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Sep 252018

It is important for couples to talk about family budgeting.

If you are married , dating or are engaged, do not waste time talking about money. This does not mean that making money or accumulating wealth and wealth is the aegis of your relationship (much as you preach around). Love and faith in God must be the primary foundation of a couple’s life, as well as reciprocity and complicity. The touchstone is that omission of the word money between couples can undermine, weaken, or bring insecurities in the future. The second biggest cause of separation of couples in the world is money, only infidelity is first . The art is this: couples of faith need to talk about money.

It is well known that many couples face misunderstandings when it comes to money 2 . Fights are constant, especially when difficulties arise: unemployment, debts, loans or thorny issues of this kind. It is urgent to put money on the agenda of relationships . In particular, faith in God must be above money. However, money can not be neglected.

How couples of faith plan the family budget

Photo: AleksandarNakic by Getty Images

What do you intend with your relationship? If you’re dating, are you planning to get married? If you are already sure of being the man (woman) of your life, why not comment on what you think about your financial life? Talking about the financial future can be a good way to also know whom you love. Each one has a financial history, a baggage that comes from his or her family origin. Some have lived, since childhood, in the midst of a difficult life financially, but where nothing was lacking. Others had three sheets to the wind, and they had everything they wanted, but their parents lived in debt. What is your financial history? Whatever is there within you will one day flow after the marriage; it will be natural and with time.

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“Husband and wife in perfect agreement” (Eccl. 25: 2)

The book of Ecclesiastes says that God rejoices to see husband and wife in perfect agreement. This includes many things: parenting , reciprocal love, decisions and also financial life. The more a couple makes use of tools, spreadsheets, cell phone applications or notebooks to facilitate financial dialogue, the greater God’s blessing will be upon them. It is necessary to put money in its proper place, nor as a main goal, to “get rich”, nor ignore the fact that a family will have many needs in the future. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with wanting to get an equity (home, car, savings, retirement, children’s college). Couples separate when they put money, wealth, greed and avarice as the primary link, as a safe haven. Make security only in God; money is just a necessary tool.

1- According to surveys of American Universities such as Michigan through interviews and studies with couples.
2 -Data of IBGE- Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics

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Bruno Cunha

Bruno Cunha has a post-graduate degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and a degree in Economic Sciences from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. Currently, he is administrative and financial director of Faculdade Canção Nova, where he also teaches. Cunha has experience in Finance, Economics, Financial Education, Personal Finance and Financial and Budget Management.

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Oct 192017

Adoração ao Santíssimo SacramentoOur families must be consecrated to God, submitted to His will

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you” (Mt 6,33). When we do not give the first fruits of our time to God, all things are mismatched and unsafe in our family.


Photo: Wesley Almeida /

That is exactly what the enemy of God wants, that we are unprotected, without the true starting point in our daily life, therefore, he can have access to steal, exactly, what we have of good. He wants to destroy everything that is good in us, because what is good comes from God, and the enemy wants to destroy the creation of the Lord.

The enemy’s goal

The enemy’s goal is to destroy everything that comes from God, because he is envious, a liar, he seduces people to evil, so that they are totally diverted from the Lord’s plan. The devil wants to make people more and more miserable and unhappy. He wants to get into the hearts of people and end the goodness that God has planted in them.

We can not think that man is good alone, without God. Kindness comes from the Father, and we must cultivate it, water it with the water of the Holy Spirit.

Imagine, then, the risk we run when we do not walk side by side with God! Our whole family must be urgently brought to Him, consecrated to Him, submitted to His will. And may we say, “I and my house shall serve the Lord.”

We must act before Satan invades and robs us of what is most precious and sacred to us; before he robs these things from the husband, the wife, the children. Let’s not let this happen in our family, let’s not fool ourselves or waste time.

We are good people, but that is not enough for us. We need to be of God, for only by persevering in Him can goodness abide in us.

Image and likeness of God

The enemy, of course, wants to destroy what God has built in us; he wants to destroy the image and likeness of God that we are.

The devil wants to steal our values ​​and the treasures that the Lord has given us. The enemy does everything to steal our happiness, destroy the union between couples, love in families, relationships between parents and children.

So pray, pray, do not lose the strength and the will to pray. Do not let yourself be defeated. Begin by praying the rosary every day; then pray more, seek the Eucharist, the Word of God, and expel Satan from his home and his marriage.

With God we are more than conquerors! He is greater and has the power to free us from the wiles of the wicked. He can restore marriage, rebuild the home, return love! Fight, react in prayers and take may of what is yours.

Consecrate your family to God

Consecrate your life and your family to Jesus, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady.

Parents, mothers, bridegrooms, boyfriends, girlfriends put your feet on the ground, wake up to life and urgently seek a life of prayer.

Invest in the things of God, put it in the first place, because it is not enough for you to be people of possessions, with titles and diplomas in your hands; rather, it is necessary to be of God!

Marlúcia Lopes
Community Canção Nova

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Aug 102017

Let your boyfriends learn: “Just because you love each other so much, you can not have sex!” Boy, learn: You can show all the affection to the girl you date or who you are engaged to without genitality.

Woman, do not abuse your femininity and do not want your boyfriend or boyfriend to give you “evidence”. The victim will be you!

Both: Do not make bait to attract the fish, because it follows the instinct, and the first to be caught is the bait. Do not ruin your life and your youth; Do not ruin your marriage and the one God has chosen for you.

Do not provoke the sexuality of the one whom the Lord gave you to be firm and secure in your marriage, to stand in your home. What unites a couple is not sex, it is not genitality, but love, tenderness and affection. Love each other deeply, first by dialogue, by presence, by security received, by love and fidelity.

Your brother,

Monsignor Jonas Abib
Founder of the Canção Nova Community

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Mar 012017

Why opt for virginity until marriage is rewarding

The origin of the word virgin is that which isn’t tampered with or that maintains its original feature.Commercially speaking, we remember, among others, computer equipment, and things such as CDs and DVDs, also olive oil’s first pressing, i.e. without mixing it with another refined product. But for the human being, virginity refers to those who have not had sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately, some people form a negative image associated with the condition of purity of men and women in their sexuality.

Por-que-optar-pela-virgindade-até-o-matrimônioPhoto: Yamin/

Human sexuality

Human sexuality is part of the deepest elements of a person and linked to all dimensions of one. Physically it is the carnal pleasure; the psychic,well-being or tension during and subsequent to the Act; in the spiritual, the sense of Union and complementarity with the other person.

In our days, there’s a mentality (driven by the media, Governments and health systems) which disseminates erroneous thoughts about sexuality, not taking into account the human as a whole. It encourages young people, especially, to the loss of virginity and the knowledge of the body ruled only in pleasurable sensations offered by the sexual act, regardless of what exists beyond the physical realm. For this, they adorn virginity and chastity as something backward, unbearable and impossible to be experienced. They bring the majority to questioning and ridiculing anyone who declares himself still preserved in virginity and divert people’s the attention away from the benefits contained in a definitive commitment to keep one’s virginity until marriage.


Losing your virginity, motivated purely by the pursuit of carnal sensations, can lead to negative consequences psychologically generating pressures,  fears and feelings that the person may not be ready to deal with. In the spiritual field, this act can lead to one uniting him or herself physically with another but who hasn’t identified him/herself in the soul as a continuation of another, i.e., the couple has not yet assumed the quality and defects of both. Men and women are subject, in all its dimensions, the consequences of sexual initiation, in the case of the woman, with the breaking of the hymen, the cause a physical mark, making it the first relationship much more impactful in her emotional life than it does to the man. In addition, it creates this physical intimacy with partner who subsequently may not want to share the other’s life, devaluing the whole action.

Only within the marriage, gestated in a courtship that has brought confidence in the complicity of the person at your side does the sex life bring full benefits to the three dimensions of love and friendship, printed in the soul during the stage of knowledge, providing the safety required for later affects of the physical endowment. It is in the preparation of the spirit, mind and body man and woman are not deprived of what is good and pleasurable, but only learn to respect the time and purpose of everything that has been created by God, while awaiting the time when they are ready.


The Lord is in all that is good in human beings. As we have seen, virginity until marriage is rewarding, it is an experience of the sense of purity, the body is proof of love to God and to the one proven to be entrusted to share the gift of sexuality.


Cast not Holy things to dogs, cast not your pearls to pigs (Matthew 7.6).

For those who were once fooled by worldly incentives, and broke with this Holy ideal the proposal of chastity is made by returnings to participate in all the merits of purity.

The Almighty calls you does not condemn you; and even though you’ve lived in error, He comes to us bringing his grace. It is enough to want to participate in His Love.

Wait for the special person that the Lord has for you and live at the right time, may you have all the blessings in body, feelings and soul.

God bless you!

Sandro Arquejada

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Jan 122017

The couple that prays together makes fruit their talents and grow stronger spiritually

Only God is one, only to Him belongs to the character to be one, so only God can foster the unity of the married couple.“That all may be one; as you o father, are in me and I in you, that they also be one in us “(Jn 17.22).

A perfeita unidade do casal é cultivada pela oração

Men and women who leave mom and dad depart towards the beautiful challenge of the experience of the unity, have the grace of the state of matrimony. “What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder” (Mk 10:9).

Marriage is a sacrament celebrated by spouses and blessed by the Church in the person of the priest. However, it is essential that both parties, man and woman, be aware that since the wedding, blessing the unity between them is made perfect.

We see, then, clearly, this sacrament is not a human society. Either a recognition, on the part of the Church, of a couple who have lived together and happens to live under the blessing of God.

Unity in God

From the beginning, the man and woman were created to be united and live the mystery of oneness in God, unity similar to the one experienced by the Holy Trinity. It is the mystical experience to learn to love your “neighbor most close”, as oneself.

In this relationship, where God raises the unity, there is continually a spiritual battle. A spouse is always lifting each other at the time of a possible fall, because God never allows both to fall at the same time.

The spouses see the image of Jesus Christ on the face each other, and so they learn to love themselves. However, if there is a spiritual battle in the marital relationship, if the enemy of God tries every way destroy the marriage, it is necessary that the spouses are always very well armed to defend themselves.

In the modern world, the spouses hardly have an awareness of what is marriage. Normally, when a situation more difficult or even a small disagreement of ideas happen, both react humanely, so often taking hasty positions, ignoring the tools that God puts in your hands, on the occasion of the wedding.

The Mission of the couple

The couple has the mission to make your marriage more and more holy. So that this goal is reached, it is necessary a tireless toil, a cut of a rough diamond, for which it becomes bright, reflecting Jesus Christ for all who surround him for He they thirst.

The spiritual life is dynamic. The Holy Spirit is the holy sword to every couple. How many misunderstood and harsh words can be exchanged between spouses who still don’t know that their Union is alive and effective sign of Jesus!

A couple needs to pray together, with a view to the charisma of your unity. Man and woman, made one by the sacrament of marriage, they need to pray. This prayer cannot be just personal, it needs to happen within the couple. The perfect unity of the soul and the body grows through prayer.


How many times couples propagate their corporal and intellectual unity, but do not experience the union of their souls. A perfect harmony in marriage should be founded, rooted in Jesus.

The couple, recognizing their smallness while sinners, but their greatness by divine sonship, totally in need and stripped in front of the one true source of love and wisdom there pours their souls and will live fully the graces of their unity. “When two or more are gathered in my name, I am in their midst” (Mt 18.20).

The divine unity of the couple

The prayer of the couple lead them to realize that the marriage is not just on the human plane. This way of prayer deepens the unity of the couple in the mystery of the divine unity.

If the couple is something so wonderful, fruitful and that both pleases the heart of God, why doesn’t happen often? Often, under the guise of sleep or tiredness, spouses are mistaken by the enemy of God and looking like legitimate justifications, postpone or prevent the pouring of His grace more and more upon the spouses.

A couple united in Jesus will have a family founded on the rock. Satan tries to prevent this harmony. The couple fit through this battle with the Holy Sword of the spirit and who prostrate themselves daily at the foot of the cross of their Redeemer, to cry out for wisdom and unity, and living by the grace of being able to forgive each other and, above all, living love so true.

Spouses who pray together, receiving the Eucharist together, make fruitful their talents and nourish themselves spiritually. No more will they walk with the world and its values as a model, but in Christ, and with fearlessness will face all the battles and challenges arising from the fact of living in the world.

Maria Adília Ramos de Castro
Shalom Community

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Feb 102016
Canção Nova

Marriage is restored through prayer

Elcka Torres

About of 30 1000 people chose to change from the revelry of Carnaval for the tranquility of a spiritual retreat. That was the choice of Almir Rivas, who brought his wife and daughters Ana Adyra Rivas, Laura, 16 years, and Maria Clara, 14 years. They came to participate in the Encounter of prayer: Come to Praise, held at the See of the Canção Nova Community, in Cachoeira Paulista (SP), Brazil February 6-10.

“We chose to spend Carnaval at Canção Nova because it’s the best experience we can do as a family, it is a prayer experience, above all, show our kids that there is a real joy, not the joy that the world shows,” says Rivas.

Ana Laura, Adyr, ALmir e Maria Clara no Acampamento de Oração "Vem Louvar"


Almir and his wife separated after a great tribulation. She says it had been a very difficult time. “My husband went to work in another State and that was wearing on the marriage, until one day I realized that he was no longer present, as he visited our House, he was cold. And when I questioned him he said that this was the end, that his feelings had stopped and that we were going to split up. When I heard that my world was over, it was a shock, I didn’t expect it. And so we parted and for three months, while we were apart, I woke up every morning at 3 I’d turn on the Canção Nova TV and would pray the Rosary of mercy. I would ask our Lady to bring him back and restore our marriage. Canção Nova sustained me. A lot of people said I was stupid, I should follow my life without relying on him, “says Adyra.

Still swimming upstream, Adyra claims not to have given up on her husband, because she believed in the sacrament of matrimony. “I never give up my husband, because I assumed the marriage is a grace and that grace would get us through. I had to believe that God can do it all, I could not resolve it alone. We must deliver to God our marriage, which is not made only of happy moments, marriage is to live in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. It is important to remember that commitment. That’s what supported me, staying in prayer. I had to assume to stay in prayer for him. “

Adyr Rivas e Almir Rivas

Rivas believed that being a good father was meeting the material needs of the daughters. “I was at rock bottom, although I was very well off financially, I gave myself up to what the world has to offer, I was kidding myself, I’ve been hanging out with a bad crowd and I thought as much. I thought being a good father was paying bills and you could do that being away. One night I realized how I was lonely, I had no idea who God was. Without knowing He touched me and got me to thinking: ‘ what am I going to do with all this and without my family ‘? And, the next day, I called my wife and asked for forgiveness and I came home from there I met God “, testified.

Adyra says he has no doubt that God acted through prayer. It has been 8 years that her family has been restored. Today they seek to renew their faith through a life of daily prayer.

“We are here in Carnaval at Canção Nova so that every day we remember what God is and does for us. As Monsignor Jonas says in his preaching: ‘ you are a daughter loved by God, and Warrior ‘. We must always remember who we are, who I am, sometimes tribulation,fights make me forget that I’m loved. “says Adyra.

Maria Clara e Ana Laura/ Foto: Gustavo Borges/CN

Teenage girls Ana Laura and Maria Clara took the opportunity to meet the singer and presenter Deia of the program Bem da Hora[Well of Her Time], one of the attractions of the Carnaval Kids, parallel activity that happens at the Canção Nova for children and teenagers.

“We could spend the Carnaval in so many places, but in Canção Nova to me is very good, because it was an instrument of conversion in my parents ‘ lives and changed our life! Spending time at Canção Nova is remembering our first encounter with God, who made our family different, “reported the couple’s daughter Ana Laura.

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