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Aug 102017

Let your boyfriends learn: “Just because you love each other so much, you can not have sex!” Boy, learn: You can show all the affection to the girl you date or who you are engaged to without genitality.

Woman, do not abuse your femininity and do not want your boyfriend or boyfriend to give you “evidence”. The victim will be you!

Both: Do not make bait to attract the fish, because it follows the instinct, and the first to be caught is the bait. Do not ruin your life and your youth; Do not ruin your marriage and the one God has chosen for you.

Do not provoke the sexuality of the one whom the Lord gave you to be firm and secure in your marriage, to stand in your home. What unites a couple is not sex, it is not genitality, but love, tenderness and affection. Love each other deeply, first by dialogue, by presence, by security received, by love and fidelity.

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

Portuguese version

Feb 162015

How to live the purity today

Today’s society is experiencing a change in values ​​and ideals that puts us in an unsettled world.Our neighbor is seen more as a sexual object than as a child of God. What do you say when you see a woman or a handsome man? “Wow, what a child of God!” “Wow, that son of God” but it is more common to hear: “Wow, what a babe! Wow, what a cat! “.

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. It is critical to understand that lust begins with the look and then goes to the thoughts and finally falls into the heart “Now I tell you, everyone who looks at a woman with a desire to possess her has already committed adultery with her in his heart “(Mt 5,28). Therefore, sin not only begins in the act itself, such as fornication, but also the mischievous look.

Therefore, following three tips for you to live the purity today:

1. Purification in the look: the look a woman or a man who catches your attention, do not cover your eyes, but learn to see him or her as a child God. Sin is not to look, but to stay looking as to desire him or her. Make a short prayer: “Lord, behold, an admirable work in my eyes! I praise Him for such beauty and I ask that he or she becomes a saint. 

2. Purification in thinking, as a result of look without the decision to live the purity, the thoughts start to fantasize and desires conscious and unconscious increase. So, after looking, try not to dwell on that “beautiful image”. Break your thoughts when she or he comes back by thinking of other things. If it the thinking remains, talk to God and give Him your struggle to be an authentic Christian.

3. Purification in the heart: the Catechism of the Catholic Church will teach us that “the purification of the heart demands prayer, the practice of chastity, purity of intention and look” § 2532. In other words, you need to break away from pornography, with sex before marriage, with orgies and all that hurt purity. It is a matter of decision and the fight against evil tendencies and passions of the flesh. Pray with the psalmist: “O God, create in me a pure heart” (Ps 50 [51], 12).

If you want to live the purity today, assume these three tips as daily goal for your life. You have to train yourself to achieve this result. “Purity of heart will see God and allow us, now, to see all things according to him” (cf. CIC 2531). I want to live purity. And you?

Fernanda Soares

Mission of the New Song. Presenter of Jesus Revolution program and Showcase TV Canção Nova. A Journalism student. Writer for Revolution Jesus Blog and author of “The woman with the heart of God.”

Portuguese Version

Mar 272013

When I was a young boy, I burnt my arm with boiling water. Even today, I have a scar and I have to take great care: for whatever drop hurts it because it became a fragile and sensitive area.

It is unbelievable how the world and temptation are cruel to youth. Many young boys will fall and be “burned” also very early. I know that many of them like to celebrate telling adventures and benefits in respect to this. But frankly: it is sad that you were “burned” so young! The right thing is to remain a virgin until marriage, the same for girls.

The world inverts the values. Better still, know that the truth is not practiced by the majority! If you were a river and encountered there a lot of gravel and little gold. what would you keep, the former or the latter. Of course you would keep the latter [gold]! Repeat: The Truth is not done by the majority. Just because many will fall does not mean that you need to fall.

If you are rejected for wanting to remain chaste, you are not less because of this. On the contrary, you are more. If the boys are burnt when they have sex before marriage, the damage to women is very painful. In this immense challenge of living purity and chastity, it is sad to see father and mother counseling their sons to us a condom, because “in the final count, no one attains safety.” It is a false prevention! Those that “give in” are victims! We have to return to what Tobit said to Sara: “Because we are sons of the saints, and we should not marry as the pagans who do not know God.”

God Bless You !

Monsignor Jonas Abib

translated from Portuguese

Aug 242012

“Chastity is a moral virtue. It is also a gift from God, a grace, a fruit of spiritual effort. The Holy Spirit enables one whom the water of Baptism has regenerated to imitate the purity of Christ.”  CCC 2345.

Chastity today is seen as a principle factor that is lacking in friendships, for each time more the world has dirtied, damaged and distorted this marvel created through God Himself that is the healthy living, it may be among person of the same or different genders.

“Friendship represent a great good for all and leads to spiritual communion”

We know how much friendship is important in our journey, The Word of God says “A faithful friend is a powerful protection, whomever finds one, discovers a treasure.” (Sirach 6:14), therefore we should value our friendships and cultivate them and sanctify them.

Whomever fears the Lord, orients well his friendship, as he is, so will be his friend.” (Sirach 6:17)

We men need always to be clear in our mind, that we need pure and sincere women as friends, this is because God uses the feminine presence to make fertile, to touch many masculine potentialities that we have, but that are retained and that only the feminine presence in our life, is capable of bringing them to light. With this we become more men, men of God.

So also I say to the women, for they also need the masculine presence in their lives, to make fertile all the feminine potential that they have kept within them, and that needs to come in order that they may become more women, women of God.

“Men become more men through the fertile presence of the woman. You that are women become more woman through the fertile presence of the man” (Mons. Jonas Abib).

How then to have a chaste and true friendship. Believe that a chaste friendship happens to the measure that we in particular, know our impurity, our limitations and weakness, gave steps to our process of inner healing until we may be more happy, we may have inner peace and we may relate better with our neighbor, for many of us need inner healing to be able to attain the ability to dominate our actions, for they can be the consequence of poorly resolved issued inside of us, as wounds not healed.

“Chastifying” our intentions, our conversations, our looks, our embraces, finally all that involves our friendship, we make us more free, happier, and with this our friendships will have more “flavor”, for person that live live with us and that relate with us, will be able to touch in this grace of  purity of Christ that will be in us.

Chastity in our friendships, we are together raising this banner as well!

God bless you.

Big hug,


translated from Portuguese

Jun 242012

Sex has a profound sense; it is the instrument of the expression of conjugal love and of procreation. All the time that sex is used before or outside of marriage, of whatever form it maybe it is a sin against chastity.

Chastity is a moral virtue

It is also a gift of God, a grace, a fruit of the spiritual work (Cf. Gal 5:22-23). The Holy Spirit concedes the gift of imitating the purity of Christ what was regenerated through the waters of Baptism (CCC §2345) Chastity signifies the correct integration of the sexuality in the person and, with this, the unity of the man in his corporal being.

For one to live a chaste life it  is necessary to learn dominion over himself; or the man commands his passions and obtains peace. or he allows himself to be subjugated by them and become unhappy. For one to live according to chastity it is necessary to resist the temptations through the ways that the Church teaches us, flee from temptations, obey the commandments, living a sacramental life, especially frequenting always Confession and Communion and living a life of prayer. There is much help in this the praying of the Holy Rosary of Our Lady and the devotion and help of the saints (cf. CCC §2340)

Over matrimony, Benedict XVI asks for Chastity “inside and outside” of marriage. “God calls you to respect yourself, also in love and in courtship, for the conjugal life that through divine disposition, is destined to the married  is only a font of happiness and peace in the measure in which Chasity is known, inside and outside of matrimony, a bulwark of your future hopes,” says the pontiff.

More than three millions adolescents in the United States are infected each year with some form of sexually transmitted disease. The United States has the highest rate of adolescent pregnancy among the developed nations and youth that abort constitute 20% (close to 260 million) of the 1, 300,000 abortions that happen every year in that country.

The United Nations estimates that approximately 33 million persons may be carriers of the HIV Virus. The study reveals that close to 2 million persons died of AIDS last year, the majority adults. The United Nations estimates that 7,400 persons may be infected daily by AIDS in the world, 45% of are between 15 and 24 years old.

St. Augustine says that “Chastity rearranges us, leading us to this unity that we may have lost when we were scattered in multiplicity.” (Confessions 10,29,40) The virtue of chastity is commanded through the cardinal virtue of temperance, that makes one depend on reason over passions and over appetites of the human sensibility. (cf CCC §2341) The man that lives giving in to his carnal passions, in truth lives upside down; his scale of values is inverted; making him weak. He is no longer a man,  but a character of a man. Unfortunately  society today teaches the youth to give in to and satisfy all the lower instincts; this “education” is a form of animalizing the human being, for it puts his instincts on top of reason his reason and his spirituality.

The dominion of one self is fundamental for the person to be capable of giving himself to others. Chastity enables the practioner to  love his neighbor and to be a testimony of the love of God. Whomever does not fight to have dominion over oneself is an egotist; is not capable of loving. Therefore, chastity is the school of charity. The Church teaches that “All the baptized are called to chastity. The Christian ” vests himself in Christ” (cf Galations 3:27) the model of all chastity. All the faithful of Christ are called to a life of chastity according to his specific state in life. In the moment of Baptism, the Christian commits himself to his affection in Chastity (CCC §2348)


translated from Portuguese

Apr 262012

Love crosses, in the years, a road hidden through the rise and strengthening of new customs. Actually, a more liberal relationship is now accepted, in which the couple can deepen their physical intimacy and experiment even before marriage. However, we have another option: chastity. This is the light that the Lord gives to us to control our inclination to carnal pleasures. This moral virtue is capable of providing a healthy relationship, integrated, and, therefore, within what God desires for us. There are diverse reasons to cultivate chastity.

Sexual abstinence permits the couple to concentrate on knowing each other, in sharing joys and sadness, points of view and experiences. Thus, ties of frienship are created and through them dialogue.

Not knowing the other deeply can bring disenchantment, and even seeking persons that can bring more satisfaction. Moreover, the search for sexual intercourse, or simply fondling, can eclipse gradually other forms of communication among the lovers, preventing the development of the relationship.

One aspect affirmed by some youth is that sexual relations can prolong a relationship that becomes undesirable over the long time. Chastity facilitates the breaking of an emotional bond, built upon nothing more than too much physical intimacy.

The fact of being chaste avoids confusions, feelings of guilt and stress, beyond repenting for having done something that you should not.

Many are or will be mocked for making this difficult decision. They will be characterized as fragile; however, as Felipe Aquino writes in his book ‘Namoro’ [Courtship], “The greatness of man is not measured by his power to dominate others, but through the capacity to dominate himself.”

Mahatma Ghandi, the celebrate leader of India, said: “Chastity…is one of the major disciplines, without which the mind cannot achieve the necessary strength.”

“Sexual abstinence permits that the couple concentrates on knowing each other.” Thiago Thomaz

A crucial point of courtship is knowing to love. But how can a person love is he does not possess himself? Therefore, self-domination is fundamental for someone to be capable of giving himself to others. Chastity, therefore, is not a privation, is a giving, a noble expression of love. To practice it, “Watch and pray that you do not enter into temptation. The Spirit is ready, but the flesh is weak.” (Mt 26:41). Logically, it is necessary to avoid opportune situations, beyond frequenting communion and confession.

The Catholic Church makes clear her position on sex before marriage: This is an instrument of expression of conjugal love and of procreation. Therefore, we are invited to live chastely. We are free become we can make the better choice.

Reflect and choose that which you desire for you life!

Thiago Thomaz Puccini (Jovens Sarados – Missão Barra Funda) via

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