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Apr 252018

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Let the Good Shepherd heal our wounds and let His life be in us.
“The thief only comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly “(John 10,10).

We continue to listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd who guides, guides, directs, the lives of His sheep. Today, the Good Shepherd warns us that there is a thief who steals the sheep. And why does this thief steal the sheep? He kills, steals, and destroys the sheep.

It is important to understand that the enemy of our soul is a thief, he steals the souls that belong to God. He wants to rob us that we no longer belong to God, and then he kills and destroys the life of God that is in us. The thief tears away the grace of God that is within us, but he only does it if the sheep are seduced, if she lets herself be stolen from the lap of God.

When we are in Jesus, the thief of this world does not have the power to steal, kill or destroy us, because the Good Shepherd cares for and does not neglect us. Sometimes pastors are distracted and deluded by other occupations and concerns, but our Good Shepherd does not. He watches over, cares for us at all times, even when we run from Him.

The Good Shepherd awaits us, He runs after us. He wants to get us out of the hands of the evil one, the one who robs us of God, the one who presents deceptive, deceitful attractions that pull us out, pull us.

Let us not allow ourselves to be robbed from the lap of Jesus, let us not be taken from the fold of Jesus because the thief does not come as a thief; rather, he arrives with options to draw us. And when we wish to return, the heart is ruined, broken, lost grace, taste, taste for the things of Heaven.

Let the Good Shepherd, who came to give us life in abundance, to the full, to care for us, to heal our wounds and to have His life in us.

God bless you!

Fr Roger Araujo

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Apr 242018

translation: The Faith Makes Us Stronger

God always comes to our rescue
I have been impressed by the figure of Abraham in the Bible: the man who lives constantly with the God of the impossible. He has learned God’s way to the point of no longer doubting his promises. He came to call the place where the Lord spared His son from the death of “The Lord will provide,” such was the confidence in His help. Abraham not only believed in the existence of God, but tried to be His friend.

This is how it is with us: we live by experiencing the Lord daily in our lives and when we feel need, He comes to our rescue.

I see that, in the present day, God helps in the same way: in this time of crisis and necessity, miracles happens. In your life the God of the impossible will also provide, because He acts, just that we put ourselves into action, doing our part. The Lord bless you!
Your brother,

Wellington Jardim (Eto)
Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community and administrator of the FJPII

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Apr 232018

The Lord uses every suffering for our salvation

Ricardo Ida. Photo: Jorge Ribeiro /

The Word of God shows us the Lord’s desire to heal us, to free us and to take us out of the grave. Biblically speaking, the words “heal and save” have the same meaning, because Jesus came back to save lost humanity.
In the Word of God, according to Ezekiel, Jesus promises that he will take us out of the tomb. And when God promises, He fulfills!

God does not rejoice in the sorrow of His children, so He is not joking with us. Many ask, “Why does God allow so many people to suffer?” God has nothing to do with this story, because He did not create death.
The suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross has become the raw material in the hands of God for our salvation. The Lord uses every suffering for our salvation.

St. Paul said that where sin abounds, grace abounds more. Even in our effort is the grace of God; it is at this point that our cooperation enters.

What “death” is this that God is speaking to us about? What “death” is this that causes people so much sadness?

St. Augustine said that the cause of sadness is sin, so the “death” that Jesus is speaking to us is sin. God gives us

grace, He sent us His Holy Spirit, He gave us the Sacraments, He gave us the Church, just to get us out of this death. It is precisely from the death of sin that the Lord came to set us free.

We lack hope, we do not find strength and motive to fight. The Word of God shows us the way out of what makes us slaves.

Many people do not like to hear about mortal sin, but there is no deliverance if we continue in sin. The doctrine of the Church is the truth that has the power to free us from every thought of death. It is precisely with the experience of the truth that we leave the grave.

Many have not yet lived the experience of the Resurrection. Do not blame God; it is not his fault, for he who commits mortal sin submits himself to Satan. When we sin gravely, sanctifying grace is lost and without it we remain in death; and when the final death comes we will go to hell.

God wants to take us away from everything that makes us take risks. I feel such great pain when I see the worldliness that has entered the lives of Christians.  Will we be dead because of the lie; for having a false life?

Jesus is calling, “Come out!” He is the way, let us forsake sin. There is no new life without a firm decision.

The “lukewarm Christian” will not experience the power of the Resurrection; the “lukewarm Christian” will not experience liberation. If we continue to be worldly Christians, we will not leave the grave.

Truth has the power to pluck us out of darkness. Without fasting, without mortification, there is no way to get out of the grave. Let’s dive in the truth!


Ricardo Ida


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Apr 042018

Translation: Faith Makes Us Stronger

God acts in all situations of our life, in fact, He takes care of us!

When we decide to follow Jesus, many persecute us. We do not need to fear those who persecute us, those who are against God, for these, as we know, are our declared “enemies.”

We must fear those who sit at table with us, go to Mass and spend all our time with us as “friends”, but they are false, the “false masters”, who poison us little by little.

It is good to know that a simple book can be a great richness for our life. Books God uses himself to prepare us well in every aspect of our life. They prepare us and enable us to live the way of thegood. Alone we can not do it; with our family and with our friends we will not be able to, but with the Word of God it is possible. Let’s make a proposal on this day. Take a Bible passage and meditate on it during the day. You will see that wonderful experience bears fruit. May the Lord bless you!
Your brother, Wellington Jardim (Eto)
Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community and administrator of the FJPII

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Apr 032018

VALINHOS-LOCA DO ANJOIn the most difficult hours I call out to Mary
Nothing we put in prayer is unanswered, for “the eyes of the Lord are turned to the righteous, his ears are attentive to his cry for help” (Ps 34:16).

Every child, at the time of difficulty, has the inclination to run to the mother or call her. I do the exercise of calling the name of Jesus many times during the day and, I confess, in the most difficult hours I call for Mary. I have become accustomed to asking: “Mary, go ahead of the situations that I have no control over, and of what I do not know how to take care of.”

I see Our Lady passing on to my problems and solving all situations. Let’s pray together that day: “Mary, go ahead to solve what I am unable to solve. Take care of what is not within my reach. You have the power to do this. Who can say that he was disappointed by you after he called you? ”

Luzia Santiago

Jesus I trust in you!
Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community

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Apr 022018

Missa da Vigília Pascal

A whole new life is possible. 

When Scripture tells us not to remember the “things of old,” it is not really a matter of forgetting, but of not living as slaves of events that are no longer there. We must stay with what was good and take advantage of even the mistakes made for our growth and maturity. It is, in fact, a new chance to start over and be born again by the grace of God. Yes! It is possible to have a whole new life, full of peace, courage and joy. A new beginning is possible at this very moment, because God is with us, because Jesus is alive and gives us His strength to start over. The difference is precisely here: if we used to rely on our energies, we can now begin again with the “power of God”, “by the power from on High,” which is the Holy Spirit. It is from this certainty that our hope springs; and hope renews the heart.

God bless you!

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib

Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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