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Jun 282018

God is the best counselor in the face of the tribulations of life.

A country had been under attack for several months. The soldiers were tired and the officers hesitant.Although the great resistance was the castle of the frontier, the troops already faded. Everyone knew that if the castle were taken, the war would probably be lost. So you had to find the best general for your army.

Then the king proposed: the new general will be the first combatant to solve the problem that I am going to present. He placed on a table a rare picture, adorned with a frame artistically crafted in pure gold, it was the most expensive piece of the castle, invaluable. The picture was the painting of an extremely beautiful scene, in which a beautiful young woman walked in a field, among flowers, under a violent blue sky. The king just said: here is the problem!


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The soldiers were surprised. They were all standing there, looking at the expensive picture with its splendid maiden. What to do? What charade was that? Where did the king want to go with that?

At the same moment one of the king’s officers stepped forward on the picture and drew his sword, destroyed the painting, crushed the frame, and threw it out the window; then returned to his place.The king sighed deeply and said confidently: “Here is our new general!”

And, under that man’s command, they guarded the frontier castle and won the war. The most important thing, now, is your attitude, is to make a decision . It does not matter what the problem is, although it is something beautiful and precious for you; if it is a sin, it must be eliminated. Sin is always a problem, even if it is about ending the relationship with a sensational woman or a wonderful man. As beautiful as it is, or has been, if you realize that something is wrong and unpleasant to God , you must put an end to it.

There is an Eastern proverb that says, “For you to drink wine in a cup full of tea, you must first throw the tea out and then drink the wine.” God has not forgotten you; He wants to fill your cup with the new life, full of peace and joy that you both desire, but expect you to have the courage to throw away the tea of ​​old life and sin .

Clean up your life!

Start with the drawers, closets until you reach the wounds, customs and addictions that bury your heart. Nothing brings us so close to a new beginning as the sincere confession of the mistakes and wrongs committed. Who can accuse those who have repented and humbled the confessions of their guilt?

It is God himself who defends them and has become for them safe refuge in their affliction: “God is our refuge and strength; proved our support in tribulations . Therefore the earth may tremble, we fear nothing: the mountains themselves may sink into the seas “(Ps 45: 2-3). When a man begins to renew himself spiritually, he also begins to fall victim to bad tongues and his slanderers.

Those who did not have this test have not yet begun to progress. Whoever is not willing to suffer this process, it is because he is not determined to convert. The world, the flesh and the temptation , like a climbing crowd, will not tire of telling you: “What a pity! You can not do it … You can not do it, you can not do it. “Those who listen to them are left on the road, fainting, discouraged, inert, while they continue to shout: “What a pity! You will not! Climbing is tough and the road is difficult. This is not for you. “

Those who, however, stopped their ears and remained deaf to such attacks, will be able to say in their faith to those who tried to discourage them: “they can shout with all their might; for even if they lent the voice of thunder they could not convince me otherwise. I am persuaded that God has not forgotten me. And if, for a moment, it was I who abandoned him, now I come back and I know that I can do all things through him who gives me strength. Jesus overcame the world and told me to have confidence. Yes! I trust and I will also win. “

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Márcio Mendes

Born in Brasilia in 1974, Márcio Mendes is married and the father of two children.Former cadet of the Brazilian Area Force Academy, Mendes is a missionary of the Canção Nova Community since 1994 , where he works in areas related to communication. Theologian, is the author of several books, among them ’30 minutes to change your day ‘, a powerful instrument of God in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

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Jun 142018

Regardless of the tribulations, God has an even greater grace for you.

Without Jesus there is no solution for us! Jesus is a master at solving difficult problems, so if you are in a tribulation, do not despair: There is a way out for you! There is hope for each of us, and that answer is Jesus. He not only brings the help of God, but He Himself is the mighty arm that works in our behalf.

Most of our battles are spiritual.
At one point in the life of St. Benedict, he wanted to expand his monastery to a neighboring land. In this place there was a stone that no one could remove, not even those men who worked in the construction succeeded. St. Benedict went to that place and had a picture of a demon sitting on top of the stone. He prayed, asked God to cast out that demon and made the sign of the Cross. Immediately, a few men who worked there were able to easily remove the stone.

In our lives the evil one sometimes happens to sit on an obstacle of our life and for that reason he becomes a source of oppression that binds us. You need to pray to God, and cast out the demons that have settled on your life.

You do not fight alone! God is fighting with you! God is stronger!
Remember if:

“In the world ye shall have afflictions. Courage! I have overcome the world. “(John 16:33)

There is a promise about us:

“I will put a hatred between you and the woman, between your offspring and hers. It will bruise your head, and you will bruise the heel. ”

God tells us that Mary is the woman who crushes the serpent’s head. We have nothing to fear, Mary is in our favor, and will help us to expel all the evil that is encamped in our life.

Márcio Mendes

Missionary of the Canção Nova Community, theologian and writer

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Nov 162017

Be sure: sin is the cause of your sadness, and only Jesus can give you back true joy

In some specific situations, where two people were condemned to death, the Romans used to apply an extremely cruel sentence. They tied the two people together, face with face, arm with arm, hand with hand, leg with leg, and so on. Then they killed only one of them and put them both in the tomb, bound. As the corpse decayed, it released substances that consumed the body of the one with whom it was tied.

In this way, we can better understand what St. Paul alluded to when he said: “Unhappy man that I am! Who shall deliver me from this body, which bringeth me to death? “(Rm 7,24). He did not speak of his physical body, but of the sinful body to which he was bound.

Photo: Wesley Almeida /

As with the condemned one, we do not have the strength to get rid of this body of sin that consumes us. We are so bound to it that we appear to form one body, and we are not bound from without, but within, in our heart.

We need someone to untie us and free us from this body that kills us and makes us rot in life.

Christians are the soft odor of Christ, but when you have a body of sin locked in your heart, your own heart becomes corrupted and begins to stink, with the foul smell, the air around you. Instead of being a cause of joy and happiness for self and others, it becomes a cause of suffering and unhappiness because it moves away from God and enters into discord with people to defend selfish interests.

The truth is that we are the first victims of this evil; we feel sad, depressed and abandoned, because we are sinners and in our hearts lives a leprosy called sin, which has made us numb to the loving presence of God. And the worst is that we can not run away from sin, as if one runs away from an unpleasant person. We can not escape because sin speaks to us from within our hearts (Ps. 36: 2), we take it with us wherever we go.

Only Jesus can give you back true joy.

Rest assured, sin is the cause of your sorrow, and only Jesus can bring you back true joy. It is necessary for Him to deliver you from this evil, to kill that leprosy and to change your corrupted heart into a new heart. Every person who thinks it is impossible for his sins to be forgiven him, goes into despair, and makes his condition worse than it was before. So trust God!

If you have ever felt lost because of something you did, if you were afraid of falling into hell, you felt desolate and without strength, if, after repeated struggles against one sin, once again you were overcome and felt like giving up, I have great news for you: only those who have felt this can experience what it is to be saved by the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and this same Jesus can eliminate his sadness at the root.

Article extracted from the book “Vencendo Aflições Alcançando Milagres” [Conquering Afflictions Reaching Miracles]

Márcio Mendes

Born in Brasilia in 1974, Márcio Mendes is married and the father of two children.Former cadet of the Brazilian Area Force Academy, Mendes is a missionary of the Canção Nova Community since 1994, where he works in areas related to communication. Theologian, he is the author of several books.

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Apr 202017

God pours his mercy over our lives!

Márcio Mendes, on  the program Sorrindo Pra Vida [Smiling at Life ], talks about the mercy of God, who reaches our hearts and transforms our lives. Check out:

The word is meditated on Micah 7:18-19
Who is a God like you, who removes guilt
and pardons sin for the remnant of his inheritance;
Who does not persist in anger forever,
but instead delights in mercy,
And will again have compassion on us,
treading underfoot our iniquities?
You will cast into the depths of the sea all our sins;


Deus não age pela ira, mas sim pela misericórdia

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Out of love for us, God passes over our faults He is not angry, because he prefers to mercy.

The sin is not us, however, it does not leave us. Once having sinned, the Lord never tires of forgiving us. Even if you don’t see the the way out, he didn’t give up on us.

God will win in our life

If God puts Himself in our reach and forgives us of our bad actions. What paths have we trodden? What has taken us in the right direction? Why we are sad and worn out? Who loves us does not wants us to live in error.

We don’t want to Sin? Flee from what we takes us from God. Sin is the result of the evil one, but God is our protection and refuge.

This world is dangerous! The spiritual world is far more dangerous without the presence of God.

The confession is salvation!

After a disagreement with someone, we run the risk of facing the person and we are afraid if that person will forgive us or not. God can’t wait to transform our life. He forgives all our faults. When we confess our sins, they are wiped out.

What a human enemy against us?

When we face a human enemy, he does everything to try and destroy us. Similarly, the enemy of God also wants to destroy us and the tricks that he uses are heavy.

Purifies our soul’s confession

When we wash our souls before God, there is nothing and no one who can accuse us. When we confess, we are covered with the blood of Jesus! Today, washing in His blood is to take possession of the forgiveness that He gives us.

We want to be released? Let’s start with the confession. Jesus did not come to take away sin, but to give us life. Sometimes we have the feeling that we’re lifeless, so he is ready to give us a new life.

The Lord wants to make us able to not sin anymore! By winning over sin on the cross he won so that every sin  lost power and influence over our lives.

God is closer than we think. By love, He put himself within reach of our possibilities. If someone wants to find God, he or she will find.

Today, the Lord came to pick us up. A mother wouldn’t think twice to give her life for their children, the same way God is the mother who gives his life for us.

Márcio Mendes
Canção Nova Community mission

Transcription and adaptation: Ariele Silva

Portuguese version

Mar 092017

How to beat the spiritual battles?

Daily, we face spiritual battles, but only by prayer and intimacy with God we will be able to overcome them.

Márcio Mendes, on Tuesday morning, 10 November, discussed the passage from Exodus on ‘Sorrindo Pra Vida” [“Smiling at Life”]. Taking Moses as an example, he reflected on the need to be in constant prayer and intimacy with God, because every day we face various spiritual battles, whichwe can win only by prayer.

 The meditated Word today is in Exodus 17.8 -13 (d-r):

And Amalec came, and fought against Israel in Raphidim. And Moses said to Josue: Choose out men: and go out and fight against Amalec: tomorrow I will stand on the top of the hill having the rod of God in my hand. Josue did as Moses had spoken, and he fought against Amalec; but Moses, and Aaron, and Hur went up upon the top of the hill.

And when Moses lifted up his hands, Israel overcame: but if he let them down a little, Amalec overcame. And Moses’ hands were heavy: so they took a stone, and put under him, and he sat on it: and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands on both sides. And it came to pass that his hands were not weary until sunset. And Josue put Amalec and his people to flight, by the edge of the sword.


No combate da oração


Everything we do, we do with the strength of God. We are fathers, mothers, spouses and children in the power of the Holy Spirit. The one who belongs to Christ is constantly attacked by evil; so the men and women of God need to be coated by the strength that comes from the top.

We face the controversy of life having God for our companion. He fights with us. Every time I get ready for a fight, so let’s put ourselves in prayer and intimacy with the Father.

What is will of God for us in this day? What does He wants to inspire in our hearts? Flash forward, because it is the Father who goes ahead of us. If He asks us to proceed, do not be afraid. Enter combat with courage and trust in the Lord.

Let us not forget the words of victory that the Lord has placed in our heart and in His promises. When we come together, our people, family and community, in prayer to God. We always lose the fight when relaxed and drift apart from the presence of the Father. And the enemy will try everything to move us farther away from the path of Christ.

Happy are those who have friends that sustain them in times of trial. The Son of God needed friends in His life. Let us ask the Lord for friends who help us and help us along our journey.

The answer of God may come through those He put in our way. How many love us freely and intercede for us without us knowing! By constant prayer and the brothers and sisters in the faith that we maintain, we will win all the battles.

Márcio Mendes
New song Community mission 

Portuguese version

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Mar 082017

The missionary Marcio Mendes on the “Smiling for Life” program, motivates our hearts to trust in Christ as the Lord desires our salvation and for that, we need to open ourselves to His will.

The  Word meditated on today is 1 Thessalonians 5,9-11:
“God did not appoint us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. He died for us so that, awake or asleep, we may live together with him. Therefore, comfort you and build one another, as you already do. ”

“The Lord did not create us to death, but for life,” says Márcio.

God did not appoint us to destruction, but to salvation. The Lord did not create us for death, but for life. Salvation for us is to be a daily experience. How many situations of physical and moral hazards do we suffer! But at all times the Lord cares for us.

When we think that our prayer was not heard by God, our heart revolts from it, but the Lord never fails to hear us. Sometimes to win you need to lose, and, over time, we realize that losing was the best thing that could happen to us.

To make the experience of salvation we need to unite in Christ. He promises us salvation if we persevere to the end. For things to change in our lives, let us ask the Lord to touch our hearts. The Father does not demand answers from us, after all we do not know al. But the only thing He asks of us is that we stay with Him no matter what happens.

The only thing we can not give up is to walk with the Lord, because united to Him all else will be a consequence of our walk. We can then discern what comes into our lives, for evil can be disguised as something good. When connected to the Father, fruits begin to sprout in our hearts. If we have God, we can allow the Holy Spirit to manifest His fruit in us.

One day the Lord called us and He continued to walk with us. This is God’s promise to us: “Whoever fears the Lord will know that all will be well, and will be blessed on the day of his death.” (Sir 1:13). We can lose everything, but the most important thing is to be united to the Lord.

Several times, the pleasures of this world blind us and we do not give due importance to our walk with God, the unity of our family and true friends. What makes us stand with the Father is to put our hearts before Him, abandoning ourselves unreservedly in His hands. What does the Lord asks us about today? Whatever it is, if it is He who asks us, may we respond, as doing His will keep us united to him.

Marcio Mendes
Missionary of the New Song Community

Portuguese Transcription and Adaptation: Ariele Silva

Portuguese Version

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