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Oct 032012

Whoever does not have fear and weaknesses in life may throw the first stone! We  are humans, no one is a superhero. We may see that even the ficticious ‘super heroes’ have their weak points and fears. As, for example, Superman has his kryptonite.

But friends, I am consecrated man,  but their exists the ‘kryptonite’ of life that make me have fear in my journey. This is not something bad, for through my weaknesses and fears I touch my humanness, and the step to have an incarnate faith. I become more simple and humble.

But I cannot allow my limits to paralyze me. I encounter my humanity, but I have to continue forward, trusting to God all my miseries. And in this confidence I am continuing my road through faith, because I know that I cannot walk alone. God is always with me.

My friend, do not think that you are a super hero, recognize your fears and weaknesses, but do not allow these things to paralyze you. That this serves to make you more humble, simple and human in the road of holiness in the service of the Lord.

Strong embrace,

Ademir Costa

translated from portuguese

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