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Oct 182018

Translation: Stay firm, my child

We all need the pure love of each other. We need the love of our father; and how important is the presence, warmth, security and firmness of the father as well as the corrections, orders, even the anger and berate the father … All this is love. Self-respect as a father it is necessary, essential in the formation. Essential to our growth, our balance, our maturity.

Similarly, I don’t need to tell you how much we need the love of mother, the presence, the affection of mother, mother’s own correction, forgiveness that only mother can give.

We all need the pure love of our brothers and sisters, of living, of differences, even the difficulties between brothers and sisters. It’s all part of our growth, our maturity. Without it we affectively mature.

Love is the result of learning, we need to learn. The family is the environment for this to happen in a natural way. So, let us decide, today, for loving our family.

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the community Canção Nova

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Oct 152018

Learn a little about the devotion of the Brazilian people


The eve of the day 12 October, feast of the patron saint of Brazil, many Brazilians will walk in pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Aparecida located in Aparecida, Sao Paulo, Brazil with an expression of faith and devotion to our Lady of Aparecida.

Throughout the year, devotees from all parts of Brazil come to the shrine, but during the month of October, the number of pilgrims increases. According to the Redemptorist Missionary of the province of São Paulo, Brother Alan Zuccherato, the Brazilian people have an immense affection and devotion to Nossa Senhora Aparecida [Our Lady Appeared]

Check out the interview with brother Alan and also the story of the singer Fernanda Silva, who talks about her faith, devotion and promise, by our mother, our Lady Appeared, for she was cured of a serious problem of bronchitis and shortness of breath. Use translation subtitle feature through YouTube


Devotion and faith How do you characterize the devotion of the Brazilian people to Our Lady Aparecida?

Brother Alan: This trait becomes more pronounced in the title of Aparecida. We can prove this through the words of  Pope John Paul II: “we must remain in ´ school of Mary”, and she ays: “Here, in Aparecida, The heart of Catholic Brazilians beats.” And Pope Francis said: “God offered to Brazil, here in Aparecida, His own mother”. The Pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Our Lady Appeared (Nossa Senhora Aparecida), affectionately called the house of the mother and of the Brazilian people, is a form of expression of this devotion.

We heard testimonies of pilgrims themselves that this is a trip worth it and it makes life more blessed. Through the novenas, prayer of the Rosary, our Lady’s chants and litanies, the devout person demonstrates his or her love for the Virgin Mary. It is worth mentioning that the Brazilian people are very Marian, as is, in our Lady, affection, tenderness, acceptance, help, intercession and maternal lap. We can say that each Marian shrine, parish and Community dedicated to our Lady is a little slice of heaven on Earth. The beauty of Marian devotion is exactly the mission that our Lady has: bringing her son Jesus to us and taking us all to him “.

Pilgrims How does the spirituality of the Pilgrim reveal itself in the Shrine of Aparecida?

Brother Alan: The shrine of Aparecida is always concerned about hosting well the pilgrim of our Lady. The Pilgrimage is always a good time to meet God, as this sacred Shrine is home to him, with a meeting of brothers and sisters who flock here to celebrate life, hear the word of God, participate in the sacraments. This experience of faith renews their hope and is a significant opportunity to resume important appointments of the Christian life, living the values of the Gospel and engaging more in participation in the community , parish and Diocese. It all takes place in a lively and vibrant participation, as prescribed in the Concilium Sacrossanctum, of Vatican Council II, on the liturgy: “the people have the right to full participation, conscious, active and fruitful in the sacred mysteries of Christ”.

The beautiful view that every Pilgrim expresses in his or her way: by the smile, by the exchange of looks with our Lady, hands in prayer, in tears, lighting a candle, offering objects of promises kept, blessings of grace received, coming on foot, by car , van, bus, bike, motorcycle, truck … Are many ways, always touching their heart touched, in the certainty that the Mother Appeared, for all, has been a blessing.

Especially in this National Year of the Laity promoted by National Conference of Brazilian Bishoips, the sanctuary is emphasizing and enabling further participation and presence of the laity, who have a valuable contribution, effective and affective, so are all partners in evangelization which happens in this Marian pilgrimage Center. So, our spirituality is based on being “salt of the Earth and light of the world”.

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.: Understand why our Lady is Queen and Mother of faith What is the connection of Our Lady Aparecida to the backcountry people?

Brother Alan: The image of Our Lady of Aparecida, found in the waters of the river Paraíba do Sul, in 1717, fished out of the river by the hands of three simple fishermen. From the beginning, the history of Aparecida identifies with the humblest, the historical context of slavery in our country, when the miraculous fishing happened and many other facts came forth that prove Our Lady Appeared to the backcountry people and to those who , in simplicity of heart, praise God. However, it is good to remember that all resort to the protection of our Lady, are the most rich, poor, of various cultures, literate or not; count all their grace and blessing, with the miracle of love is what our Lady specializes in reach for us, interceding to your son Jesus.

cancaonovacom: This October, the shrine receives a large number of pilgrims. How do you see and feel the devotion of the people Mother Appeared?

Brother Alan: It’s a great emotion to remember the nearly 13 million of pilgrims visiting the shrine of Aparecida during the year. This is already a fact that itself evangelizes and draws attention! This presence and the manifestation of the unspeakable joy of the Pilgrim makes us sure that: “how beautiful is the religion that remember the mother of Jesus” and confirms what the founder of the Congregation of the missionaries Redemptorists, St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori says “the true devotee of Mary never loses”. Here we pray, we rejoice in and cry with the story and life of each, this daily celebration let us always become more delighted and happy in the mission that we carry out.

By Alessandra Borges and Leticia Barbosa


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Oct 042018

translation: Stay firm, my child

Evangelizing, today, is a “rescue mission”

As a result of the rains, falling waters, the violent waters rise and mixes with the mud. Sometimes mud enters the houses. Imagine that your relatives are caught up in one of these rivers, being dragged by the tide, and you receive the order to go save them.

And you will follow the commands of your heart. In particular, you who are father or mother, won’t let your children ride down the river. In the same way, the child will not allow your mother or your father to be taken by muddy waters; or that your brother or sister, your girl or boyfriend or your spouse will get lost in midstream.

The situation on the ground is this: evangelizing, today, is a rescue mission. We are the ones who must do the rescuing to our loved ones. 

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova community

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Oct 022018

God does not deceive anyone. 

He is the Truth, therefore, His words are always true

In this “Light of Faith” program, I want to reflect with you on number 215 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which teaches us the following:

God is the Truth

215. “The beginning of thy word is truth, thy standards are righteousness for ever” (Ps 119:160). “Yea, Lord God, thou art the God, thy words are truth” (2Samuel 7:28); that is why the promises of God always come true. God is Truth itself; His words can not deceive. That is why we can confidently surrender to the truth and faithfulness of His word in all things. The beginning of sin and the fall of man was caused by a lie of the tempter, which led man to doubt the word of God, His benevolence and faithfulness.

Illustrative photo: Jorge Ribeiro /

Look at what the Catechism of the Church affirms: God is Truth itself; His words cannot deceive.

I once filled my car at a gas station in the Vale do Paraíba region of Brazil, where I live. From driving a lot, I am well aware of the capacity of the fuel tank, how much liters will be needed to fill the tank depending on what fuel guage says, etc. Well … I went to fill my car at a certain station and I was surprised to see that the fuel pump was still working (and charging more money!) Despite the calculations I had made to fill the tank. After this episode, I decided not to fuel my car at this station.

Why am I telling you this fact? Because, on that day, I left that gas station feeling deceived, injured. It’s awful to feel cheated! Is not it? Have you ever experienced this deception in a situation? Ever felt cheated by someone? How sad that is! Right?

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However, as far as God is concerned, the Catechism states with certainty that “His words cannot deceive.” What good news, my brothers! God does not deceive anyone. He is the Truth, therefore His words are always true and never deceitful.

In relationship with God, one can go with confidence, without fear, without fear of being deceived. We can invest in this friendship with the Lord very peacefully. However, knowing that our God is the Truth and that we are called to relate to Him, we also need to cultivate truth in our lives. If we choose to lie and deceive others, unfortunately, we will be compacting with the one who is considered the “father of lies”, Satan. And we do not want to have anything to do with him! We belong to God, because He is the Truth.

Saint Thomas Aquinas and the Flying Ox

It is said that St. Thomas Aquinas was in his cell in the convent of Saint Jacques, studying and working on obscure medieval manuscripts when suddenly a friar, who was exclaiming with scandal,

“Come and see, Brother Thomas, come and see an ox flying!”

The great Doctor of the Church, very quietly, rose from his stool, left the cell and, going to the atrium of the monastery, began to look up at the sky, with his hand in hand over the tired eyes of the study.

As he saw it, the youthful friar burst into laughter.

“Why, Brother Thomas, are you so gullible that you believe an ox could fly?”

“Why not, my friend? Said the saint.

And, with the same simplicity, flower of wisdom, he added:

“I preferred to admit that an ox would fly into believing that a religious could lie.

Let us take today the decision not to lie or deceive others. Let us be of the Truth, even if it costs us a high price, even if it costs us “blood, sweat and tears.” It does not matter! Let us remain in the Truth until the end, because it is worth it.

He who is the Truth itself will at last give us His reward.

A big hug!

Alexandre Oliveira

Member of the Canção Nova Community since 1997, Alexandre is from the city of Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Married, he is the father of two children. The missionary is also a preacher, presenter and producer of content on the ‘Training’ channel of Portal Canção Nova.

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