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Nov 272015

The great evil that affects marriage is the lack of dialogue

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Marriage is something fantastic. It is better than having friends, cousins, brothers. God himself said that the man will leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife. That great apect is to find someone to share, live with, someone who is with you in good times and bad. Someone with whom to break bread and all you have in life.

However, currently, this beauty is not seen and in fact, many have abandoned it for not seeing the joy of being married. For me, the great evil that affects marriage is the lack of dialogue. Where there is no talk there is no forgiveness, no affection. If the spouses do not communicate, intimacy and freedom end and you, who had a mate or partner, now has a stranger in the house.

My brothers and sisters, book a time for both of you. Talk about yourselves, about the children, about the accounts of the month on repairs that need doing around the House, but also talk about your day, as you love each other, as the other made a mistake, was surprised with a ticket to a show, with a good food.

Love must be cultivated. In the rush of work distracting us from whom we cannot be distracted, that is the person who is on our side. The work is very important, but your spouse is more important, well, it is better traverse difficulties with him or her on your side than doing it alone. Think about it!

In prayer,
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