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Sep 202017

God seeks true worshipers

Being a worshiper is something that requires so much fidelity, so much dedication, so much consecration that, sadly, there are few worshipers and even less true worshipers. “The spirit of the Lord rests upon me, because the Lord hath anointed me; he sent me to carry the glad tidings to the humble, to heal the sorrowful hearts, to proclaim redemption to the captives , and to the prisoners to liberty “(Isaiah 61: 1). The Spirit of the Lord rests upon us to do the same thing as the Holy Spirit did there at the beginning of creation, where everything was chaos; and as he landed there, He broughtpeace, and beauty. Where death was, life reigned. Creation emerged from there.

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Often, we are in chaos and we live in this chaos, because we are human creatures made of clay. We are not yet the image and likeness of God. We are all being made still in the image and likeness of God, we are coming out of chaos to become God’s image and likeness. Our life is a time of transformation, and this brings suffering. Each of us has a part, and even in God’s design, each one of us is part of it.

You are unique and God is acting just for this, to make you unique, because only He knows how you are. We are so foolish, we want to be what we think we are, and worse, we want to be equal to everyone. God wants to make us the part he needs, it is no use to want to be like the others, we have to be the one that God wants us to be. For this piece to be formed, much suffering is needed.

The great truth is that as the Spirit hovered over that chaos, in the beginning, now also He hovers over us, for our work is not finished. We ask God to walk with us, but we are so ignorant that we do not even know which is the way. God is so merciful that He invites us to walk with Him, because He is the way. Faced with what the Word is telling us, the Lord requires, within us, an unconditional surrender. His will is not like our will, God’s will is the best for us. It was he who created us, it was not us who created us. It was He who loved us, and because He loved us, He chose us, He made us come to life and He made us unique. The Lord knows who we are and where we should go, where we will be placed. So, the smartest thing is to surrender unconditionally to Him. As Mary said, let’s also say, “Let Me be made according to Your word.” So that the Word may become flesh in us and from there, the Word may dwell among us.

God bless you!

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

Sep 182017



Forgiveness is essential for a lighter life

“… forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us …”

We pray this prayer every day, but are we practicing it? Jesus left us the prescription for the diseases of the soul, but we do not even realize it! Forgiveness is such a well-known word, but difficult to put into practice! Do you know how to forgive? Can you forgive?

Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

I believe it is unnecessary to talk about forgiveness; but talking about what one lacks he or she is capable of doing better, though it is a common problem as well. However, it’s worth it. Forgiveness is an action, a decision, a choice, a true remedy for the soul. A feeling provoked by an issue in an interpersonal relationship, with the name of hurt, disgust, bitterness and resentment.

Relating is a demanding activity! It requires a stepping out of itself, constantly, because when we come into conflict with each other and even with ourselves, we can leave wounded, traumatized. Such traumas can produce unpleasant feelings that are hidden; and when they arise, they control the human being, making him angryangry and bitter with life and the people around him.

These feelings have the power of destruction. They are capable of developing psychosomatic illnesses that we can not even imagine. Heart problems, ulcer, depression, nodules and even tumors. These are physical illnesses, which can be caused by the difficulty of forgiving. It is as if the person imploded, that is, exploded into him/herself, for not being able to release the forgiveness.

Ask for and grant forgiveness

It is so interesting that we can speak of the need to ask for forgiveness and also the need to give forgiveness. Often we have difficulty receiving forgiveness. The person humbles himself, repents of what he has done, asks for forgiveness, but the other, so trapped in his emotions, bitterness, wounds and hurt, cannot forgive. This is also destructive, because the issue is not being able to overcome the feeling produced. If I hurt the other and can make the move to ask for forgiveness, I may be overcoming my harmful feelings. So it is with him who is able to forgive those who ask him.

Whatever destroys us are the feelings of hurt and resentment, not the acts of forgiving. And forgiving is our remedy, it is the way of liberation, for sorrow and resentment are feelings so harmful that they have the capacity for destruction, paralysis and regression. Let’s take the following path:

– Recognition: look at your feelings and recognize that you feel hurt, and this has paralyzed, sickened you;
– Decision: in the face of my paralysis and illness, I decide to leave this place;
– Action: take the initiative to ask for or receive forgiveness.

There is no way to live these three steps at the same time. However, one must strive to win one at a time by looking at the current situation and focusing on the place you want to reach, the release of the feelings that chafe and fall ill.

Why is it so important to forgive?

Forgiveness has the power of deliverance. It makes us leave ourselves, our pride, vanity and self-sufficiency; leads us to a path that makes us recognize that we are imperfect and human, but that we can always start over. Are you willing to ask for and give forgiveness, or are you going to cultivate feelings that can bring death? The choice will always be ours, for to forgive is to have the ability to free yourself from your worst feeling!

Aline Rodrigues

Aline Rodrigues is a missionary of the Canção Nova Community, in the segundo elo. She has been a psychologist since 2005, with specializations in the clinical and business areas. She has professional experience in clinical, business and teaching.

Jul 262017

Pregação com Pe.Márcio José - Festa do Pai das Misericórdias

God be glorified in sickness

“Lord, the one you love is sick.”

That’s what they told Jesus when they told him that his friend Lazarus was sick. It is a word of great consolation, told to someone who is truly loved. For this message, Jesus has an answer:

“This sickness does not lead to death, but it is for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified by him” (Jn 11,4). God, by loving us, calls us to believe in this great truth.

Jesus expresses the will of God. Whatever disease or situation we present to the Lord will serve His glory, because in this way the Son of God will be glorified. I have seen how the Lord has healed people who are deceived by doctors because of serious illnesses.

By entrusting and crying out to the Lord, people in the terminal phase, in extreme situations and affected by incurable diseases were healed; True miracles have happened. What will guarantee us faith in the word is constant and persistent prayer. We can exercise acts of faith in prayer:

“This disease will not end with death, it will serve the glory of God: it is through it that the Son of God is to be glorified! I believe, Lord, but increase my faith; Strengthen my faith. This disease will not end with death, it will serve the glory of God: it is through it that the Son of God is to be glorified. I believe in this truth, Lord.   I will always repeat it, for the righteous will live by faith; The children of God will live by faith. By faith I will live your miracles. Amen!

This is how we will partake of the greatness of God as our ancestors: because they believed, they sang the praises of God.

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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Aug 232016

Through the Eucharist we are fed, healed and sent.

Jesus Christ the Savior, the master, Lord, presented humanity with the gift of His life. He instituted at the last supper, the Eucharist and the commandment of love (cf. Jn -20 13.1).

The Eucharist to the Church is everything, because that is what set off all the graces we need.Through the Eucharist we are healed and sent. And how are we healed? We’ve heard or read in the Gospel: “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you under my roof. Say the Word, and my servant will be healed “(Mt 8.8).


Being saved and being healed are synonymous in Scripture; the Lord brought forth healing, salvation in life that He created. At every Mass we often proclaim these words of the Centurion “I’m not worthy”. In fact, we are not worthy, but healing, Salvation, grace of God are gifts that He, in his benevolence, grants us.

When we say that the Eucharist is the source of healing, this means that the Lord Jesus, through this sacrament, can and performs the cures we need, restores us our spiritual health and, consequently, our physical strength is also invigorated. If we need healing, it’s because we’re sick, sick; and the one who is ill need nourishment. Typically, this is the case when you’re sick: we need to food to be cured. The bread from heaven, the Eucharist, that’s the food that makes us stronger and heals us.

The Holy Mass is also known as the Holy sacrifice of the Blood of the Lord. “If, as often as his blood is poured out, it is poured for the forgiveness of sins, I should always receive it, so that it may always forgive my sins. Because I always sin, I should always have a remedy.(CCC 1393).

The importance of forgiveness in inner healing

The Eucharist is food, medicine, healing, forgiveness of venial sins, but does not erase the deadly sins. One who committed grievous sin needs the sacrament of confession. Let’s enjoy this blessing!If you, a long time ago, found yourself far from God, with many physical and spiritual diseases, come back to Him; make a good confession. If you don’t have catechesis, seek it out; that way, you will encounter more deeply the Eucharist, this great treasure, this remedy. Certainly  your life will be better.

“The Eucharist is properly the sacrament of those who are in full communion with the Church.” (CIC 1395), seek communion with the Church, seek a Holy life.

The Eucharist is medicine for the sick and for the sinner. We always need healing, we need always to be fed. When we are United to Christ in the Eucharist, for sure we have the spiritual force to go on, we have hope. Even those who, for some reason, cannot receive Communion, join the Lord in my heart in Eucharistic adoration, pray with fervor and love, because also in worship we receive many graces. In fact, we received blessings of Lord through communion and Eucharistic adoration, but what we have received is to be transmitted and donated to others. We receive the cure not only to “look good”, we are blessed to be a blessing to each other, we are healed to be healing for another.

Father Marcio

Father Márcio del Prado, born in São José dos Campos (São Paulo), is a priest in the community Cançao Nova. Ordained on 20 December 2009, whose priestly motto is “Do ye to them” (Mt 7.12), Father Márcio attended Philosophy in the Cançao Nova Institute, in Cachoeira Paulista;and theology at Mater Dei Institute, in Palmas Tocantins. Twitter: @padremarciocn

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Aug 182016

Root of the divorce is in the hardness of heart and fights over little things

Marital relations are in crisis, because each person wants their own happiness, and couples today are getting a divorce for any reason.

The root of the divorce is the “hardness of heart”. But today Jesus wants to speak to the families that the divorce happens first in the hearts of the couples.

I’m going to tell you a story I heard, whose author is unknown:

The man behind the counter, looked the way distracted, while a little girl approached the store, she dented the nose against the glass of the window. Their eyes the color of the sky, brightened when he saw the given object. She went into the store and asked to see the necklace of turquoise blue.

“It’s for my sister. You can make a pretty package?”

The store owner looked suspicious to the little girl and asked her:

“How much money do you have?”

Without hesitation, she took from her pocket a handkerchief  all all tied up and was undoing the knots. She placed it on the counter, and happily said:

“This is enough isn’t it? (There were only a few coins she exhibited proud.) “You know,” she continued, “I want to give this gift to my older sister. Since our mother died, she takes care of us and has no time for herself. Today is her birthday and I’m sure she will be happy with the necklace that is the color of her eyes.”

“The man went into the store. Put the necklace in a box, wrapped with a garish red paper and used a fancy lace with a Green Ribbon.”

“Take this!” He said to the girl. “Take care of yourself.”

She left happy skipping down the street. I wasn’t a full day that passed when a beautiful young woman with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes entered the store. She put onto the counter the opened package he gave to the younger girl earlier she asked: “This necklace was purchased here?”

“Yes, Ma’am”

“And how much it cost?”

“Oh! Said the owner of the shop. The price of any product from my store is always a confidential matter between the seller and the customer.”

The girl continued: “But my sister just had a few coins. And this necklace is real, isn’t it? She wouldn’t have money to pay for it.”

The man took the case, remade the package with extreme care, put the tape and returned it to the young woman. “She paid the highest price that anyone can afford. She gave it everything he had.”

Silence filled the small shop, and tears rolled by the face of the young woman, while she took the package with her hands. She returned home…

You are capable of doing anything for your family? You have to give everything you have for it. So you got married? Why are you engaged? What motivates you to join this woman or that man?

Wife, find time to look into the eye of your husband and tell him you love him. This isn’t just for “brand new” couples; This is characteristic of the family. I hope nobody “dies” in your home. I hope you don’t fall asleep next to a corpse.

If things are bad for your family, choose to walk the true path that is Jesus. He shouts to our hearts: “your family is good, your marriage is good”. God believes in your family, God believes in you, in your story. Stop being silly! Walk the road and don’t forget that the way is Jesus; If you want your family to be happy, give it to him.

Couples, break the hardness of heart, love, because there’s still time! Love your children while you can because they will grow. This is the right time, time to give attention to them. Break the hardness of heart. I ask you today: return to your homes without fear, the way is Jesus.

There is solution for your family, and it begins in your heart. Stay on the path, because you and your home are of the Lord “.

Original Portuguese Text produced from preaching in Jan. 2006

Jun 172015

The only remedy able to heal the hatred is love. We must renounce hatred, because it takes us away from God and neighbor and let us physically and spiritually sick!

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5, 44).

For the ancient [before the coming of Jesus], the Word of God had another intonation: you could love your neighbor and hate your enemy. When Christ tells us to love our neighbor and even more to pray for those who persecute us, he teaches us that hatred is not part of the hearts of those who are fully united to God’s heart.

First, because hatred is something evil, terrible, wicked, cruel and inhuman. No one has the right to hate anyone, because hate only produces more hatred and it only destroys us from within. Let me speak clearly to your heart: hatred is the most terrible cancer to human nature. Not only cancer in the psychological or spiritual sense, hatred even causes physical cancer when it is fed and fertilized within us.

The Lord does not want us suffering from this evil, because hatred takes away our joy of living. It weakens us from within and attracts many negative things to us. It is not that our Lord wants to defend those who deserve our hatred, but He wants to take care of our heart so that it is not taken in by this terrible feeling of the soul.

And once we renounce hatred and it can not be part of our life the only remedy able to heal the hate is love. There is a strong need to invest in it, even loving our enemies!

Let me say, when the Word of God tells us to love our enemies it is not that we should live with them or we should ignore the evil they did to us. It is the opposite of this: to recognize that they have wronged us and do not deserve our coexistence. However, we deserve health should not be further hampered by some evil they have committed against us. Because of this we love them with agape love, with love, compassion, it is not that walk of love hand in hand as if nothing had happened, as this is pretense and pretense is bad.

Whoever loves also respects and whoever knows also understands, even without fully understanding, but it is Christian love, love love, which should be guided by the following thought: “If you ever need me, you can be sure I will stretch my hand ! And I will not look away from you or pull my hand as sign of revenge. I’ll give you love, attention, care and can make sure that I do not want to grow any resentment against you so that God’s love is more fully in my life. ”

For those who can not love sufficiently, because our heart has its limits, we should pray a lot for them to be blessed, cared for and directed by divine love!

God bless you!

Father Roger Araujo
Priest of the New Song Community, journalist and contributor to the Portal New Song.

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