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Dec 142017

The great grace of life is to recognize where sin is and to sincerely seek the forgiveness of God
“What is easier to say, ‘Thy sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Arise and walk’? For that you may know that the Son of man has power on earth to forgive sins – he said to the paralytic – I I tell you, get up, take the bed and go home “(Luke 5: 23-24).
Jesus is healing this paralytic who came to meet Him, carried by those men, this shows that: the greatness of God in our midst erases, forgives and justifies His presence in our midst.
We may not be aware of what sin accomplishes in us, the way sin paralyzes our life, society and humanity.
All the technological advances we admire and perceive in our midst have no proportion to paralysis, to the lethargy that takes over our human relationships because of sin.
If we want to advance in faith, if we want to advance as human beings, if we want to get out of the paralysis that our life often finds, we must seek with sincerity of heart, forgiveness for our sins.

How do you sincerely seek forgiveness for your sins? Recognizing oneself as a sinner, acknowledging the sins in our lives, recognizing where we have sinned, where we fail to recognize the evil that sin accomplishes not only in us, but in life, in society, in our human relationships, the evil that sin causes in our own home, in our family.

God does not want us paralyzed. He came to lift us from what sin made us to succumb, He came to remove us from the dust, from the indigence and came to stand with us.

God wants us to walk and build the Kingdom of God, but if we do not take seriously the drastic consequences He performs in our lives, our paralysis only grows, things within us are entrapped. To keep so many old and spoiled things that are useless in us. The heart and mind get heavy too. And we often want to take medicine, solve the problem one way or the other, but the great grace of life is to recognize where sin is and sincerely seek the forgiveness of God.
Rise and walk, for God wants us to stand.
God bless you!

Fr. Roger Araujo

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Dec 132017

Pregação com Jimmy e BeneditaIt is important to spend time with our spouse. To take care of the physical, psychic and spiritual forces.

The family relationship must and must be tempered by moments of leisure, as this restores our strength to deal with the pains and setbacks that life always brings with it. We are not talking about great trips, but about special moments, tours that focus on the family or the couple. We need to strive to be together. It is good and extremely important to be in the family.
It is alsoimportant to dedicate time to each other, to take care of physical, psychic and spiritual forces. As a couple, we need to go out and date, see good movies, read good books, take part in spiritual retreats, travel and socialize. That helps, it’s firewood to keep fire on that enthusiastic love we had when we were boyfriends or girlfriends.

We need to understand that “the most substantial and important fruit that parents should give their children is their solid and unquestionable union. Parents’ first duty and commitment to their children is to love one another. And there is no greater gift for a child, there is nothing that gives you so much security and emotional balance than to realize that parents are passionate, that they really love each other. “(Family Pastoral Directory Document 79 CNBB).

Therefore, every dedication and commitment in the marital relationship is a profit for the children. It is not negligence to leave them with grandparents, uncles or friends so that you have a “unique time” alone. They, the children, will benefit.
How about today, finding this time?
Celiane Ramos
Missionary of the Canção Nova Community

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Dec 122017

God has given us the ability to bear the burden of each day.

As found in other cultures, we
Brazilians are very affectionate, very sentimental and like to “enjoy” sadness. Watch our roots songs, they nurture nostalgia and even betrayal. This is the opposite of what the Gospel teaches us.

How many times have we remembered what someone did to us !? Our fantasy and our feelings increase the situations experienced. As clear as snow, the more we hit them, the more they grow. So are the feelings, the more we hammer them, the more they increase within us.

One of the things that plagues us most is to cultivate fears: fear of tomorrow, fear of the future, of losing our job. We are addicted to enjoying fears and fears. Jesus tells us, “Do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will have its own worries. His care is enough every day “(Matthew 6:34).

How many people, in their prime, already care about old age! Live life, my son! God has given us the ability to bear the burden of each day. So if you get stuck in your past or worried about what will come in the future, you will not be able to bear anything when you reach old age.

Today the Lord takes this weight out of our hearts and minds. Jesus is having surgery on his heart and even changing his thoughts. The Lord says to him, “The joy of a man makes his life more long.” When we get carried away by sadness we become “bogged down” in it.

Cultivate joy, live more! The Lord wants you to be happy!
God bless you!
His brother,
Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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Dec 112017

Acampamento Jovens Sarados 2017 - Pregação com Pe.Roger Luis

In the sacrament of Penance, there is peace.

Who remembers the times when, in seeking the sacrament of penance, after confessing, we heard this sentence: “Your sins are forgiven!”? In important situations in my life, in faith seeking a priest to confess to, I experienced the Lord speaking to me as he said to the woman: “And Jesus said unto the woman, Thy sins are forgiven!”
What peace, my God, I feel it as the repentant sinner!
“Then the guests began to think, ‘Who is this who even forgives sins?’ But Jesus said to the woman, ‘Your faith has saved you. Go in peace! ‘”(Lk 7, 47-50)
The effect of God’s forgiveness on the penitent’s heart is so great that it has the life-transforming power of a lifetime. Whoever seeks Christ often for the forgiveness of his sins, not only receives a new life, but gains divine strength to overcome sin.
Jesus shows this power through love and mercy achieved: “the many sins that she committed are forgiven, because she showed much love. He who is forgiven little shows little love “(Lk 7:47).
Jesus I trust in you!
Luzia Santiago
Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community

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Dec 082017

(Beginning Today and continuing every Friday, Catholicismanew will present lessons from “The Church Complete” from Prof Felipe Aquino. These articles come to us from Prof Aquino in English. We hope you will enjoy our Friday lessons on the truth of the Roman Catholic Church in this powerful way of learning of the Church universal. Professor Aquino heads up Cleopas publishing in the city of Lorena, Sao Paulo state, Brazil and has graciously offered these articles for our English language readers of Catholicismanew.–ed.)

When He founded HIS Church. Jesus addressed Peter and told him: “…you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build MY church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16, 18). With these words, Jesus made it clear that the Church is HIS property. He only spoke of one Church, not of two or more.

In fact Church is, according to God’s Will, the very Own Body of the Lord. He wanted the Church to be His Mystical Body, constituted as the “universal Sacrament for the salvation of mankind” (LG, 48); as it is stated in the Vatican Council II; the Church is the means God chose to save everybody.

The Church is the extension of Jesus’ Incarnation among human beings, to create the great family of God’s Children inside Him. “The Church is the trajectory of the Christ through centuries.” Bossuet would rather say: The Church is Jesus Christ poured and communicated onto the whole earth.” All that can be said in brief with the words of a great priest of the first century, Saint Ignatius of Antioch BM (deceased on 107 AD):

“Catholic Church lies at the place where Jesus Christ is.”

Sin has dispersed mankind since its origin, it broke the union and communion between human beings and God, interrupted the beautiful plan of love that earth paradise shows us.

God the Father created human beings for Himself, so that we could be His family; our destiny was to live in intimate communion with Him and enjoy His Blissful life. Sin – the saddest reality of all – broke up this beautiful Plan of love and “scattered” God’s children, tore His family apart and wounded God Himself. The Father thus wanted to rebuild His creation through Jesus and the Church, bringing His children back to Communion with Him. In this sense, the Official Catechism of Catholic Church estates:

“The gathering together of the Church is, as it were, God’s reaction to the chaos provoked by sin” (CCC 761).

The Catholic Church is the only one founded by Jesus Christ two thousand years ago and She has never ceased to be. There is no other institution on earth so old and so new at the same time, capable of overcoming all the persecution She has been suffering since the times of the Roman Empire. At present we have a Pope, who is the 264th Pope departing from Saint Peter. Which Institution would be capable of that? Only a divine Institution, founded by the Lord Himself.

Professor Felipe Aquino

Professor Felipe Aquino is a widower, father of five children. On TV Canção Nova he presents the program “Escola da Fé” [School of faith] and “Pergunte e Responderemos” [Ask and respond], on Radio he presents the program “in the heart of the Church”. On weekends he preaches deepening meetings throughout Brazil and abroad. He wrote 73 books of Catholic background by publishers, Loyola and Cleopas and Canção Nova. His teacher’s Twitter: @pfelipeaquino

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Dec 072017

Accept the Baby Jesus
I would like to place an order for you. Always be a crib! Always little, because in the crib Jesus is born. In big things there is no room for Jesus. The little boy in the manger, defenseless, taken care of by Mary and Joseph, grew, gave life, shed blood. He was resurrected. And it is a winner. That’s where He shows the victory!

Today, we sang with much romanticism “the manger of Bethlehem,” but the word manger means: the place where oxen and horses eat. Joseph took the grass and hay he found there to put in the manger. Joseph makes the little crib for Jesus. In the manger Jesus, in the greatest poverty, who was the Lord of Heaven and Earth lain.. The crib makes Him grow.
Even as a newborn, Jesus already had on his shoulders the mark of royalty. He is King! “The name given to him is Admirable Counselor, He is God the Strong, He is the Father of future times, He is Prince of Peace” (Is 9: 5).

So, prepare your heart so that He, bringing salvation, may be born in you, which is the Nativity scene. Jesus is born for your life. Accept the Child Jesus in your heart, He pities you and salvation happens. He is not afraid: He is born in the midst of harshness. He is there to save you and your family.

Let us embrace Salvation. No matter how impure and your sinful you may be, open yourself up to salvation. Jesus becomes like a “sinner” to save the sinner, the sinner in which sin is. That is why He welcomed Zacchaeus, welcomed Mary Magdalene and so many sinners.

Jesus is present in our midst now for Christmas. He does not want you to get lost at all. He is born into your life. The more miserable we are, the more He loves us. He was born in Bethlehem and is born today in you.

Know: Joseph and Mary bring salvation to your heart, even if you are sinful. Do not worry, do not expect to take away what is sinful to receive the Baby Jesus. Receive Him as you are. It is He who will remove what needs to be taken away, with the help of Mary and Joseph.
“The Child we contemplate in the crib is demanding. But he is also understanding and patient. If we are docile to His action, He will take us by the hand and accompany us: therefore we should not fear “(Message of John Paul II, Angelus, December 26, 2001).
Jesus is reborn and wants to be reborn in the heart of each one, in each one’s family. He wants to be reborn in our cities, in our countries so in need; He wants to be reborn in the world. We ask, Lord, come into our lives! “Today the Savior, who is Christ the Lord, has been born for us” (Lk 2,11).
A happy and holy Christmas!
His brother,
Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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