of sin and even still they are “prospering” and you think: “But look at me here, I work in the parish, I do part of the pastoral work and nothing happens in my life.” The Word of God affirms: “Behold, the days will come, burning like an oven, when all the proud and wicked will be stubble.”

But brothers, there exists a promise for the just, we cannot be discouraged; God is going to honor our faith! Do not stop, do not be discouraged, do not compare your life with the impious, because the Word reveals that the recompense will come: “For you, that fear my name, the sun of justice will rise, bringing salvation on his wings.”

We need to understand that when the Church presents to us these words in the liturgy, she wants to alert us on the fact that this world will pass, that all in this world will have an end and that we were not made for this world, because the promise of God is our salvation. The time is short and we are seeing the signs that the time of the end is arriving.

The second reading for today, in this vein, also narrates that, already in the time of St. Paul, some of his disciples did not want to work, they wanted to remain only awaiting the return of the Lord. The Apostle Paul exhorted the community of Thessalonica saying that “Whoever does not work, also does not eat.” The Apostle of the gentiles exhorts them and is saying to us that we should not rest in the work of evangelization. If the time is short, then the work should be more intense.

Pope Francis, on the Day of Pentecost, during the encounter with the New Communities Movements, said that he preferred a Church that returned injured, because she went to the roads to evangelize, than a sick Church because if remained closed on itself. We cannot be a comfortable people!

“The Church needs an apostolic fervor that sustains us in the mission of announcing Jesus. I am afraid of the Christian of the parlor,” says Pope Francis in one of his Morning masses. The Holy Father also affirms that there exists many Christians in the Church who do not want to risk and are called the “Christians of the Parlor.” “They do not want to be uncomfortable.” Allow me to ask one thing to you: Are you uncomfortable in your Christianity?

As Jesus says to Paul, I am saying to the Church: Courage!

Fr. Roger Luis
translated from Portuguese

Aug 282013

Father Roger Luís Photo: Natalino Ueda/

Before the proposal that was made through the Lord for this retreat, where we declared that our house should be a house of prayer, I remained questioning myself whether I was prepared for this preaching in prayer with the Spirit of Freedom. It is to pray with courage and of putting oneself in the presence of the Lord without fear and with boldness.

As the men turned and walked on toward Sodom, Abraham remained standing before the LORD. Then Abraham drew near and said: “Will you really sweep away the righteous with the wicked? Suppose there were fifty righteous people in the city; would you really sweep away and not spare the place for the sake of the fifty righteous people within it? Far be it from you to do such a thing, to kill the righteous with the wicked, so that the righteous and the wicked are treated alike! Far be it from you! Should not the judge of all the world do what is just? The LORD replied: If I find fifty righteous people in the city of Sodom, I will spare the whole place for their sake.”New American Bible. (2011). (Revised Edition., Ge 18:26). Washington, DC: The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

God had a profound friendship with Abraham, and a context appears that Abraham is obligating God to do something, being being a man of he wants to put himself in a position of asking.

Abraham questioned God which conceded to him the response: “If I encounter the just, I will pardon them.” God is the merciful judge and reveals Himself before the heart of men. If your prayer is a monologue, if you only speak and do not silence yourself to heart God, you will not be able to understand the will of God for your life, generally, it is a prayer that does not produce fruits.

At times we arrive in the presence of God and we only speak, we do not give God the opportunity to speak with us. Pray is a bold dialogue as that of Abraham.

I want to ask you: Being a soldier of prayer do you have compassion for some city or at least the one where you live? To be a soldier of prayer is to be an intercessor, for Abraham prayed for Sodom and Gomorrah. Do you remember that Jesus also cried for the city of Jerusalem? He had compassion. Prayer of intercession should not come only from personal interest, but also for those to whom we are entrusted. Pope Francis in the city of Lampedusa, Italy, spoke exactly of this. The intercessor needs to have compassion in the heart. Have you cried for the situation in Egypt? And crying is not sentimentalism, but is an attitude of the intercessor.

Unfortunately, we  have only one life for God, looking only to ourselves, the intercessor should put himself in the positionof the other. Pray for the problems of your brothers, of your neighbors, of your city and even of your country, doing this you will be brought to leave the globalization of indifference, where you will see that there are many people suffering more than you.

“Do not resist what God is doing in your heart”, says Fr. Roger Luís.
photo: Natalino Ueda/

Do not be Christian satellites, they do not know what God wants for they do not listen to Him. Ephphatha! Abraham opened his heart to God. Perhaps the god that you have served is a god created in your head, no! We have a God that speaks with us and asks us to pray for one another. We have a God that shares himself for his children that they will not be lost. If we are soldiers of prayer, we should feel all  this “with” God.

Look at the patriarch Jacob, where prayer finds hope (cf Genesis 28:10) Prayer is a breath of hope and whomever prays is open to the surprises of God and does not give up! Whomever does not pray will become a sour Christian says Pope Francis and still “becomes a Christian of vinegar and salt,” Where nothing that he does serves Him. We need to pray and to cultivate joy, to arrive at live with a face of struggle. We should not become spiritually bitter. Prayer needs to produce in us fruits, to the point of making of us: new wine.
Be an authentic Christian, we do not have the right to give less to our brothers, if you can be a vine of joy, because up to today you have been a Christian of vinegar with salt, which is sour.

We are at times spiritually insensitive. Prayer has the power to rescue us and transform us, if He calls you, He gives you the ability! Do not resist what God want to do in your heart. How many more soldiers of prayer put themselves in a place where God makes them more courageous. Praying is putting oneself in the attitude of daughter before God.

Transcription e adaptation in Portuguese: Luana Oliveira

Translated  from Portuguese

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