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Feb 162017

Back to first love

How can we return to first love?
Learn what it takes to get back to first love

Padre Paulo Ricardo fala sobre o amor, a fé e a esperança. Foto: Daniel Mafra/

Father Paulo Ricardo
Photo: Daniel Mafra/

The Jesus Revolution 2017 Retreat, which has as its theme ‘ back to first love ‘, is coming to an end. At this point, we begin our normal walk in common time, it’s time to experience our baptism. But, going to the theme of the retreat, returning to the first love, we can bring up the the question: “How can we live our baptism, so that it can be a revival in the first love?”. It is therefore necessary to cultivate the growth of three theological virtues: faith (believing), hope (remember) and charity (love). When they grow, they grow all the other virtues, and so we’re back to first love.

To better explain this process, I’m going to compare the stages of growth of these virtues (faith, hope and charity) with the growth of a normal love between a girl and a boy. Let’s assume that, first, the boy, seeing the girl, is surprised and immediately thinks: “this woman could be my wife and the mother of my children.” Okay, this is the first step: the desire of knowledge by means of intelligence. In relation to the virtue of faith,it  occurs something like: we know God by faith. In this initial process, the boy will get information and learn about the qualities of the girl. Similarly, by faith – which is a virtue connected to knowledge – we know best who is God, so that we can love him even better. The virtue of faith, therefore, is the virtue of intelligence illuminated by the grace of God.

Meeting only is not enough to be a dating, in the next step (hope) there must be a mutual understanding. For her to fall for him, comes in the “memory” feature: he will be in touch with her more often, send messages, gifts and even do things her way. The message here is: no one falls in love with someone whom he or she doesn’t even remember. As anyone knows who’s in love. When you remember that person all the time, you dream, make plans, design the future. This, therefore, is the virtue of hope: sure of what exists, but you still can’t see that someone one remembers that he or she loves. One is taken by the desire to be with that person. Therefore, the desire (hope) needs memory.

The next step is the decision (will), which is linked to the virtue of charity. The girl and the boy decide freely to choose each other (or not). The charity, while virtue, is the decision of choosing to love your neighbor despite the degree of knowledge or memory. It is a decision, a choice. Love, therefore, resides in the will, feelings aside.

In this way, the intelligence (faith), memory (hope) and will (charity) are the three steps to get back to first love with God. The love of God is the third floor of a building that has two other: If you don’t build the first two, the third will not exist. Without it, love looks like a straw fire, it wears off, walking tolukewarmness.

Well, in short, to build concretely these three stories (faith, hope, and charity), we need:

Faith – believe strongly in the love of God, which is revealed to us through Jesus Christ, who gave himself up on the cross, died, and rose again, and is with us all the time. Believe, above all, in dogmas and sacraments of the Church; not a devotional practice alone, but a close relationship through the practice of daily prayer. Believe what God said and not just on what we’re seeing.

Hope – remember what God gives to us, he’s with us. When we remember that touch of the soul, that moment of prayer, we are taken by a desire to be with Jesus again.

Charity-deciding, so concrete, to love Jesus in brother. As we are loved by God, we need to take advantage of all our opportunities of personal suffering to love one another as Jesus loved us on the cross.

So, to get back to first love, we need to go through these three stages: believe in Jesus Christ, to remember him and love him. Even if it hurts, even if it’s uncomfortable, we must love him and surrender ourselves to Him. This is the way: our faith, hope and charity.

Fr. Paulo Ricardo Azevedo, Jr

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Jul 272016


Padre Paulo Ricardo na Santa Missa do Acampamento PHN.Foto:WesleyAlmeida/

Father Paulo Ricardo at Mass  at the PHN retreat.

Photo: WesleyAlmeida/

God doesn’t want only praise with the lips, but with the heart

“I want Mercy, not sacrifice” is quoted in today’s Gospel.

Look at the Old Testament, for centuries there was lived, a great drama: God had to prepare his people for the coming of Jesus, but as he made covenants, there came a time when the Old Testament was no longer able to move forward, because there was a big crisis, which was noted by the prophets. God made all the law, a series of laws that the people were looking for, but the problem was that these people obey the law, but the heart wasn’t there. The people praised  God with the lips, but they were far from God.

God wants the worship the heart, God wants to love

God proclaims through the Prophet Hosea, He doesn’t want sacrifice, but the worship from the heart, what comes out from within. God wants love. The people took the sacrifices to the temple, but God wanted a contrite heart, repentant. Until, finally, one of the prophets, Ezekiel, makes a prophecy and told how God would solve the problem: “I will give you a new heart.” Humanly, it is impossible, unless you do a heart transplant! Jesus, then, gives us a new commandment: “love one another as I have loved you.” What he wants is to be the heart that loves within us.

To be Saints we need to kill the old man within us

This is the way of Holiness. Being holy is not a morality. But what is our mission for us to be Saints? We have to let the old man die within us so that Christ may resurrect. It is the mystery of Easter!

Steps to sainthood

We need to understand the following: when we are in a State of grace, which is sincere repentance and confession, the challenge is the next day, that is, keep this grace. But how is Christ going to take his place inside of us? How will this heart transplant happen? The first thing we need to know, according to St Paul, is: “the Gospel is the power of God”.

The just live by faith

We all need more faith, because it needs to grow in us. If we ask, God will give us the faith, but we need to insist on this request. If we’re in a State of grace, we need only contact  Jesus and He will be the strength to live with love.

In our spiritual life, we need to confess and receive communion, communion and confession. If we do this often, this practice will be God’s power to transform our hearts.

Acampamento PHN 2016, homilia da Santa Missa com Padre Paulo Ricardo. Foto:WesleyAlmeida/
PHN REtreat 2016: Homily of the Holy Mass with Father Paulo Ricardo.
Photo: Yamin/

By faith we will have knowledge of the love of God for us

The Gospel is God’s force for those who believe. And how do we know God loves us? Only by faith.

Why do we have difficulties showing love? Because you can only receive love if you have faith; and I’m talking about human faith right now. For example: my mother loves me, but love is invisible, I don’t see it; What I see are acts. Through these actions, I see love. My brother, if you do not believe in other people, you’re going to die without love, because it is impossible to receive love without an act of faith. Either you believe or you receive love.

This is a human truth, and if it’s a human truth, it is also a divine truth, because you receive the love of God, you have to have faith, have to look for the light of Christ and see the love.

Give a different answer to the love of God for you

We’re going to approach the altar of God, today, in a different way. Let’s look at the blood of Christ and say: “I believe in that love”. Jesus is present in Blood, and is shed for you. What are you going to answer him?

My brothers, I repeat: “I want Mercy, not sacrifice.” Jesus help us to offer this worship of God. Amen.

Portuguese Transcription and adaptation: Priscilla Santos


Father Paulo Ricardo

Priest of the Archdiocese of Cuiabá-Mato Grasso, Brazil

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Jan 052016

Holiness is not just to stop sinning but it is to love


John the Baptist appears in the Gospel as the figure to go away for Jesus to appear: “Christ must increase and I must decrease.” Jesus has to increase and this is the essence of Holiness.

A Saint is a person who unites with God and who says: “I live, but it is not I who lives, it is Christ who lives in me“. If you ask most people what it means to be holy they will answer: ‘ it’s not to sin and to follow the commandments ‘. The person who doesn’t steal, doesn’t kill, doesn’t commit adultery is not Holy. Stopping sinning is getting you nowhere. While you sin your account is overdrawn. Have you stopped sinning? You stopped duty.

Now let’s start the life of Holiness. It is not enough to stop sinning, we need to love. But, how can it be that selfish people like us are capable of loving? We need God’s help. When you unite with God He will turn to you and making you capable of love. But how does God do this, there are two phases in this purification.

St John of the Cross explains how. Green wood , for that to turn into charcoal, you start to heat it up. In this process the wood smells, it is losing its characteristics, it gets darker, until it turns into charcoal. The first part of our purification is something negative because we need to get rid of the bad things that are dingy on the inside.

The second part is when we come together to God. Wood joins the fire so that it is equal to the fire. So are we, in our Union with God. You’ve got to love as God loves. We need to go through these stages in spiritual love.


Learn how to grow in your spiritual life

If you stopped sinning, mortal sins, you began a path of Christianity. In the first place you need to develop your faith. You need to increase your faith because it needs to grow up every day.

Even great saints have to keep growing in faith. The faith grows here in this life. And what is the biggest problem of those who stopped growing in faith? People think the solution is to love more, but how can you grow in love if you have no faith?

Our spiritual life is a building in which the main base is the faith and the highest point is love. If you don’t have a solid foundation, you can’t build the building. For you to grow in love you have to have roots in faith. It’s like a tree that grows not just up, but down, too. If you want to be a Saint who loves God with a heroic love you need more faith, and faith must grow increasingly.

How to grow in faith

Just ask for the faith for you to progress in it. If you ask to have more faith, God will hear your prayer because this request is infallible. If you teach a prostitute to ask for more faith sincerely every day, it is foolproof, she will change her life. This is unquestionable, it is an absolute certainty, but one has to ask with sincerity. I believe Lord, but increase my faith every day.

The first thing I do everyday  is to say ‘ Lord, I believe but increase my faith. ‘ I challenge you that you’re home and you don’t have faith and are reading this homily, ask God for faith every day, if you ask for the faith you have to increase. You need to ask with sincerity, humility and perseverance because it is not automatic.

So the first step to being a Saint is asking for faith in God. And the faith means that you need to really believe, believe, give your Amen in what God reveals to you. For example: with relation to your sins. A thing is not sin because you feel it is. If God revealed to you that is a sin you have to hate it.


When you start to believe in what God you reveal you leave the life of sin and will believe even more.But there are people who think they have faith but do not have it. Heretics think they have faith, but they have no supernatural faith. They have a human faith.

If the 2000-year-old church is teaching you something you didn’t know, you learn and have faith.The heretic chooses what he will believe. Then he sees a Church teaching and chooses where he wants to believe.

There is no such things as ‘ faith has to progress, you have to adapt to modern times. It’s really lame to say that masturbation is a sin. It’s very annoying that old outdated Church. ‘

People, the truth is the same yesterday, today and always. The poison that will kill are 2000 years old is still killing today. If I see that the Apostles had a faith that St. Augustine a century later had, who am I to question? I can be quiet because I am in the Church of Jesus Christ.

Faith is only because I just need to believe in the God who created all other things. God conveys that faith for 2000 years. You can’t fool God, He doesn’t reveal Himself and then change His mind. God reveals himself once and for all. The truth is the same yesterday, today and always. For that, we need to increase this faith.

Learn to pray asking for faith

You need to pray every day, you need to take a truth of faith and go to the shrine and ask Jesus to help you understand and allow Him to come into your heart. The Epistle to the Romans says “the just live by faith.”

You need to go burning your tastes, foibles and opinions so that you don’t have another opinion than the saints of over 2000 years. Saint Teresa D’Avila died saying: “Finally, I am the daughter of the Church”.

If you’ve been praying, praying and praying but you don’t love, it  is because your faith is too weak. You are praying wrong, you need to learn to love and ask God to increase your faith. Is is this transforming Union, that is Holiness. Holiness is not just to stop sinning, but it is to  love. For that, we need to grow in faith.

I’m no Saint, but I am very good company. My older brothers, the Saints, know God and can praise can sing a new song. The most I can claim to be is a pirate parrot, sitting on his shoulder and repeating what the pirate says. I want to repeat what the Saints said. I don’t want you to go home saying: ‘ Father Paul taught us with a lot of wisdom ‘, but I want you to say, ‘ he didn’t say anything, he just repeated the way the Saints taught. ‘ That’s the way it should be with priests.

Transcription and adaptation: Fernanda Soares


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Jul 222015

Father Paulo Ricardo. Photo: Wesley Almeida /

Why often when we communicate or confess it seems that nothing changes ?, challenges priest Paul

Let’s reflect on the healing that Jesus wants to give us, especially spiritual healing for the forgiveness of sins. Why often when communicate [receive the Eucharist] or confess, it seems that nothing changes? If Jesus is real, why, when we receive the sacraments does it seem that nothing changes?

We need to understand one thing: God works in our lives, He is present as a living God. God chose an instrument to play in our lives, but when he plays it is not the Trinity that touches us directly, but He touches us through the humanity of Christ. He dwells in inascível light in Heaven but he wanted to come to this world and became man in the womb of the Virgin Mary, God created for Himself a body and a soul like yours. Jesus is a man like us and it is Christ’s humanity that touches us. When God wanted to save us, so he wanted to save us through the humanity of Jesus.

When the man Jesus dies on the cross our salvation happens. When his humanity dies and  God does not, we are saved, but if you do not receive this salvation in your life it is no good. As Christ did to deliver salvation for us? Through seven instruments that are the sacraments that sprang open on the cross through the open chest. When the soldier pierced the Lord’s side flowed blood and water which are the signs of the sacraments. The first is water that is the sacrament of baptism, the blood is the greatest of the sacraments: the Eucharist. It is as if Jesus had a carpentry shop and needed to use tools to model the wood of our hearts.

If you do not receive the seven sacraments receive it is difficult to touch the humanity of Christ. Baptism is the touch of the permanent grace of Christ, he touches us with his living water. Only two sacraments do  we receive often, communion and confession, the others are once received once, except  for the anointing of the sick in the case of serious illness and marriage in case of widowhood.

Speaking of confession, what often happens in our lives is that we confess and we do not see anything changing. If you go to confession and have the least regret, you are forgiven of their sins, but that does not mean you recover all the grace lost. When you sin and lose talents and your repentance is minimal you recover a few talents, then our way to God is like a stone that is thrown in the air, it will decelerate until it begins to fall, that’s what happens to people who confess without a true act of fervent faith. They confess less and less and become pagan who are within the Church but have no real life, the Holy Spirit is not acting because the person did not let Christ truly touch you.

In the passage of the Gospel where Jesus is in the crowd and he feels that someone that someone touched  him. He feels the touch because it was a touch of love, but with others nothing happened since they acted without fervor, without hope, for them Jesus was a curiosity, a “circus lion”. He was there for a show.You came to the PHN to see the circus lion? But know that you came to see the Lion of Judah who wants to touch and change your life today. If you came here to walk around, because your colleagues are here, selling drugs or getting a girlfriend, know that you fell from his horse because Jesus will catch you. Here is the invitation that you are in sin, do not go walking to the confessional but go running because you need the Risen Christ the touch. You need to touch the Christ with the faith of the woman who was bleeding.

Father Paulo Ricardo. Photo: Wesley Almeida /

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A communion made with the faith of this woman is capable of changing your life a lot more than if you take communion every day without fervor, without faith and openness of heart. Let Christ touch you. It is important to know how to confess, you need true repentance. But watch out! Repentance does not mean feeling. Confession is a court and what you have to do is accuseyourself, do not go explaining put forth the priest what you feel. Sometimes, the person goes to confession in an act of vanity, thinking “how I am wonderful as I have done it?” Should not be so. You go to the confessional to say you hate your sin.

You are the defendant, you must therefore be accused, and the priest sitting there is the judge, but it is not the priest himself is the risen Christ, and when raises his hand to absolve you it is wounded palm of the Risen Christ who touches. For confession to bear fruit you need to be the accuser, you can not feel anything, but need to have an attitude of faith, you make your list, confesses your sin and make the firm resolve never to sin. I am Sorry, and I’m not going to try.

PHN – Not Today – is the project never to sin again, just affirming that every day. We offend God when we sin because we hurt ourselves.

The sacrament of communion is the Risen Christ who gives as a spiritual meal. The problem is that crowds of people get in the communion line with indifference.
If you love Jesus really, after communion you will feel a spiritual force. You feel the power of communion when Jesus loves your brother. To feel the force you need to receive communion correctly. If you are in mortal sin, do not receive.

When you receive and confess and  nothing happens, many times it’s because you do so without faith.Grace is given as the willingness and cooperation of the recipient. Stop crawling like a snake, you were made to fly like an eagle, but for that you need to touch the humanity of Christ.

Love is not a feeling, it is eternal, is a blood covenant that says I do not give up on you. Do not give up on yourself! You were made to love and not to be selfish. It was done to give life and not to use others and throw them away. To fly like a bright star, like the saints, for this is the will of our Father in heaven. God does crazy things for us. He died for us, He wants us to go to heaven. If you have pain, sores, ask God through the Holy Spirit to change the wounds of throbbing pain into glorious wounds of love. The Spirit transforms suffering into love. Carry your cross to Christ and let him touch your wounds.

Fr. Paulo Ricardo

Portuguese Version

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Mar 062015

Today is the last is our series of excerpts from the a talk on families by Fr. Paulo Ricardo Azevedo, Jr. We will return to our normal variety starting Monday. Enjoy today’s entry–ed. 5418584609_a653b134fa_z (1)People, the devil is presented in a way that he does not present himself with horns, tail and pitchfork ugly and red. The devil presents himself in a [better way]. Why? Because the Devil studied marketing.

He knows his marketing. He is not going to shock people. I am not saying that the devil is the patron of marketing, no. But he is a specialist in such things. He knows minds. He knows. He presents himself only as tolerance.

How does the devil do this? For example, the Catholic Church loves passion, loves homosexuals. There does not exist in Brazil any other organization that loves homosexuals more than the Catholic Church. Why? Because the Catholic Church wants to take homosexuals from the culture of death that is killing homosexuals. This degrading, unwholesome life of free sex, drug abuse. It is killing these youth. Therefore, the Church loves homosexuals and is saying, my child, stop this.

The Church loves heterosexual youth who are also being killed in a culture of death, degrading, unwholesome life of free sex of drug abuse. Therefore, the Church is saying thus, my child, stop this. Stop treating yourself badly. Why? Because you were made to love.

People, sex is a creation of God and not of the devil. Sex is made by God and it is beautiful. What is sex. Sex is participation of the human being in the work of creation. The woman’s uterus is a sacred sanctuary. Because in conception when the sperm unites with the egg what happens is the miracle of life and God creates personally the soul.

The interior of a woman is sacred and holy. Because God inside the woman does a miracle of creation. The miracle of life happens in every woman who conceives. Every woman who carries within her a little life composed of cells, a fertile egg and there a human soul. There God realizes his marvelous project.

The man is called by his sexuality to enter respectfully this sanctuary of life that is the woman. The man should enter with total respect this sanctuary to participate in this work of creation. Sex is not an invention of the devil. Sex was made by God. People, we need to take sex from the hands of the devil and take possession of sex. It was God who made sex, the devil took possession of it, but sex is a work of God. We need to return sex from being part of what is not the project of God. God has a mindset for sexuality. God has a dream; God has a project for sexuality.

Sex is our capacity to love. How terrible it is that people use it for our capacity for selfishness. When God made the idea of sexuality in order that you can participate in creation, this marvelous work. And you use this sexual energy to be selfish, using pornography, making women an object, masturbating, you are using sex not for love but for selfishness, solitary. You are making yourself unable to participate in the project of God. This is the reason that the Church does not accept pornography and masturbation.

Look, appreciate the logic, you need to present sexuality as something positive, as a dream, as something beautiful from God. The youth is capable of understanding this. If you present sexuality as a canon, as a list of penalties, as something prohibited: “Oh this you cannot do it, you cannot do it, you cannot do it.” The youth will not accept it.

If you want to educate your children about sexuality you need to:

Unmask the wolf, that is to say: See the atheist thought that leads to death and that destroys. Your teacher may not be an atheist, but he is verbalizing atheism in formation. Your professor studied this or is not sufficiently converted. However, it is important that you know and can unmask this teaching and teach that which leads to death and personal destruction.

      • Evidently, The youth are capable of understanding this, the more you have sex without commitment, the more free sex you are involved in the spiritually empty you in the soul. The youth are capable of understanding this but it is only you who can give it a name: The wolf, the wolf there dressed in sheep’s clothing.
      • Look at that sheep, but look at its paws, what kind of paws are those. The paws of a wolf. Look at those fangs, that does not appear to be the mouth of a sheep.
      • Look at that little sheep, come sheep make the baaaa sound. You hear a howl of “Woooooo” There is something wrong with that sheep. Do you understand?

The youth is capable of understanding, but it is important that you teach him to understand.

The youth are so capable of critical thought, right. They speak of this. In college: “We need to have critical thought, we do not have to accept everything.” Very good. Critique your thoughts and those of others, that it criticism. And see that you adopted atheist and destructive thoughts. Not only atheist and destructive but also dishonest.

Do you know why atheist thought is in fashion? Today we are going to learn like the atheists. We are going to take another atheist thinker, Friedrich Nietzche. . .

What did Nietzche say: He wrote a book called Thus Spake Zarathustra and in one of the chapters named Great Events. Nietzche wrote this phrase, the book is written more or less in aphorisms, basically phrases, so one needs only to understand the phrases. Nietzche says this: “I am going to reveal the crazy thinking of you, my brothers. If gods existed, how could I support the idea that gods do not exist. Therefore, God does not exist.”

The cat is hidden except for his tail.

He demonstrates that he is an atheist through pride. He is an atheist because he does not support that there is a God. For to have a god is to signify that someone has an end, he has meaning, and if I begin believing that I do not have meaning, that is incorrect.

I take this microphone here. The microphone is made for one way. However, I am going to give a talk in a swimming pool. I am going under the water, evidently the microphone is not going to work under water. Evidently, I am going to destroy the microphone under the water. Why? Because it was not made for this. The microphone revolts and says No, I want to be free, I want to do this. I want to live as I want. No, my brothers and sisters, you must live as the maker has made you otherwise it is bad for you. You are not God! (applause).

Therefore, for example, the youth ask: “Father, why does the Church prohibit sex before marriage?”

There is no church that prohibits sex in marriage. It is the nature of sex that it belongs in marriage.

“Oh no, I don’t believe that, it is just that Catholic theology.”


I notice that in this business of sex a child is born. I find that this thing called sex has something to do with a baby. Very good.

When you sit at a table, it is a reality that has to do with nutrition.

This is the end of things that God thought, the creator thought.

If a couple of young people are having sex, the proper nature of it is for the generation of a child. I am not saying it is going to generate a child but the nature of it is to generate a child. Yes or no?

Audience: “Yes”

Yes, but we used a condom. My brother I am not interested in this right now. What I am interested in is this: I know many girls where a condom was used and in a moment not expected ‘Bingo!’ a child. You know this situation as well, eh? Am I right? This happens or does not happen? If it happens say ‘amen’


Now, this child has to be respected, he has a right to life. He has a right to a father and a mother.

Now let’s look at atheist thought. There is no god, you are your own god. Do what makes you happy. Play in the garbage can. This is what atheist thought says.

Atheist thought says this: “You are pregnant, daughter. Ahhh, you have the right of your body. You are the lord of you body. And we say. No, the one who is lord of your body is God. Respect your creator.


No but the person puts him/herself in the place of God.

The Lord is lord of life and death.

“No I was just having fun with my boyfriend. For a moment of fun, I have to spend the rest of my life with the burden of a child that I did not want.”

Who sent you to play with fire. My grandfather used to say: “Whoever plays with fire gets burned.”

This is the problem.

Sexuality is not leisure; sexuality is sacred.

The Church prohibits sex before marriage not because it is a sin. The Church prohibits sex before marriage, because the Church is convinced that sex is sacred and can only be lived in the holiness of sacred matrimony.

Ah but that is your religious opinion and you cannot put your religious opinion on another person.

No I cannot. But I can reason that every child that is born has a right to a father and mother always.

But with atheist thought a child brings himself out without father or mother.

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Mar 052015

5419187854_12e3f9c5fa_z[Some people say]: “Ah No I want to live in free sex. I want to live sex in the way that pleases me.” There are people that can say, “No I don’t want to live sex with human beings, I want to live sex with animals.” This is crazy. It is a disobedience to the creation of the creator. But this is what your son and daughter learn in school. This is being put into their heads through television, in radio, films and documentaries. That it is important that the person feels good. I do not like to talk about these things, but I am put into this in which I have to talk about these issues. Excuse my crudeness, but it is important to speak of these issues. For example, it is all the fashion, it is quasi fashion, more it is an ideology that is put into the heads of people is that of sex oral and sex anal. The anus and the mouth are part of the digestive system. What parallel does the digestive system have with reproduction? None. Nevertheless we want want to insist on this.

There is no connection. You cannot desire to smell through the eyes. You cannot desire to taste through the ears. You cannot desire to see through the mouth because it is against the project of the creator. It is against the intelligence that makes you, nevertheless we find we can do sex in any way and we find that we there is no spiritual consequence no what is important is that I feel good. It is the same rationale as taking poison every day because it makes me feel good. There is no end, the important thing is that I feel good.

There exists an intelligence and this intelligence is divine intelligence.

Now a guy can live sex in a disgraced form. He wants to live sex without commitment. Let’s stop and think that there exists an intelligence of the creator. Our children are not rational, they are not able to arrive at this conclusion.

We can educate ourselves about sexuality and use this education to unmask this: It may be that the teacher who teaches this is not an atheist. It may be that the journalist that says this is not an atheist. It may be that the lawyer who works with this is not an atheist. But this thinking is atheist and it is born of atheism.

What is happening is that atheism is taking control of our society under the radar. When atheist thinking enters your house, it does not do it this way: “Good Day, I am Atheist thinking and I am going to teach you to be atheists.” No it does not do this. It enters as a humanism. It enters as something favorable to man, as tolerance. It says this: “Look people, this sexual morality of the Catholic Church is an intolerant immorality. It is a cruel morality that is going to make our youth feel repressed. We are going to liberate our youth and teach our little sons and daughters that they have the right to do whatever sex they want.”

If your little son, or your little daughter does the sex that they want, it will be bad for them.

In a way that it is bad is a guy who eats whatever he wants, fried potatoes, all type of fatty food, he has a heart attack from such a powerful rise in cholesterol, but he says that he felt so good eating all that food. . .

[May be they have had sex in whatever way happens] but have the capacity to understand that they are destroying themselves.

So it is enough to have someone with the courage to say this.

But this Class Falante, or better still, this crowd of professors, our schools, this multitude of psychologists, pedagogues, psychologists, psychiatrists . . . priests, Priests what horror a multitude that are working in atheist thought.

What a horror when a youth goes to confession and confesses the sin of masturbation and the priests says “No it is not a sin, you are just coming to know your body.”

This priest maybe he does not know. I hope he does not know. I am trying to save the soul of the priest. I hope he does not know, but he is producing atheist thought. He is being an employee of atheist thought.

Priests and evangelical pastors are saying “We cannot put Christian symbols, we have to accept and tolerate because we cannot impose our faith. They have to give account that they are working for atheist thought. Because if we ban God from all places the result will not be a pluralistic society, but an atheist society that is intolerant of who ever has a religion. This is implanted under the guise of tolerance and humanism. Intolerance masked as tolerance.

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