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Jun 192017

Pregação com Padre Roger Luis

There are things that happen naturally to teach us how to live, because we are people of flesh and blood

The flow of water is so natural, that only some eyes see without seeing anything wrong.

Many times in our life, there are things that happen naturally to teach us how to live the beauty of human nature, because we are people of flesh and blood, we are human and not angels.

To realize this great truth, seeing in ourselves our miseries and weakness, let us abandon ourselves to God with the confidence so that we can live in this land more calmly and in a more healthy way.

God bless you in your humanity!

A hug from your brother,
Shahir Rahemane

Portuguese version

Aug 262015


The meditated Word today is in St. Matthew 6:33-34.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be given by extension. So, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have its own concern. Every day is enough for their evil. “

Marcio Mendes_Sorrindo pra Vida

The today’s scriptural passage shows us that God knows all our needs, so we must seek first the Kingdom of God and all will be given.

It is necessary to get the righteousness of God, not the Justice of this world and of men. So don’t worry about tomorrow, because each day has its concern. The great prevention that we must do in our life is to take care of today so that tomorrow is quiet. When you do what is necessary today, tomorrow will be even better.

There’s no point in wanting to advance certain times, it’s normal to want to rush situations, like a fight, a problem, a difficulty, but it is necessary to live and persevere in time.

We create dependence on people, situations that lead us to believe that if we miss something or someone our life ends. However, it is not so. We have a God who is making all the arrangements, and maybe this is your big chance to experience something new, get new opportunities.

When we see ourselves in a situation where we don’t know how to move on, it’s time to put ourselves in the right direction. If you don’t know what the right direction is for your life, hold the hand of God, take care of today and the rest He will provide. The next step is all you need there is a wisdom in simply take the first step. This step will not solve everything, but it will be a start, regardless of whether it is big or small.

If you don’t have anything to do, rest, rest in the arms of Jesus and then you will have the strength to get up and move on. Resume, although slowly, and God will help you.

Márcio Mendes
New song Community mission

Transcription and adaptation: Leticia P.

Portuguese Version

Jul 222014

Cast your care upon the LORD, who will give you support. He will never allow the righteous to stumble. (Ps 55, 23 NABRE).

luziaIt is necessary to give to the Lord all  your intentions that you carry in your heart and to trust that He cares and realizes in certain time, the best for  His children.

Which situations do you, today, need to give to the Lord? A sickness of someone dear to you? A business that in sometime you are starting? A child on drugs or that lacks understanding in the family? There are so many situations! But in all these it is necessary to have a certainty in which God hears your prayers.

In God, is your hope, therefore, do not give up praying and trusting in Him, that love never stops in you.

Pray throughout the day: “I trust in Your power, in Your kindness, in You I trust with as a child. I trust in You, blindly, in all situations.”

Jesus, I trust in you!

Luzia Santiago

Portuguese Version

May 192014

Let us ask Jesus today, to increase our faith. Let us pray: “Jesus, I trust in You, but increase my faith.”

Today in the Word, we see a closed case, a situation that Jesus and the girl’s father faced. The Lord was finalizing a dialogue with the hemorrhagic woman, who had just been healed. A man waited to talk to Jesus about the pain of his heart, when, at that time, he alerts Him about the death of his daughter. Something that dad was trying to avoid, because it was the worst news he could receive.
He had no time to prepare for that sad news: “Your daughter is dead. Why bother the Teacher? “.How many times have we also heard this: “Your problem has no solution. Why do you bother Jesus “or even:” Let God alone, abandon Him and die because there is no more to do.” Christ, we also hear  in this kind of news, and hear about the daughter of the ruler of the synagogue. Faced with a desperate situation, in extreme situations, He tells us: “Do not be afraid, do not despair, I only ask you to trust me.”

How many violent situations arrive in our time time: unemployment, sickness and so many others! In these times of great loss, the heart “breaks”. There is suffering so great that it splits the heart, the pain becomes unbearable. We say in prayer: “I’m desperate in the face of so much suffering! What do I do? “. Jesus tells us today: “Do not despair”.

What can a person do when she’s already getting desperate? She can not do anything. At this time, you must stop


everything. Humanly, when we lose strength and we are about to faint, we seek strength in the arms of a friend, on whom we rely on to recover. The same happens when we are tempted to give in to our despair, but Jesus tells us: “Do not despair!” In times of suffering, hold Him by his arms..

The Word does not tells us today ” to be strong and brave” because Jesus knows our courage and strength at that time is gone, but He gives us the support.

Jesus said on the deathbed of that girl: “Arise”. Those people mocked Him, they knew that the girl was dead, but we know that with the Lord nothing is impossible, not even death. We know, in theory, we need to be in the arms of God, but we can only understand this when we experiencing, either by ourselves or by the suffering of another person.

When you cannot do anything else, rest in God. When you cannot be strong and courageous, rest in the Lord. This morning, maybe your only remedy is to be calm. It’s time to trust God because nervousness can lead you to do things without reason. Trust in Jesus!

God will show you what to do, so you can calm down and trust. He will not ask for more than is at your fingertips. You have been thrown into the fire of trial, Do not despair. Jesus tells us: “Trust me, I’ll take and sustain you in safety.”

In a some moments, there is no point in being strong. At this time, the only solution is to trust in Jesus, for He will sustain us. May the Holy Spirit make confidence sprout in our heart, because God reserves a greater force for the more serious needs.

Márcio Mendes 

Member of Canção Nova Community.

Portuguese version

Apr 282014

rio_christ“Do not let your heart be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me.” (John 14:1)

We live in a world to perturbed, there are so many challenges to confront in our daily life, but even with all the difficulties, we cannot be discouraged. It is necessary to have confidence in the Lord and to believe that we have a God at our side, that He sees all and all can happen.

We draw close to the Lord with confidence, in the certainty that in Jesus we are victors.

Let us pray with faith and confidence: “Let Nothing disturb you, let nothing frighten you. Everything passes, everything is overcome through patience. Whoever has God lacks nothing. God alone suffices!” (St. Teresa of Avila)

Jesus, I trust in You,

Luzia Santiago

Portuguese version

Aug 092013

The woman, drawing close to him, prostrated herself before Jesus and began to impore: “Lord, help me!” Jesus said to her: “I it is not good to take bread of the children to throw it before dogs.” The woman insisted: “It is true, Lord; but the gods also eat the scraps that fall from the table of their owners!” (Matthew 15:25-27)

When we hear this Gospel, we are a bit shocked, because this woman is not part of Jesus’ region as the Jews: “She is not part of the chosen people, she was a Canaanite.” But she was an insistent woman, who drew near to the Lord, for she had a daughter cruelly tormented by the demon, and she knew what Jesus could do for her.

In the first moment, she cried, asking and the Lord, in slow steps, continued His road, until the disciples wanted to push her from Jesus. Then He responded to her: “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” In this instant, the woman one more time insisted and said: “Lord, please cure my daughter.”

Jesus’ answer appears painful, but, in truth, it is a proverb. The Jews considered that those that were not part of the chosen people were like dogs. The Lord was caring to say: “It is not good to throw bread of the children to give to the dogs.”

What a woman of extraordinary faith! She was not convinced by the proverb of the Lord. In that day, she even conquered God – the example of Israel, when he fought with the Lord and Defeated Him. She says “Lord it is true, but the little dogs have the right to eat the crumbs that fall from the table.” She begged Jesus for her rights, even for just the His crumbs.

The grace of Jesus comes for all. Therefore, this woman could not be excluded, for this she was reward in this first instant for she trusted, believe and was insistent.

Why do you exclude yourself from God? Why are you discouraged so easily? Why does your faith not bring you to be confident. Why does  your faith not bring you to challenge your own circumstances, which many times lead you away from the Lord.

Say: “Lord, I even if I was a dog have the right to crumbs.” These crumbs of the Lord will fall on your table and your heart.

God bless you today!

Fr. Roger Araujo

Priest of the  Canção Nova Community, Journalist and Collaborator of the Canção Nova Portal.

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