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Aug 182017

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Jesus Christ founded the Church to give Salvation to mankind through the knowledge of the truth: “you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth” (The First Letter to Timothy 3, 15). This is the reason why the Lord guaranteed Her infallibility in issues concerning the salvation of Her people, and exclusively in terms of salvation issues: in other words, the infallibility of the Church exclusively applies to doctrinal principles of faith and morals. Therefore, the message of the Gospel is not left unprotected against human manipulation, for its contents have been systematically attacked all through the centuries.

We can affirm that the Divine Revelation would have been useless without the guarantee of infallibility of the Ministry of the Church (the Pope and Bishops), because God’s Message would be distorted along the centuries and would come to us deprived of its power of salvation.

During the ceremony of presentation of the new Catechism to the people, Pope John Paul II affirmed:

“The Lord entrusted to His Church the mission of keeping the depositary of faith and She has accomplished Her Mission all through tides of times” (Fidei Depositum, Introduction).

Therefore, that is the holy mission the Lord gave to His Church: to keep untouched the depositary of faith. The Church has always done and still does that. To accomplish Her Mission, the Church created the “Holy Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith” with the responsibility of keeping the purity of the doctrine in the whole of the Catholic World. Unfortunately, this Holy Congregation is often criticized inside and outside the Church, despite its ultimate importance to the Church and to our salvation. It is especially criticized every time it is obliged to call admonish those theologians that divert from the doctrine of the Church. The Holy Spirit all through the two-thousand-year journey of the Church has confirmed this doctrine. It is worth noticing that the Pope unconditionally relies on this Congregation in matters of doctrine. During the General Assembly of the Holy Congregation on November 24, 1995, the Pope addressed its members with these words: “Your work, in many aspects difficult and demanding, is of fundamental importance to Christian life. In fact, the goal of your work is to promote the integrity and purity of faith, which are essential conditions to guarantee that men and women of modern times may find the light that leads to the pathways of salvation” [LR, # 50, 16/12/95, page 14(614)].

The mission of the Church it to allow “the truth of the Gospel to shine bright”, affirmed the Pope.

“Pope John XXII had entrusted to the Council, as its main goal, the task of preserving and presenting the precious depositary of Christian faith in the best way possible…” (FD, Introduction).

The major concern of the Church has always been keeping faithful to the Lord and preserve His legacy intact, the “depositum fidei” (the depositary of faith) or, in the words of Saint Paul to Timothy and Titus, the “health doctrine”.


Professor Felipe Aquino


Professor Felipe Aquino is a widower, father of five children. On TV Canção Nova he presents the program “Escola da Fé” [School of faith] and “Pergunte e Responderemos” [Ask and respond], on Radio he presents the program “in the heart of the Church”. On weekends he preaches deepening meetings throughout Brazil and abroad. He wrote 73 books of Catholic background by publishers, Loyola and Cleopas and Canção Nova. His teacher’s Twitter: @pfelipeaquino

Aug 172017

Adoração // Acampamento de Ano Novo

God does not want your suffering, but He can reverse it in grace.

Accept the problems you have to draw close to God. The Lord does not want your suffering, but He can take advantage of this difficult situation to pour graces into your life. Today, therefore, decide for love! The Lord awaits your decision. It is necessary to translate the love that is in you into concrete gestures.

His love will overcome everything! Love does everything in all, because God is love, and there is no other love but His.

Give love always! So when the suffering comes, the size of it will be proportional to the graces that God will pour into your life!

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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Aug 162017

Devotion to St. Michael’s important just because of the divine role this archangel has been one of the great princes of Heaven and minister of God, considered the angel of repentance and justice, as well as leader of the heavenly host. It is invoked in situations protection against the dangers, the forces of evil and enemies.

The name Michael comes from Hebrew and means “Who is like God?”.

The beginning of this time of prayer is on 15 August and closes on 29 September, St. Michael the Archangel party.

To prepare for this 40 days devotion what is required:

Provide an altar to San Miguel with an image or picture of the angel ;

Light a candle before the image;

Make an act of penance;

Making the sign of the cross;

Pray this prayer every day.

Lent of St. Michael

Opening prayer for every day

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our refuge against the wickedness and snares of the devil. Lord, we earnestly ask you, and you, prince of the heavenly host, by the divine virtue, cast into hell Satan and the other evil spirits who prowl about the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sacred Heart of Jesus

Litany of St. Michael

Lord have mercy on us.

Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

Lord have mercy on us.

Jesus Christ hear us.

Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

Heavenly Father, You are God, have mercy on us.

Son, Redeemer of the world, which are God, have mercy on us.

Holy Spirit, which are God, have mercy on us.

Holy Trinity, who are one God, have mercy on us.

Holy Mary, Queen of Angels, pray for us.

St. Michael, pray for us.

St. Michael, full of God’s grace, pray for us.

St. Michael, perfect adorer of the Divine Word, pray for us.

St. Michael, crowned with honor and glory, pray for us.

Saint Michael, most powerful Prince of the armies of the Lord, pray for us.

St. Michael, standard-bearer of the Holy Trinity, pray for us.

St. Michael, guardian of Paradise, pray for us.

St. Michael, guide and consoler of the Israeli people, pray for us.

St. Michael, splendor and fortress of the Church Militant, pray for us.

St. Michael, honor and joy of the Church Triumphant, pray for us.

St. Michael, Light of the Angels, pray for us.

St. Michael, bulwark of Christians, pray for us.

St. Michael, strength of those who fight the banner of the Cross, pray for us.

Saint Michael, light and confidence of souls at the last moment of life, pray for us.

St. Michael, very sure aid, pray for us.

St. Michael, our help in all adversities, pray for us.

Saint Michael, herald of the everlasting judgment, pray for us.

Saint Michael, consoler of souls in Purgatory, pray for us.

St. Michael, whom the Lord has charged to receive souls after death, pray for us.

St. Michael, our prince, pray for us.

St. Michael, our Advocate, pray for us.

Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, forgive us, Lord.

Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, hear us, Lord.

Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, have mercy on us.

Pray for us, O glorious St. Michael, Prince of the Church of Christ, so that we are worthy of His promises.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, sanctify us, by a blessing always new, and grant us through the intercession of St. Michael, this wisdom which teaches us to lay up treasures in heaven and exchange the goods of this time for the eternal goods. You who live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.

Lent of St. Michael the Archangel

Consecration to St. Michael the Archangel


Oh most Noble Prince of the Angelic Hierarchies
valorous warrior of Almighty God,
and zealous lover of His glory,
terror of the rebellious angels,
and love and delight of all the just ones,
my beloved Archangel Saint Michael,
desiring to be numbered among your devoted servants,
I, today offer and consecrate myself to you,
and place myself, my family,
and all I possess under your most powerful protection.

I entreat you not to look at how little, I,
as your servant have to offer,
being only a wretched sinner,
but to gaze, rather,
with favorable evy at the heartfelt affection
with which this offering is made,
and remember that if from this day onward
I am under your patronage,
you must during all my life assist me,
and procure for me the pardon of my many grievous offenses, and sins,
the grace to love with all my heart my God,
my dear Saviour Jesus and my Sweet Mother Mary,
and obtain for me all the help necessary to arrive to my crown of glory.

Defend me always from my spiritual enemies,
particularly in the last moments of my life.

Come then oh Glorious Prince and succour me in my last struggle,
and with your powerful weapon
cast far from me and into the infernal abysses that prevaricator and proud angel
that one day you prostrated in the celestial battle.

Saint Michael, defend us in our daily battle
so that we may not perish in the last Judgement.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle lest we perish in the judgment supreme.

Source of consecration prayer

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Aug 152017


It is possible to be a real man, who expresses courage, emotion and responsibility

I know that many of us men tend to be more practical, to seek solutions to problems instead of getting involved in them and talking about them. Sometimes we go into our ‘box of nothingness’ to survive.Yes, ‘box of nothing’. “Hey, what are you thinking?” “Nothing.” “Did I do something to you?” “Nothing.”Nothing is nothing at all. It makes us live life more freely, but that our ‘secret from nothing’ does not prevent us from getting involved in what it’s worth! Real man expresses power and mercy. Courage and excitement!

I’m impressed by Jesus’ way. He was a friend, who encouraged and taught the disciples, he was a Father to them and to the people. Jesus sometimes laughed with them, went to the parties with the crowd, but also stomped his foot on issues where even the closest disciples disagreed. It was firm when needed and He knew how to put it in each of the situations.

Photo by kieferpix by Getty Images

Man is protective

We like to protect what is sacred and important to us, especially women. We have a desire to give our life to the point of pain! Just look at most of the heroes that have been created by our imagination, literature and movies. They give their lives for love. How do we gives our lives this way? I remember here what Spider-Man’s uncle told him in the first film before he was murdered: “Great powers require great responsibility.” That’s right! The “power” given to us of being men has as an attachment, great responsibilities. Are you willing to take them?

Remember when you were a kid and played with your little car, which always transported you to other realities. My first car was an ambulance, which turned on the front lights and made the siren noise. I always thought, “Get out, get out of the way, I have to get to the hospital.” This desire for protection and responsibility is part of us men. Even though I have forgotten those times, that feeling is in my memory.


It takes a real man

Deep down in the heart, the woman really wants a man who makes her happy and cares for her. The world is telling us to enjoy life now and worry about serious things later. But our heart does not work that way. Every bit of masculinity in us protests against it! God created us to be warriors, to fight for what is right and for true love. This is not a dream.

I remember the scene from the film ‘Real Steel’, in which Charlie gives his son, Max, to the care of his sister-in-law for not being able or willing to educate him. I was literally fleeing the fight! It is very clear that the boy already loved him and wanted to be with him. The father (Charlie) then indignantly says, “You know I can not take care of you. I’m not what you deserve. What do you want me to do?”. At that time, with eyes full of tears, Max says something that took my breath away: “I just wanted you to fight for me.”

We are free, rational men, with one foot on the earth and the other in eternity; We have the intelligence to influence, direct and shape this world, making it worthwhile. What is your response to this proposal? What is your fight? Where to start over?

Our masculinity is not enclosed in our manly body, but in our whole being. You can not think that the man is that ‘ogre’ who does not know how to be brave and at the same time cozy. Is it not ironic that one day the world has been asked to choose its answer from these two visions of man?

On the day of Jesus’ trial before Pilate, two models of man were presented: Jesus, the revolutionary of love, a man of courage and emotion, a lion and a lamb; And Barabbas, a revolutionary and fighter who killed for a personal cause. “Bar Abbas”, which in Hebrew means “the son of the father”.

Whom did the people choose?

Before the people gave the answer, Pilate tried to show who, in fact, was a true man: Ecce Homo ! This is Man! That’s what he said. But they did not choose Jesus, on the contrary, they killed Him!

I tried to show the man model we need to spread, but the answer is yours, man! So which model are you going to follow? Inside of you, who will stay alive? Jesus or Barabbas?

Adriano Gonçalves

Adriano Gonçalves dos Santos is a member of the Canção Nova Community. He graduated in Philosophy and Psychology. He works on TV Canção Nova as host of the  Revolução Jesus [Jesus Revolution] program.

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Aug 142017

“It was not ye that chose me; It was I who chose you “(Jn 15:16)

The strength of God’s choice in our lives is beyond our merit, of any virtue of ours, because all that we have of good comes from Him. The Lord has chosen us through the power of His immense love, which transforms us and makes us better. Let us not be afraid to be of God, for He loves us as we are and chose us independently of our faults.

Only united to Jesus, at every moment of our life, will we learn to say yes to the will of the Father, because Christ first crossed that path and He wants to teach and instruct us.

Let us stand as disciples at the Master’s feet, that He may lead us, since He is the true way by which we will come to the Father.

Lord, make us an instrument of your peace!

Jesus I trust in you!

Aug 112017

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The Catholic Church is aware of the fact that She holds the plenitude of the means of salvation, as John Paul II said: “Our Lord entrusted all the blessings of the New Covenant to the apostolic college alone, of which Peter is the head (Unitatis Redintegratio # 3). In other words, “the Catholic Church has been endowed with all divinely revealed truth and with all means of grace” (Unitatis Redintegratio # 4).

Our brothers who were born in the so-called Evangelical Churches and are thus separated of the totality of Catholic faith cannot be blamed for the separation that happened in the past. On the other hand, they are deprived of many means of salvation and sanctity that Jesus left to the Church as His Legacy: Sacraments, Marian Devotion, devotion to the saints and much more.

It is worth noticing that when the Catholic Church refers to Protestant Churches, She means traditional historical hierarchical movements like Anglican and Lutheran Churches. She does not mean those countless small sects that uncontrollably and independently multiply at each day: it is obvious that Jesus never authorized that.

Vatican Council II Lumen Gentium affirms that:

“This is the one Church of Christ which in the Creed is professed as one, holy, catholic and apostolic, which our Saviour, after His Resurrection, commissioned Peter to shepherd, and him and the other apostles to extend and direct with authority, which He erected for all ages as “the pillar and mainstay of the truth”. This Church constituted and organized in the world as a society, subsists in the Catholic Church, which is governed by the successor of Peter and by the Bishops in communion with him, although many elements of sanctification and of truth are found outside of its visible structure. These elements, as gifts belonging to the Church of Christ, are forces impelling toward catholic unity” (Lumen Gentium # 8).

The Decree on Ecumenism of Vatican Council II also affirms that:

“For it is only through Christ’s Catholic Church, which is “the all-embracing means of salvation,” that they can benefit fully from the means of salvation. We believe that Our Lord entrusted all the blessings of the New Covenant to the apostolic college alone, of which Peter is the head, in order to establish the one Body of Christ on earth to which all should be fully incorporated who belong in any way to the people of God” (Unitatis Redintegratio # 3).

The unity inside Christ’s Church is manifested in several factors: doctrine, liturgy, governing, Apostolic Succession and so on. The Church has only one doctrine and only one profession of faith received through the Apostles. Those who do not believe is these articles of faith cannot affirm that they are Catholic in the true sense of the word.

The Catechism approved by the Pope in 1992 clearly shows that there is only one doctrine both in terms of dogma and morals.

The liturgical celebration of the Sacraments is an essential factor of unity. The whole world follows the Liturgical Calendar: everywhere you go around the world you will find the same liturgical celebrations and will be able to participate in the same Mass, with minor variations. Another factor of unity in the Church is the Holy Hierarchy that Jesus Himself wanted and enforced. The Apostolic Succession protects and guarantees the fraternal order inside the Church through the Sacrament of the Order. The main factor is the Pope, “the pillar of union” to whom all Clergy and Laity are subject.

The greatest children of the Church have always followed the principle: “Cum Petro et sub Petro” (With Peter and subject to Peter).

The Lord’s Providence has always been with the Church: we have had 264 Popes and the Church has never lacked a Visible Head. The Pope is Christ’s Representative on earth. In the words of Saint Catherine of Siena, the Pope is “sweet Christ on earth”. We have had 50 anti-popes so far, in other words, illegitimate popes who were fruit of human weakness, though we have never lacked a True Pope, Christ’s representative and Peter’s Successor who carries the burden of all sins of mankind.


Professor Felipe Aquino


Professor Felipe Aquino is a widower, father of five children. On TV Canção Nova he presents the program “Escola da Fé” [School of faith] and “Pergunte e Responderemos” [Ask and respond], on Radio he presents the program “in the heart of the Church”. On weekends he preaches deepening meetings throughout Brazil and abroad. He wrote 73 books of Catholic background by publishers, Loyola and Cleopas and Canção Nova. His teacher’s Twitter: @pfelipeaquino

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