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Mar 082017

The missionary Marcio Mendes on the “Smiling for Life” program, motivates our hearts to trust in Christ as the Lord desires our salvation and for that, we need to open ourselves to His will.

The  Word meditated on today is 1 Thessalonians 5,9-11:
“God did not appoint us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. He died for us so that, awake or asleep, we may live together with him. Therefore, comfort you and build one another, as you already do. ”

“The Lord did not create us to death, but for life,” says Márcio.

God did not appoint us to destruction, but to salvation. The Lord did not create us for death, but for life. Salvation for us is to be a daily experience. How many situations of physical and moral hazards do we suffer! But at all times the Lord cares for us.

When we think that our prayer was not heard by God, our heart revolts from it, but the Lord never fails to hear us. Sometimes to win you need to lose, and, over time, we realize that losing was the best thing that could happen to us.

To make the experience of salvation we need to unite in Christ. He promises us salvation if we persevere to the end. For things to change in our lives, let us ask the Lord to touch our hearts. The Father does not demand answers from us, after all we do not know al. But the only thing He asks of us is that we stay with Him no matter what happens.

The only thing we can not give up is to walk with the Lord, because united to Him all else will be a consequence of our walk. We can then discern what comes into our lives, for evil can be disguised as something good. When connected to the Father, fruits begin to sprout in our hearts. If we have God, we can allow the Holy Spirit to manifest His fruit in us.

One day the Lord called us and He continued to walk with us. This is God’s promise to us: “Whoever fears the Lord will know that all will be well, and will be blessed on the day of his death.” (Sir 1:13). We can lose everything, but the most important thing is to be united to the Lord.

Several times, the pleasures of this world blind us and we do not give due importance to our walk with God, the unity of our family and true friends. What makes us stand with the Father is to put our hearts before Him, abandoning ourselves unreservedly in His hands. What does the Lord asks us about today? Whatever it is, if it is He who asks us, may we respond, as doing His will keep us united to him.

Marcio Mendes
Missionary of the New Song Community

Portuguese Transcription and Adaptation: Ariele Silva

Portuguese Version

Jan 052011

Whomever is not with me, is against me, and whomever does not unity with me, scatters” (Lk 11:23)
The Lord wants to speak to us about unity. He wants us united. And we know that the major gift that Jesus asked the Father in the moment most solemn of his life was the Last Supper, it was justly: Father that they may be one as we are one.”

In the Trinity, there is a play so marvelous of forces that the three person strongly united become one. For us it is quasi-impossible to create a union one with the other. Then the following question can raise: “How is it possible Jesus asks us to live in unity, being that in reality, this will happen with great difficulty? For our failings, defects and differences will be so great this unity is impossible.” Therefore, our unity has to be realized in another manner, that can be sympathetic. Your roof is special specifically because its shape is round. The rafters are supported on the wall and a round support in the center of the chapel. There exists a mathematical game of forces that sustain the whole room and the round center support is responsible for sustaining all the rafters that maintain the roof. It is something good to see.

We are thus like Jesus. Imagine that Jesus is a key stone for where all converge. As living stones, we converge for Him and in him we support ourselves; of this modo, there exists among us a harmony and a marvelous strength. Now suppose that one of the rafters of the chapel does not support the round center supports. Fatally this would fall, it would break the equilibrium and the room and put all at risk. Of the same form, when we are not supported in Jesus and united to Him, we break firstly with Him compromising all the others.

If the rafters of the chapel were made united among themselves, nothing would happen, there would only be a mountain of rafters and nothing more. However, upon uniting themselves with the central support, they keep their marvelous unity and joined in a great harmony, they continue to sustain all the ceiling in a very artistic form. Our unity has to be made in Jesus, therefore, we send away our differences. Therefore, we cannot be more attentibve to the differences that exist among us, once that they really exist and are glaring. When we begin to live it may be in the nucleus, the cell or community, our failures begin to be more evident. If we want to make unity only when the person are do not present any defects we will never built it.

The desire of Jesus, therefore, will not be realized. The salvation of the world that depends on our unity, will not be realized. Jesus teaches us that our unity is not based on ourselves, but on Him. And in Him we need to support ourselves, to leave all our differences and deceptions that we cause in order that we may be united

Excerpt from the book “Curados para amar” of Monsignor Jonas Abib

translated from Portuguese

Jun 042010

Through Unity we gain victory

For the victory is Jesus and He gives himself completely to His people

Jesus is the head, we are the members, all from the entire world…

Shall we come together in prayer and let’s become a single family?

A single team?
A team of all colors, a team of all people, races and nations…

And yelling out:
“A team united will never be defeated!”
“A family united will always win!”

Through unity on this great team we gain victory!!!
You want to experience it?
Then let us come together praying, seeking and believing and unite!!!!

This month let us reflect on verses 4 and 5 of Romans 12
click here to read it.

Cleto Coelho and Maria Renata

from Junto Somos Mais (Together we are more)

translated from Portuguese

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