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Sep 262018

The remedy for fighting anger is forgiveness

Undoubtedly, to love the enemy was a revolutionary and contradictory commandment from the human point of view. Loving the enemy was a great legacy left by Jesus. This commandment contradicts human logic. In his time, it was a scandal, maybe even today.

The sin of wrath keeps us from building a better world.

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History itself testifies that violence only breeds violence. The result of hatred is always destruction. Where love makes its home, peace reigns and everything changes. It is not by chance that Jesus revolutionized humanity with the commandment: “Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who mistreat you and persecute you; that ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise upon the evil and the good, and the rain to come down upon the just and the unjust. (Mt 5:44).

He also said: “If you love only those who love you, what reward will you have? Do not the publicans do the same? If you only greet your brothers, what are you doing extraordinary? Do not the heathen also do this? “(Mt 5,46-47). Here’s the big difference from Christians , they love even their enemies. This love that has the ability to change the world.

The lesson of forgiveness is the only way to implant the kingdom of brother who live the love. Without the experience in love, the only thing to be implanted is war, division and destruction.


As we have seen, the remedy for fighting anger is forgiveness, and for forgiveness there is no limit. Let us remember when Peter approached Jesus and asked him, “Lord, how often will I forgive my brother who sins against me? Up to seven? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto you, even unto seven, but unto seventy times seven (Mt 18: 21-22). Seven is the number of the sacraments of the Church, seven is also interpreted as number of perfection. Here, in this context, it means that one must always forgive. Forgive without measure.

Professor Felipe Aquino teaches us that “forgiveness is the most beautiful face of charity. Let vengeance be on account of the righteousness of God; we do not want to do it with our own hands, because they will be stained. God will fulfill all righteousness. “ St. Paul taught this to the Christians of Rome: “Bless those who persecute you, bless them and do not curse them…. Pay no evil to anyone with evil. Do not avenge one another, dear ones, but let the wrath of God work, for it is written: Vengeance mine; it is mine to do righteousness, saith the Lord (Deut. 32:35). “(Rom 12: 14-19).

This is the winning force of love and nonviolence. Therefore, my brethren , let us heal ourselves from the disease of wrath, so that we may live in peace and build a better world where war will no longer be part of our lives. Anger always causes us injury. St. Francis de Sales once said: “I never let myself be led by anger without soon having repented”; therefore, brothers, let us live forgiveness, let us live the love.

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Elenildo Pereira

Candidate for the Holy Orders in the Canção Nova Community. Graduated in Philosophy from Canção Nova College, Cachoeira Paulista (SP). Bachelor of Theology from Dehoniana College, Taubaté (SP) and post-graduate in Bioethics at Canção Nova College. He works in the TV Department of Canção Nova, in the Shrine of  Father of Mercy and Confession.

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Aug 082018

Birth control will lead to global collapse

The number of children around the world has declined frighteningly. Just look at the number of our grandparents’ children compared to our parents, siblings, and neighbors. With few exceptions. I, for example, am the fruit of a large family, 14 children. This number of children today is unthinkable. Sometimes it causes people astonishment when I say I have 13 siblings. Why is it frightening? Precisely because the mentality of the new couples is misrepresented by ideologies contrary to life, such as birth control. 

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This conception of few children is the result of a mentality very well planned by the governments of the world. They, through public policies, have been disseminating various ideologies, among them: many children give a headache; times have changed, it is no longer possible to educate as well as before; the financial situation will always be precarious and the children will always be in misery. These and many other ideologies are present in the minds of many couples around the world.

The goal of birth control

It is noticeable that birth control is a control of the birth rate exercised by the governments of several countries. This implies that what is called “family planning” is actually birth control because it does not simply involve couples’ preference; on the contrary, it is basically a government policy aimed at reducing population growth.

It is perceived that this idea of ​​reducing the number of children became more real, more than that, an obligation for all. In particular, after the 1960s, the family was thought to have as few children as possible. The term “l”arge families are not in the vocabulary of countries that are in favor of declining world population.

It is worth mentioning that this control of quantity of children, at first, was made through the use of contraceptive methods, in particular the oral hormones. This happened in the 60’s, but we realized that it is no different at the present time.

Research shows that in Brazil, there was an absurd fall in birth rates. Rodolfo Pena, master of geography, says: “Brazil, since 1974, has adopted measures to educate and encourage the practice of Family Planning for the purpose of controlling birth rates. It was established, through the media, mainly, that an ideal family would have the maximum number of two children per couple. In addition, even today there is the distribution of contraceptive pills and condoms, as well as the sale of these products at affordable prices and without medical control,. “


When one does not value the human person, one runs the risk of becoming a mere object of manipulation. Data show that, unfortunately, poor countries in the 1960s especially served as guinea pigs for implanting the pills. Inspection in third world countries was infinitely less than the first. Consisting in this way in a greater diffusion of the pills in countries considered third world, like Brazil.

It is not by chance that, according to IBGE, the fertility rate in Brazil has decreased by 20.1% in the last decade. The fact is very concrete: with the increase in the spread of contraceptives, the result is a decrease in the birth rate.

In 1950, the birth rate in Brazil was 6.2 children per woman; in 1970, it dropped to 4.7; in 1990, fell to 2.6; in 2010, fell to 1.8, reaching 1.7 children per woman. From 2010 to the present day, this number has still decreased. It is drastic, but real.

People are not yet aware of this drastic birth control happening. This situation is not only in the scope of morality,  it goes much further, it has an impact even in the economy.

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The Consequences of Birth Control

The spokesman of the Portuguese Bishops’ Conference, Father Manuel Morujão, highlighted the consequences of this “demographic winter” in the Social State itself. He says that “health services, social security will collapse, because it will be a small number of people working for a huge population that is retired.” This “collapse” so called, will happen in any country where the birth rate is less than mortality.

As we have seen, countries around the world have been working to make this birth control more and more concrete. In the first moment, as seen previously, the pills were the first to serve as an instrument for this project to be executed. But they did not stop there. Subsequently, several contraceptive methods have emerged that have gained strength over the years.

Knowing this, it is up to us to do something to reverse this situation. Something concrete to do is to be propagators of life as a gift and not as a sacrifice. Children are, as the psalmist reminds us, the gift of God, the blessing of the Lord (Ps 127,3). In this way, we will combat the ideology of few children, rescuing the true value of the family of many children.


Elenildo Pereira

Candidate for the Holy Orders in the Canção Nova Community. Graduated in Philosophy from Canção Nova College, Cachoeira Paulista (SP). Bachelor of Theology from Dehoniana College, Taubaté (SP) and post-graduate in Bioethics at Canção Nova College. He works in the TV Department of Canção Nova, in the Father’s Shrine of Misericórdias and Confessionários.

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Aug 072018

Why-the-practice-of-sex-before-the-marriage-is-sinSex requires the involvement of the whole person

In its millennial wisdom the Church does not cease to teach that “sexuality, by which man and woman give themselves to each other with their own and exclusive acts of the spouses, is not at all something purely biological, but it concerns the inner core of the human person as such. It only takes place in a truly human way if it is an integral part of the love with which man and woman are totally committed to each other until death “(CIC 2361). Why is sex before marriage a sin?


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This text of the Catechism gives us enough material to answer this question. The first and most relevant statement is that the sexual act belongs to the spouses. This is for a noble and just reason: such involvement is not purely biological because it involves the whole person. The second thing is that we men, whether from a biological or a psychological point of view, are completely different from animals.

Body and soul

Let us first analyze the difference between the animal and the man in relation to sexuality. The animal, in a sexual relationship, wants to reach the apex of pleasure at all costs. When he reaches sexual satisfaction, he does not care with whom he has just mated. Since the human being does not only want to reach the summit of sexual pleasure, that is, to orgasm, he also wants the person’s company. There is an affectivity between them. This shows, as the Church teaches, that there is something that transcends the biological.

Besides all that I just mentioned, it is worth remembering that the human being has a spiritual soul. This implies that in a sexual relationship there is the involvement of the person in its totality, body and soul. This fact that the human being also possesses a spiritual soul makes all the difference in comparison with animals. It is thus evident that the teaching of the Church is clear, sex must be understood from a spiritual point of view and not merely biological. The soul seeks happiness and not mere pleasure.

Therefore, there is the dissatisfaction of many people who live sex in an unruly way, because they are always lacking something, even if they have sex every day and with more than one person. When humans unite their bodies, they also unite their souls. Here is the reason and necessity of the sacrament of matrimony. They can not unite bodily if the soul is not united through the sacrament.


Another very important aspect within a relationship is commitment. In a sexual union, the man says to the woman and the woman to the man “I am all yours, I am all yours!”, But when sex is lived out of marriage, that promise is nothing more than a lie. So much so that, after intercourse, both get up from the bed and each one goes to his house.

It is worth mentioning, within all that we are talking about, the feeling that the woman has to be being used. When meeting people who have experienced such experiences, I realize that this fact is constant, as there is a strong feeling of having been used by the boyfriend after intercourse. This female psychology does not forgive. A woman, more than feeling pleasure, must feel loved. However, how will she feel loved if, at the end of sexual intercourse, the beloved is no longer by her side? A basic question then arises: “Does he really love me or is he using me?” This feeling of being used is inevitable when you do not have the commitment.

Consequences of love

From this, we see that the person only realizes himself fully within the sexual relationship if he does not lack the main ingredient: love. The problem is that love is often confused with feeling or something like that, when, in fact, it is much more than that, love commits, demands renunciation, detachment and so many other things.

Whoever is not willing to bear the consequences of love will never know what it is to truly love. People are thirsting for true love, the problem is they are drinking in the wrong source. They are seeking love in pleasure, in personal satisfaction, but, unfortunately, they will not find it. Those who seek to quench their thirst for love in pleasure will inevitably die of thirst.

Thus, sex before marriage is a sin not because the Church forbids it, but because it hurts human nature. Man, besides being biological, is also spiritual. Rather than seeking pleasure, he seeks happiness; and happiness will only be found through the concrete experience of love. Whoever seeks the other only pleasure will never know what it is to truly love someone.


Elenildo Pereira

Candidate for the Holy Orders in the Canção Nova Community. Graduated in Philosophy from Canção Nova College, Cachoeira Paulista, Sao Paulo (SP) Brazil. Bachelor of Theology from Dehoniana College, Taubaté (SP) and post-graduate in Bioethics at Canção Nova College. He works in the TV Department of Canção Nova, in the Santuário Pai das Misericórdias e Confessionários.

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Sep 252017

“The most gracious and wise God, desirous of bringing about the redemption of the world,” when he came to the fullness of time, sent forth his Son, made of woman, that we might receive the adoption of children “(Gal 4: 4-5). ‘For the sake of us men and for our salvation he descended from the heavens and was incarnate by the work of the Holy Spirit of the Virgin Mary’ (Symbolum Constantinopolitanum). This divine mystery of salvation is revealed and perpetuated in the Church which the Lord has constituted as His Body. Together with Christ as Head and in communion with all his saints, the faithful should also venerate the memory ‘first of the glorious ever Virgin Mary, Mother of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ’ (Roman Missal). ”

Since the dawn of Christianity, the Church has always venerated Mary as Mother of the Church, although this title was solemnly given in 1964 by Pope Paul VI. There is a logical reason for this fact, she is the Mother of Jesus, head of the Church, and the Church is the Mystical Body of Christ. For this reason, Mary is the mother of all who were born for Christ.

The Dogmatic Constitution Lumen Gentium confirms that “for the gift and mission of divine motherhood, which unites her to her Redeemer Son, and for her singular graces and functions, there is also the Virgin closely linked to the Church: the Mother of God is the type and the figure of the Church, in the order of faith, charity and perfect union with Christ “(Lumen Gentium, n 63). We thus see Mary’s clear connection with the Church. It is so intimate a connection that we cannot read the history of salvation without relating it to the person of the Virgin Mary.

Mary is the image and likeness of God

From the anthropological point of view, the Virgin Mary can be seen as the human model that comes closest to the true image and likeness of God. Moreover, she can serve as the “eminent and unique model of a virgin and mother, because, believing and obeying, she begot on the earth, without having known a man, by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit … And she gave birth to a Son, that God established the firstborn of many brethren (Rom 8:29), that is, of the faithful, for whose generation and education she cooperates with the love of her mother “(Lumen Gentium, n.63)

Paul VI, who had given Mary the official title of ‘Mother of the Church’, developed the theme in the Apostolic Exhortation on the Cult of the Virgin Mary, speaks of her as a model of those who know how to hear and accept the Word of God in faith. This is a specific mission of the Church: to hear, to welcome, to proclaim, to venerate and to distribute the Word of God as bread of life (Marialis Cultus, n.17).

Mary is intercessor

Another model of Our Lady is to be prayerful and intercessory. “Mary is, moreover, the Virgin given to prayer. Thus, in fact, she appears to us in her visit to the Precursor’s mother, when her spirit merges into expressions of glorification to God, of humility, faith and hope “(Marialis Cultus, n. 17) Today, the Church presents the needs of her children to the Father, praises the Lord without ceasing, and intercedes for the salvation of the world.


The Second Vatican Council also presents Mary as Virgin and Mother. In this way she possesses a “prodigious motherhood, constituted by God as a prototype and model of the fruitfulness of the Virgin and the Church, and who in turn becomes a mother, with preaching and baptism, gives birth to new and immortal life, the children conceived by the action of the Holy Spirit and born of God “(Lumen Gentium, n. 64).

Mary is an essential part of the Church, and this implies that the Church is within Mary and Mary is within the Church. This truth is explicit in the words of Pope John Paul II in the Encyclical Redemptoris Mater, where he says: “There is a singular correspondence between the moment of the Incarnation of the Word and the moment of the birth of the Church. And the person who unites these two moments is Mary: Mary in Nazareth and Mary in the Upper Room of Jerusalem “(Redemptoris Mater, n. 24).

Mary, Mother of the Church

Christ is the head of the Church, (Eph 1,22) we his members, (1 Cor. 12:27). If Mary is Mother of Jesus head, it can not but be also mother of its members. Mary is the mother of all men by the grace of Christ the Redeemer.

In short, from what we reflect, we can say that Mary is Mother of the Church for at least two reasons. The first and most important, she is the mother of Jesus Christ, so she has a particular collaboration in the new economy of salvation, that is, the Son of God assumes human nature, so as to free man from sin through mystery of His flesh. The second, not least, in the whole community of the elect, is the best and most perfect model of virtue.



Elenildo Pereira


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