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Dec 142017

The great grace of life is to recognize where sin is and to sincerely seek the forgiveness of God
“What is easier to say, ‘Thy sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Arise and walk’? For that you may know that the Son of man has power on earth to forgive sins – he said to the paralytic – I I tell you, get up, take the bed and go home “(Luke 5: 23-24).
Jesus is healing this paralytic who came to meet Him, carried by those men, this shows that: the greatness of God in our midst erases, forgives and justifies His presence in our midst.
We may not be aware of what sin accomplishes in us, the way sin paralyzes our life, society and humanity.
All the technological advances we admire and perceive in our midst have no proportion to paralysis, to the lethargy that takes over our human relationships because of sin.
If we want to advance in faith, if we want to advance as human beings, if we want to get out of the paralysis that our life often finds, we must seek with sincerity of heart, forgiveness for our sins.

How do you sincerely seek forgiveness for your sins? Recognizing oneself as a sinner, acknowledging the sins in our lives, recognizing where we have sinned, where we fail to recognize the evil that sin accomplishes not only in us, but in life, in society, in our human relationships, the evil that sin causes in our own home, in our family.

God does not want us paralyzed. He came to lift us from what sin made us to succumb, He came to remove us from the dust, from the indigence and came to stand with us.

God wants us to walk and build the Kingdom of God, but if we do not take seriously the drastic consequences He performs in our lives, our paralysis only grows, things within us are entrapped. To keep so many old and spoiled things that are useless in us. The heart and mind get heavy too. And we often want to take medicine, solve the problem one way or the other, but the great grace of life is to recognize where sin is and sincerely seek the forgiveness of God.
Rise and walk, for God wants us to stand.
God bless you!

Fr. Roger Araujo

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Nov 092017

Pregação com Astromar MirandaThe Word is the leaven of the Kingdom of God, which comes to give quality and consistency, to transform

“He is like the mustard seed, which a man takes and shoots in his garden. The seed grows, it becomes a great tree, and the birds of the sky make nests in its branches “(Luke 13, 19).

We can think of a grain of mustard seed as insignificant, small, almost invisible to the eyes, worthless. We only value it when it is planted, when it grows and bears fruit.

The Kingdom of Heaven is insignificant for many, because sometimes one has other things in life, such as his goods and longings, his work, his search and vanity, but then these things disappear. And what flourishes, abides and creates a whole new life is that despised seed that seems insignificant.

I am a witness of lives transformed, renewed and changed thanks to the seed of the Gospel.

When we look at our lives, it may seem that the Gospel means nothing, it’s more of a book or something, but it’s not. The Gospel is not a book, but a life, a person, is God himself, it is Jesus by His Word that transforms us, renews us, that renews our whole life needs.

Let us accept the Word of God in the heart as a small word like so many others, but it will become the most significant, the most important, transforming and renewing of our life. It is like the leaven of the Kingdom of God, which comes to give quality, consistency and transform when it allows itself to be transformed, renewed, healed and liberated by this Word.

May our whole heart be taken and taken care of by all the force that the Word of God has to transform and renew us.

God bless you!


Father Roger Araújo
Priest of the Community Canção Nova, journalist and collaborator of the Portal Canção Nova.

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Oct 182017

Cavalgada Canção Nova SertanejaBe a loving and fruitful presence, be a disciple of Jesus wherever you are.

“At that time the Lord chose other seventy-two disciples and sent them two by two in front of him to every city and place where he himself was to go” (Luke 10: 1).

Today, we celebrate the evangelist Saint Luke. He was a physician, and became a physician of the soul, of the heart, a great disciple, an apostle and preacher of the Gospel. What is the grace that Luke had? The grace to be sent to speak and preach in the name of the Lord and to proclaim His Kingdom.

Everyone who proposes to be a disciple of Jesus goes where He should go. Go in the name of Jesus, in His authority, will speak because of Him.

We need to be disciples of Jesus, we must be the mouth of Him, be His voice and presence where He wants to be present. Let us be this loving and fruitful presence, let us be disciples of Jesus wherever we are. In our work, Jesus must be, for that is where we are sent. So in school, in the family, wherever we may be.

Let’s go out into the world, let’s go on a mission. We are sent by the Lord! If we can, let’s go as two – I’m sure that in your work there is someone else who is Jesus too. Whatever the apostolate, exercise it with love.

I have the grace to celebrate Masses in many departments, companies, public agencies, where people gather to celebrate the presence of the Lord. I always say, “It’s not proselytism to stand for religion. It is the place of being leaven, light and the presence of God where He wants to be. Do not be the one who is a Christian only when you go to church. ” “When I’m in church, I’m a Christian, I’m talking about Jesus. I only work here. ”

No! Enjoy the time, the opportunity, that lunchtime, the conversation. Instead of sowing gossip, discord, speak ill of the boss, of the colleague, speak badly of the other, announce Jesus, proclaim the love of Him, proclaim that among us the love of Him everything wins. Otherwise, our own work environment becomes the most depressing place in the world, the places where which are a real burden for us.

If we take Jesus where we are, there He will be present, because we are His presence.

God bless you!

Fr. Roger Araujo


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Sep 042017

Dom João Inácio Müller celebra Missa da Festa da Porciúncula – Perdão de Assis – no Santuário do Pai das Misericórdias

The heart of Jesus is the most sublime support of the heart of all mothers

“Woman, great is your faith! Be it done as thou wilt! “And from that time on his daughter was healed”(Matthew 15:28).


When I listen to this Gospel, it moves my heart too much, for I imagine the scene of these events, but I admire too much this woman of faith and trust who represents our mothers, many of our women suffering, hurt, tormented, because they gave their all to care for their children. When this mother is helpless, because she can not do anything for her son, a desperate air takes over, but it is not because she is desperate, it is because no mother, when she is powerless to take care of her child, knows What to do.

When the mother has in God her trust and her grace, she resorts to him with all the strength of her soul and heart.

The heart of Jesus is the most sublime support of the heart of all mothers, it is the refuge of all of them in affliction, the pain that takes care of their heart when it must save any of their children.

This woman is for us a portrait, a symbol of all mothers who live constant afflictions in their lives because of their children.

There are mothers who no longer have a life of their own, because they no longer live for themselves, they live because of their children who are passing through illnesses, illnesses, momentary sufferings or not, children dying in the world of drugs, alcohol and Life.

A mother sought help and support in all she could, but she found only the help of Jesus. This mother went into the arms of Jesus and, with the faith she has, she begged and begged. Jesus seems to be questioning, “Look, I came first to these.” She replies, “No, my Lord! I am begging the crumbs of Your heart for My crumbs suffice for me, for my pain, for my affliction and for what I am going through. Like the puppies that eat the crumbs that fall off the table, I have the right to them, I need them. “

What faith, what confidence, how moving the faith of our mothers! And to the mothers I say from the bottom of my soul and my heart: that your faith continues being great. If she is small, increase her, do not lose your trust in the Lord. Beg for the crumbs that fall from His table, but be sure to seek in the Lord the refuge to save your children, to save those who are a part of your life, your heart and your whole being. Mother, your refuge is the heart of Jesus.

God bless you!

Father Roger Araújo

Priest of the Canção Nova Community, journalist and collaborator of the Portal Canção Nova. Contact: mailto:

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Aug 282017

Monsenhor Jonas Abib celebra missa em comemoração aos 35 anos da Fundação João Paulo II

In the freedom we have, we set the example and do not follow the bad inclinations of this world

“Jesus asked, ‘Simon, what do you think: The kings of the earth charge taxes or fees from whom? From the children or from the strangers? Peter answered, ‘Of strangers!’ Then Jesus said, ‘Then the children live in freedom’ “(Matthew 17: 25-26).

When we listen to this Gospel today, the connotation may seem strange, because if, in fact, the children are free, they owe nothing to anyone. We owe nothing to this world, because we are not children of it, we are children of Heaven and we must live in the freedom of children of God. We understand the contrary, we think that “the free” are those who live for the world, do what they want and what they can. It is an illusion and a mistake, for whoever does what he wants, does what he should not, and then he loses himself, and gets corrupted.

God does not deprive us of anything, on the contrary, He gives us the grace to have access to the Kingdom that He has prepared for us, who believe in Him, who are His children and want to live as His children.

The kingdom of God is not deprivation of the world, but it is deprivation of the depravity of the world, of the feeling of wickedness and malice in the world, that we may be kept and preserved from evil to live the good. Then, as children, we can not behave like slaves.

There are people who feel annihilated: “I am of God, what sorrow! Who is of God can not do anything.Who is of God lives deprived of everything. Whoever is of God does not drink, does not smoke. “ But since when is it to drink and smoke is freedom? What we have more are people slaves of the drink, the cigarette and all the evils of this world. Freedom is knowing that we can drink and do not drink; We can smoke, but let’s not smoke. Freedom is the power to make choices.

Freedom is not to surrender, and then we can no longer free ourselves from these evils. We are children, and children are free, and not to scandalize, children do even what they should not do. I will be clear, just as the Word is by telling Peter to throw the hook and open the fish’s mouth to get coins.

Paying taxes is one of the most unjust things in the world that we should not pay, but we pay. And why do we pay? To be examples, lest we cause scandal to the world.

The disciples of Jesus do not follow the orders of the Law. We must be the first to obey the orders and the laws of the world, we must be the first to set an example, to obey the traffic laws, to pay taxes, tolls of life , Fulfill our obligations.

We are free, and in the freedom we have, we set an example. We do not follow the evil inclinations of this world.

God bless you!

Father Roger Araújo

Priest of the Canção Nova Community, journalist and collaborator of the Portal Canção Nova. Contact: mailto:

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Jun 142017

Let us apply ourselves with commitment and dedication to remain United in the vine Jesus

“Abide in me as I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, if you don’t stay on the vine, so also ye cannot bear fruit, if you do not abide in me “ (John 15.4).

That’s how the Master Jesus is teaching us. Remaining in Him means to be attached to Him, and to live in communion with him. There’s no point in being of Jesus, being in the Church, if we don’t remain in God, in his word, in His Spirit and in deep communion with him.

After you walk a certain time in Church, after you already know the word of God, our heart will experience that trend of self-reliance, to find that we already know, that we are already masters, doctorates in the things of God, we can go out on our own.

But, of course we need mature and grow in faith, we must not forget the essential lesson: always remain connected to God. The more that we mature in the life of the spirit, the more we are called to be rooted and connected in God! Until we can do a lot of good things, for our own ease, by provision of our hearts, for the natural inclinations that we have, but we will only bear fruit if we abide in Jesus. We go to church, talking about beautiful things, that touch the hearts of the people, but the fruits will come only if they are linked and connected to Christ Jesus.

How do we stay in Jesus? First, the path of excellence called prayer, because it is our communion and connection with him, with the Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

There is no Union with God if we don’t pass through prayer. We cannot dodge or escape it. We are even tempted not to pray anyway; so, we’re succumbing to this temptation and relaxing, leaving aside prayer. The important thing, we succumb to think is that God understands us.

The Lord understands us; don’t have any doubt about that! But it is the communion that weakens, the bonds of love are going to break, not by God, because He never leaves us. It is our spirit that will grow weaker, losing direction, because what feeds our fellowship with God is prayer! Let us apply ourselves with commitment and dedication to remain United in the vine Jesus, because He wants to remain in us.

God bless you!

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