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Jun 222016

In fact, they don’t want to give grief, but seek the transcendent

In the young there is a good adrenaline, there is a longing of the transcendent, but we don’t present them the encounter with the person of Jesus, we’re just the prospect of the end that will come. Hence, they spend the “elan” (enthusiasm and willingness) of wanting to transcend, to go beyond, in love, by doing the erroneous in drugs, binge drinking, etc. And end up giving us some grief.

filhos-que-dao-desgostos-aos-paisPhoto: Wesley Allibanjo Olanrewaju/CN

Today, they have to run after the injury, and this will not be rescued from the past, with us going back there; but going forward, because the goal is  Jesus. We need to get back to the perspective of the coming of Christ, this glorious transformation.

The young man doesn’t want to stand still. So, let us present Jesus to him, let’s talk about the end of earthly things and the eternal joys.

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the community new song

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May 052016

Prayer of consecration of the young to the Virgin Mary, made by John Paul II

Consagração dos jovens à Virgem Maria -1600x1200“Behold your mother!” (Jo 19.27)

O Virgin Mary, Jesus on the cross
wanted  to entrust us to you,
not to lessen,
but to confirm
His unique role as Savior of the world.
If, in the disciple John,
all the children of the Church were you entrusted to you
The happier I am to see entrusted to You, o Mary,
the youth of the world.


To you, gentle Mother,
whose protection I ever experienced, 
I deliver them to you, again.

All under your mantle seek refuge and protection.

You, mother of divine grace,
make them shine with the beauty of Christ!

The young of this century,
at the dawn of the new millennium,
still live the trials that are derived from sin,
hatred, violence,
of terrorism and war.

But it is also the young to  which
the Church looks with confidence,
in the awareness that,
with the help of the grace of God,
they may be able to believe and live
as witnesses of the Gospel today in history.

O Mary, help them to respond to their vocation.
Guide them to the knowledge of true love
and bless their affections.

Help them in time of suffering.
Makes them intrepid announcers of 
the greeting of Christ
on Easter Day: “peace be with you!”

With them, I also entrust myself
Once again to you
and, with affection, I repeat:
Totus tuus ego sum!
I’m all yours!
And also each one  cries to you with me

Totus tuus!
Totus tuus!

Author: John Paul II

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Feb 162016

 “KeepLent” was created for Lent this year; the First message of Pope Francisco

The Canção Nova newsroom, with Vatican Radio

The Pope Francisco validates the idea of young people of Pompeii, in Italy, to send a message (full text below) the initiative “KeepLent” which will proclaim the Gospel in social networks during the Lenten period.

Messages are disseminated through the app Telegram. Every morning, the subscribers will receive a text with an excerpt from the Gospel of the day and a voice message-in Italian-, of about of 1 minute and a half.

The first will be the Pope Francis’ meditation . As a result, it will be up to priests, catechists and teachers of Italian Catholic Action, religious education teachers, responsible for movements and associations and members of the Youth Ministry.

Every Sunday, the commentary of the Gospel will be done by Bishop Tommaso Caputo, Archbishop of Pompeii, with the illustrations of Father Giovanni Berti. Messages can also be accessed on the social networks of Pastoral Giovenili de Pompei [Youth Pastoral of Pompeii].

The Pope’s message

Dear young people,

Jesus said to his disciples, “be vigilant in not practicing your righteousness before men to be seen by them”. “When you give alms, do not announce it” … “The father who is in heaven and seeing the secrets will reward you.”

“The word of God gives us the proper guidance to live Lent. When we do something good, sometimes we are tempted to receive appreciation and get a reward: human glory.

But this is a false reward because we it pushes us toward what others think of us. Jesus asks us to do good because it is good. He asks us to be always under the gaze of the Father who is in heaven and live in relationship with him, not in relation to the judgment of others.

Living in the presence of the father is a much deeper joy of a worldly glory. Our behavior in this Lent is, therefore, that to live in secret where the Father sees us, loves us and waits for us.

Certainly, the external things are important, but we should always choose and live in the presence of God.

Let’s do it in prayer, Mortification and in fraternal charity what we humbly before God. So we will be worthy of the reward of God Father.

Great Lent, our Lady of Pompeii keep them and, please, pray for me. “

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Mar 122015

Abortion can leave serious consequences both physical and emotional for the rest of life

There is a very intense discussion about the legalization of abortion in Brazil. The Church, however, stands firm in defense of life, believing that the fetus is a person and has as much of a right to live as each one of us. Far from wanting to discuss laws, I would like to talk a little about this sensitive subject. Despite being presented as an act of freedom and a victory for women’s rights, abortion can leave serious consequences for the rest of your life, both physical and emotional.

Abortion: the consequences for those who practice

In the physical part, abortion can cause even the mother’s death. Bleeding, uterine infection and infertility are common complications in clandestine abortions. Even abortions in hospitals (where they are allowed by law), there are still risks.

The most important for me, however, are the emotional consequences. Several studies have proven that women who practice abortion emotionally suffer in the short, medium and long term (called post-abortion syndrome). At first, they live guilt, family conflict, loneliness and fear. Afterwards often there are problems with motherhood,  the difficulty in getting pregnant or recurrent miscarriages. And, over time, there is a greater tendency to alcoholism, depression, suicide and drug use.

My goal in this text is not to present scientific arguments. I would actually invite you to do this with another look. I follow several patients who had a strong desire to have an abortion (even tried to carry it out). Most had no family support (determining factor in the decision to abort), even within Christian homes. And they faced a terrible inner struggle between the feelings generated by the pregnancy and the fears that drove to put an end to this story. After all, the first person profoundly changed by the fetus is the mother. Since the beginning of pregnancy, a flood of hormones changes the body, stirs emotions, awakens instinct. When a pregnant woman thinks about abortion, she is committing an assault herself against motherhood screaming from the inside out.


I know that having a child is very difficult (I am a mother!). But God takes care of all those who trust Him. If He allowed the pregnancy, it is because He has a wonderful purpose for this baby. Here are two testimonies.

The first is of a patient. She came to the office because she wanted to abort. It was an unwanted pregnancy, a short relationship. The mother had no financial means to care for the child and her family said that they would not help. During the prenatal period, The mother strengthened in trust and faith, showing that a child is always a blessing and his family also realizes that. Conclusion: she had a daughter, the family was in love with the child and today the girl is the great joy of all. They are much better than before.

The second case is more painful. It’s a girl who was raped by three young men when she was 14. And she conceived from rape. Her father (Conservative) said that if she does not abort the baby she would be expelled from the home. She decided not to abort and left home to work as a maid and to be able to have the girl. Today, the daughter is a blessing, very dedicated in the Church and the mother feels very happy to have defended her life.

If someone close to you is considering an abortion, know that your support and commitment can make all the difference. Focusing on life is always worth it. The consequences are severe, but the worst is to lose the grace that God would give you through that child. God knows what he is doing. What remains for is that trust and commit. Courage!

Roberta Castro

Roberta Castro is a Gynaecologist and an expert in family therapy.
She is also Coordinator of the Department of Music and Arts of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo.

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