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Jun 042015

fernandaEvery woman has femininity impressed in her being, characteristics of the genre, which builds her person. Motherhood is at the center of female identity that leads to careful attitudes, goodness, kindness, gentleness, courage and many other features. I speak not of biological maternity only, because I would be depreciating the fertility of so many young women who live a consecrated life in convents. The desire to care for others, to educate, train, love is natural in us, not that it is not in man, but in the woman it is more acute. As children we played dolls, while boys play with cars. It is a natural human tendency.

Will you have allowed such virtues such virtues that are in the embryo to flow into your being? Or will you have denied such qualities for unknown reasons? Traveling through several states of Brazil conducting lectures, visits and prayers for the young people I realize that the current generation of girls tend to have more aggressive attitudes. The posture, way of dressing, talking and makeup demonstrate a denial of that femininity. It’s like if I were to assume this identity I would be being weak or fragile. And that’s a lie! The more sweet, polite, feminine, the more you are stronger, safer and brave. It is the natural law of creation.

Excerpt from the book, ‘A mulher segundo o coração de Deus’ [‘The woman according to the heart of God’] by Fernanda Soares

Portuguese Version


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Aug 312014
When many people hear the word prophet, they think of someone who predicts the  future. You know: ” You will meet a stranger who will give you lots of money.” However, such a person is not a prophet, he or she is a clairvoyant. God tells us to keep away from them for they are not speaking for Him. A prophet is one who speaks for God and predicts what will happen if we do not repent. He will read the signs of the times and in union with God will see what  will happen if the world does not change. All of us are called to be prophets.
If we look at the second reading, we can see one of the most important things needed to be a prophet—a renewal of our minds. We have a calling to live in the world but not to be of it and that means to see things from God’s perspective and not the world’s. We then have a calling to live our lives in a way that others repent and turn to God themselves. This is our call to be prophets. Unfortunately, many in our country have lost this and have allowed their minds to be darkened by the world. The world’s ideas will always darken our minds from Christ if we embrace them.
One of the first teachings that the world cause people to reject is sin. Our call is to teach about sin for sin is destructive.
Many will look at the destruction of sin as for example the hangover after getting drunk the night before. Getting drunk is a sin and the destruction it causes is a hangover and it grows from there into addiction, etc.
That is true, but let us look at something even more obvious and blatant.
We have seen some great destruction in Ferguson Missouri and many people claiming racism in the death of a black teenager. Well let us look more closely:
If all involved in the original incident that led to the riots understood and took to heart the message on sin, none of it would have happened. Of course, the media never brought that word up, from what I heard.

Are You Being a Prophet? by Frbob Carr on Mixcloud

An eighteen year old ended up dead in a struggle with a police officer and we do not know all the facts, but allegedly he was shoplifting from a store prior to the incident. Shoplifting is stealing and is a sin. The punishment for stealing is not death, we are not Babylonians, but you can see the great destruction that happened when everything begins with sin. The tiniest sin, eventually, can lead to the greatest destruction. So leading people away from sin and toward Christ is the call of the prophet. You cannot do one without the other or you are wasting your breath. You and I have a calling to be prophets.
You may say quickly that clearly he should not have been stealing, if in fact he was. That is true, but did he know that stealing is wrong, did he know about sin and redemption, did he take it to heart? Why or why not? You see the more prophets there are in the world the less this type of destruction happens. People die because they don’t live or hear the word of God. God may turn to them at the day of judgement, but he will turn to you and ask why did they not hear the word that would have saved their life.
This is not an inner city black teen that died. This is a child of God. God calls us as Catholics to preach the message to all that all may be saved. If we are not living the message, people die. Sin caused all of this and multiplied with people speaking not of peace, but of a worldly justice that was promoted by some street thugs.


When we see the issues that have popped up in our world today, many think of the Book of Revelation, also known as the Apocalypse. However, I am seeing a greater connect to the book of Ezekiel.
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Ezekiel preached to the people of Judah whose capital was Jerusalem. They had gone astray including the most powerful, the professional religious to many who were neither. Meanwhile, on the warpath was the nation of Babylon which today is Iraq. Ezekiel warned the people that Babylon would strike and destroy if the people did not change their ways. However, the people did not believe him. He called people to repentance, and they did not listen. Meanwhile, God showed the prophet all the secrets of the people that they could not keep from God. He showed Ezekiel how He knew all that was happening and showed the prophet what was happening behind the scenes including the priests practicing idolatry. Ezekiel warned and warned. The people did not listen. Eventually, the Babylonians came in, just as God said and the destruction was not only massive, it was not that much different than what we have seen on the news. Literally as gruesome. If I were to make a comparison of which Book seems to be the similar to our times, it would not be the Book of Revelations, it would be Ezekiel.
Our world  and  our nation have turned from God in much the same way as the people of Judah. They are in great sin. You and I have a call to bring them back. You and I have a call to teach people to come to Christ, to know sin and to turn to Christ for the healing from Sin. If we do not do this, we are not prophets. We are thinking as the world thinks and we the world does not need more of its own thinking.
We are in the world not of it and if we take that to heart, we can be the prophets we were called to be at baptism. If we don’t, we offer the world nothing but the path to its own destruction.
God bless you,
Fr. Robert J Carr

Fr. Carr is an alliance member of the New Song Community (Canção Nova). He is the pastor of Holy Trinity Quincy, MA and is the editor of this blog. He is the author of several books, blogs and hundreds of videos all of which you may find at his website. He also has a regular radio program on WebRadio Canção Nova. Which he podcasts on Mixcloud and here on Catholicismanew.
You can follow him on twitter as @frbobcarr. Thoughts, comments on the homily? Let us know at Facebook

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Dec 032012

What Marvels! You and I are presented to the Father through Jesus, the Son of God! He is the Lord of humanity. This was, from the beginning, the plan of the Father: a present for His Son.

I believe all these things: this Earth with all the exists in it-sky, seas, rivers, mountains, plants, flowers. After, came the animals. All was created through Him and for Him. Always, the objective of the Father was this: that His Son may come and renew this Earth: Here the place of the Reign of the Son of God.

The Father wanted that Christ may come to be the Lord, the King, the Governor of all and of all of us. He is the prince and God put all the fullness in Him. Therein lies beauty!

God Bless You!

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

(excerpt from the Book “Maria, a mulher do Gênesis ao Apocalipse” [Mary, the Woman of Genesis to the Apocalypse] by Monsignor Jonas Abib)

translated from Portuguese

Sep 132012

“Only Christian love can change hearts, not arms, nor threats, nor the media can change them”, teaches Van Thuan. Most important still is to understand taht here, one does not treat love that I receive, but the capacity that I have to offer love and grace to others. Whomever love like this encounters in his/her heart a continual change. Whomever stops loving is a dead person who no one ever buried!

Ricardo Sá

translated from portuguese

Jan 052011

Whomever is not with me, is against me, and whomever does not unity with me, scatters” (Lk 11:23)
The Lord wants to speak to us about unity. He wants us united. And we know that the major gift that Jesus asked the Father in the moment most solemn of his life was the Last Supper, it was justly: Father that they may be one as we are one.”

In the Trinity, there is a play so marvelous of forces that the three person strongly united become one. For us it is quasi-impossible to create a union one with the other. Then the following question can raise: “How is it possible Jesus asks us to live in unity, being that in reality, this will happen with great difficulty? For our failings, defects and differences will be so great this unity is impossible.” Therefore, our unity has to be realized in another manner, that can be sympathetic. Your roof is special specifically because its shape is round. The rafters are supported on the wall and a round support in the center of the chapel. There exists a mathematical game of forces that sustain the whole room and the round center support is responsible for sustaining all the rafters that maintain the roof. It is something good to see.

We are thus like Jesus. Imagine that Jesus is a key stone for where all converge. As living stones, we converge for Him and in him we support ourselves; of this modo, there exists among us a harmony and a marvelous strength. Now suppose that one of the rafters of the chapel does not support the round center supports. Fatally this would fall, it would break the equilibrium and the room and put all at risk. Of the same form, when we are not supported in Jesus and united to Him, we break firstly with Him compromising all the others.

If the rafters of the chapel were made united among themselves, nothing would happen, there would only be a mountain of rafters and nothing more. However, upon uniting themselves with the central support, they keep their marvelous unity and joined in a great harmony, they continue to sustain all the ceiling in a very artistic form. Our unity has to be made in Jesus, therefore, we send away our differences. Therefore, we cannot be more attentibve to the differences that exist among us, once that they really exist and are glaring. When we begin to live it may be in the nucleus, the cell or community, our failures begin to be more evident. If we want to make unity only when the person are do not present any defects we will never built it.

The desire of Jesus, therefore, will not be realized. The salvation of the world that depends on our unity, will not be realized. Jesus teaches us that our unity is not based on ourselves, but on Him. And in Him we need to support ourselves, to leave all our differences and deceptions that we cause in order that we may be united

Excerpt from the book “Curados para amar” of Monsignor Jonas Abib

translated from Portuguese

Sep 062010

1. Read the Bible Every Day

The first rule of thumb: Read the Bible every day, without exception. Read when you have the will and when you don’t as well. With or without the desire, we drink, because it is necessary. With the Bible it is the same thing. And in the times that we live, it is important!

Thus as you nourish the body every day, nourish daily your spirit with the Word of God. So as you take a show every day and when we cannot do it in the morning, at night the body asks for a shower, so also happens with reading the bible. if you are not able to read during the day, without you knowing it your spirit will be asking for a bath in God’s Word. Be sure to give to your spirit that which you give to your body!

There are people that cannot sleep without taking a shower; these person toss and turn in bed unable to sleep. That you and I may be the same, that we cannot sleep without a bath in the reading the Word of God.

2. Have A Regular Hour for the Reading

For a great many persons, the best hour to read is early in the morning. They get up early in order to read the bible and do their work in their Spiritual Diary, before the others and before movement in the house begins.

It is treated as a marvelous custom. It is certainly that which yields the most. Furthermore, it has the advantage of beginning early a super meal and we begin the day with full force.

There are, therefore, those who may difficulties doing this, They are person that through the morning feel heavy, tired. It appears that their head is not functioning. They cannot concentrate. It is not before making attempts, but they stop to spend time resting a bit.

Nothing strange about that. There are many people like this, perhaps you may be one of them. These persons may be tired in the day, but at night their mind remains alert, active. If for you the good period is at night, don’t hestitate work with the Bible at night.

Doing this also has advantages. You prolong reading until the hour that you want to go to sleep, with a good content in mind. And your subconscious certainly will work with this material.

For many mothers of families, the best moment is the middle of the afternoon, after ending the housework. In this hours they are quiet, there is not a lot of noise nor movement in the house, this permits them to work with the bible.

The important thing is to discover the best period for you. And to do this is your hour being faithful without exceptions.

3. Schedule the Length of the Reading

This is the other rule of thumb; Schedule the duration of reading and be faithful to it. Be serious with yourself. It is preferable 10 minutes each day done with enthusiasm at the beginning than not doing it at all.

Many person in the beginning demand a lot of themselves, finally of doing with seriousness and consistency this work. Now if they confess satisfaction with the fact that passing certain time they will feel an involvement and a motivation that makes discipline no longer a necessity. Of the same mode, giving the rigor with that which they face  this time for reading, today they perceive that it is becoming shorter. They need more time, the work leaves them wanting more. Too bad this this is not always possible.

4. Choose a Good Place

Having the corner of people is very good. And We don’t need anything special; the which is important is counting on a quiet place, silent that makes concentration and favors the creation of a climate of prayer. Do well, going every day to our corner and in it doing the work with the Bible.

Remember, still, that the place is the second things; it is only a means for us to work better and with better results. Also important is that whatever place and whatever circumstances, to realize with dedication our work.

5. Read With a Pen or Pencil in Hand

Do not simply read; we need to do active reading. A simple, more efficient method is to read with pen or pencil in hand. Underline the passages most important, all that call your attention, the things that speak to you and that touch you in a special way. It is also good to have a pen with four colors and using one or the other. This helps to make highlights and to differentiate passages.

Utilize signs that you have felt for yourself, make annotations, do not fear of marking your Bible. It is an instrument of your work. If you keep a Bible wll marked, it will be easier for you to remember passages that you encounter when you seek them. It also facilitates concentration on the reading, the understanding of the message and the impression of the which is impressed in the mind and in the heart.

6. Do All in the Spirit of Prayer

You are not only reading the Bible, you are seeking an encounter with the Word of God. This to procure an intimate contact with the Living Word of God, that speaks to you.

Treat it as a dialogue: you listen, you reach out, you are touched, and your respond. It is a living encounter between living persons, an encounter of persons that love each other mutually. Many experience this relation, You experience it too.

The principal interest of God is not to make you listen, but to speak with you. He desires to instruct you, and wants to drive you to the understanding of truth. Therefore be attentive, remain alert; maintain yourself in an expective attitute, God has something good, personal and concrete to say to you!

Monsignor Jonas Abib

Founder of the Canção Nova Community and President of the John Paul II Foundation (Fundação João Paulo II). He is the author of many books, thousands of talks in audio and video. His  website is

Trecho do livro: A Bíblia no meu dia-a-dia

Translated from Portuguese

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