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Jun 272017

Adoração ao Santíssimo

Happiness without God is an illusion

If you want to be happy all your life, choose God’s will and do not turn back!

In life we all seek to be happy. Happiness is something that every human being yearns to have and wants for his life, however, happiness without God is an illusion!

We may even have moments of fleeting happiness, but with God even in the midst of sufferings we are happy!

May the Lord bless and help a person be happy doing his Holy will.

An embrace from your brother,
Shahir Rahemane

Portuguese version

Jul 252014

eucharistWe can fall into error and think happy people are those that do not have problems; those that have more money than they need and they do not lack anything. Those that trade-in their cars every year, those that do not have problems in marriage and with their children. Those that have all the satisfactions of the world, those that never cry.

Many people think that to be happy is to live like those on soap operas. Those that think that to live happily it is necessary to have all the things that soap operas show.

In the capitalist system in which we live, we have a false freedom and a false happiness.God is cast from inside of us. There is an internal hemorrhage in which people are bleeding without perceiving and when they perceive it already the tragedy happened. The reason is God is the source of our happiness, not money.

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

Portuguese Version

Oct 162013

Many of us already comprehend the value that things possess. The storms are going to teach us that the sea of life only can be crossed with what is essential in the backpack, right?

Therefore, happiness becomes an experience capable of measuring the ability that people have of giving live to others, making them happy, educated, sincere, friendsd, simply, atruistic, welcomers, caring, generous. . .

This is enough to be happy, isn’t it?

With care and prayers,

Ricardo Sá

translated from Portuguese

Apr 172013

Do you consider yourself a happy person?

Edison is a seminarian for Canção Nova

Perhaps you can say no, our perhaps you may say that you are Happy because you have many goods, and are successful in your business, you give yourself well to others and you do not have any type of difficulty in your life. But, if it is thus, will it be these are the real parameters to call oneself happy?

A person that has all this can be really happy, but happiness is a little more than this, as people who have nothing can possess it.

Perhaps materially speaking you have not been successful, but interiorly, you do not know how to explain it, but you know that it is a happy person that knows to have what is necessary and not cling to it.

A clinging person is not happy, but to be happy he or she needs to let go, it may be of things, of persons, of position. Letting go without needing to disdain anything, but acting with naturality and freedom in relation to all this.

But how do live like this?

The first thing to be done is to put God in the first place. He it is who moves us. Whomever has a good relationship with God will interact freely with others as with the things you own. After this, a second point is to value yourself, your own gifts and qualities, in a way that does not transfer to others a value that you need to give to yourself. You cling to others because you see them as superior to yourself, in truth they are your equals.

Happiness vanishes when we seek transitory things, it only will be defined if thought and lives as coming from Somone Infinite, point of departure and arrival of whomever aspires to really be happy.

God Bless You


Mar 212013

I want to begin writing a truth: We love much time with little things that in truth do not have as much value as we give them. Petty things that take us from what is essential: To Be Happy is best: To Be Happy with God.

We are always waiting for some great thing, amazing miracles, stupendous things and we do not perceive that we touch miracles all the time and more, miracles that to our eyes are small, so small they pass without being perceived, but that in truth they are true miracles, true graces in our lives. We can be happy with little things, you know? In simplicity there are things in which we can see the action of God, thus we see that we complicate much. An example that appears foolish but is not: Have you already perceived your smile? It is this. You already observed your smile? No? then it is a sign that you need to smile more. You see? One thing so simple that you can do to love more. See to yourself. You have what is good? You carry what is good?

Look around you, so many things that they can do to make you smile, so many persons that surround you and many times you do not perceive them.

The grace that you cannot miss is that which sees beauty in your day, the beauty of a smile, of a good day, of seeing in little things the love of God for  you. this  is a great saying against murmuring, you understand? If you look to life from this angle you will see that it is simple and that you can be happy. You can say to me that there are so many bad things that you cannot see what is good. Yes, we have many difficulties, but if we stop and focus on them we are going to die of depression, don’t you agree. Walls difficulties, challenges always we are going to have. We have to face them and live well. Think with me: If you complain, speak ill, murmur, are you going to advance anything? Are you going to forget your problems? Are they going to vanish from your life? Of course not. Then we are going to face them and live well. We are going to have to live with them anyway, then we are going to live well, in the peace of who knows with God even with your problems.

So guys, do not let this grace pass, it will not be able to return and you will have lost the chance to be happy.

Until next time, Guys,

PHN Team

translated from Portuguese

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