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May 172017

ChildrensofFatima (croped)

That, like San Francisco and Santa Jacinta Marto, we may reach the holiness in our life one day

Friends in heaven are important because they are the remedy to healing in this lifetime that, sometimes, is demanding and so hard.

Thanks to God, the Church grants us a lot of Saints, of which we can say: “are our friends from Heave”. This past week, Heaven won two more little ones, but large in Holiness, friends of heaven!

That, following the example of this brother and sister, Saints Francisco and Jacinta Marto, to whom our Lady of Fatima appeared, we can ask her intercession, so that, with them we may achieve Holiness in our lives one day.

Saints Francisco and Jacinta Marto, pray for us!

A Hug from your brother,
Shahir Rahemane

Portuguese version

Jun 072010

Bishop Antonio Marto remembered the reality of reflection over compassion, a theme that is not abstract, merely academic, but also a question profoundly existential that penetrates to the nucleus of faith and of the Christian Spirituality, over all after the experiences of the atrocities of the suffering of the 20th century contemplated in the message of Fatima.”

In his reflection, Bishop Antonio Marto stressed that “Our God is not apathetic, indifferent to human pain, but God sympathizes in the original sense of the term, that he suffers with us. the compassion is a reconnection of God to the passion of the man, and manifests itself perfectly on the cross.”

Maria, referred to also by Bishop Antonio, is an icon of the compassion of God, and Jacinta, one of three visionaries of Our Lady of Fatima, She comprehended well this message of the “compassion of God through Mary and in her Immaculate Heart.”

“In Fact, Jacinta, manifested a true love of compassion as participation in the sorrow of God through the drama of unbelief and of hatred, through suffering of the persecuted Church and through terrifying suffering of humanity in war that were expressions of the banality and normality of evil. She shows us untiring in prayer, in sacrifice for the conversion of sinners in the sharing with the poor.” He affirmed.

Translated from Portuguese

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