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May 022017

Discover the will of God is a common desire among us all

Corresponding to the will of God is always a desire of the heart of those who, somehow, have experienced his love. That’s why you often hear someone say: “I would like to know what is God’s will for my life.”

These days, a young man opened his heart to me, talking about their dreams, fears, struggles and achievements. He seemed not to be satisfied, nor did he demonstrate enthusiasm on the latest achievements. There was a shadow of sadness and apprehension in his look, which led me to ask: “what are you missing right now?”. He promptly replied: “I want to distinguish God’s will from mine.” By Providence, I had just read some writings of Chiara Lubich talking about it, then I passed him some words of encouragement. Then, I kept thinking about it.


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I know that young man is no exception. In fact, discovering the will of God is a common desire among us. Because we know that being in the will of God is the right path to happiness, and being happy is all that craves human being in this world.

Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement, claims that it is difficult to know what the will of God is and indicates the path:

“We need to hear well inside a delicate voice, which is often smothered, and that becomes almost imperceptible. But if we listen well, it is the voice of God. Chiara tells us that it’s time to study or help those in need, to work, win against temptation or fulfill a duty of a Christian citizen. She invites us to pay attention to someone who speaks in the name of God, or to face difficult situations with courage. We need to hear. Let’s not shut out his voice, it is the most precious treasure we have. Let’s follow it! “

After this discovery, we have a second stage, which is also very important: the courage to assume the will of God, making it our life project. The condition for this is to take the steps required at each moment. Sometimes simple things happen at first, and, along the walk, there are larger requirements, which are always possible. God never asks us anything we can’t accomplish with his grace.

According to Chiara, life offers us two directions: doing our will or doing the will of God. The first option will be disappointing, it’s like climbing the mountain of life with our limited ideas, with the few resources we have, with our poor dreams, counting only on our own strength. From there, sooner or later, we get into the routine experience of an existence full of boredom, of mediocrity, of pessimism and, sometimes, even despair. A monotonous life, in spite of our effort to make it interesting, we never get to meet our intimate deeper insides. The second possibility is when we repeat with Jesus: ‘ not my will, but yours “(Lk 22, 42).

To understand this better, we can compare God to a Sun. From the Sun come many rays that protrude on each of us. These rays represent the will of God. In life, we are called to walk toward this “Sun”, following the lightrays, that are different and distinct from all others. And we can accomplish the wonderful design that God has for each one of us: His will. If we do, we’re going to feel involved in a divine adventure, never before imagined.

We will be at the same time, actors and spectators in the great things that God will accomplish in us and through us in humanity. All that was  to happen, as the sufferings and the joys, thanks and misfortunes, important facts or insignificant ones, all will acquire a new meaning, because it is offered by the hand of God, who is love. All he wants or allows is for our good. If you believe that only with the faith we will see then, with the eyes of the soul, there is a golden thread calling events and things, to compose a magnificent embroidery: it is the project of God for each one of us.

It may be that, given this, you decide to give more meaning to your life. So, start now to do the will of God, because, if you think about it, the past is gone and we can’t have it. All we can do is put it in the mercy of God. The future has not yet arrived. We will live it and it becomes current. In our hands, all we have is the present moment. It is where we must choose to do the will of God. How? Listening to that soft voice that speaks to the heart, remembering that God didn’t ask us something unworkable. We will be together!

Dijanira Silva

Canção Nova Community missionary, since 1997, Djanira resides in São Paulo, where she works in the media. Daily,she  presents programs on radio America CN. On Tuesdays, she is ahead of the program “De mãos unidas”[Of United Hands], which runs at  9:30 pm (GMT-0400) on TV Canção nova. A columnist since 2000. Recently, she  released the book Por onde andam seus sonhos? Descubra e volte a sonhar”[Where Are Your Dreams Leading? Discover and Return to Dreaming] by Canção Nova.

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Feb 232017

Worrying signs that parents are not knowing raise children

In the process of educating the children, we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of models, after all, people are different. There are, however, trails to be traveled, which lead to the journey of educating children successfully most of the time.

We found that the parents of other generations also made mistakes, but firmly led their children. In General, there were many directions providing an authoritarian model, but with clear boundaries. In the current education, we observe a democratization of parental power, where children tell what they think, but they are weak in respect for the rights of others.

Sinais preocupantes que os pais não estão sabendo educar os filhosPhoto: Copyright: Juanmonino

Balance in education

In the previous generations’ models, there was the punishment, sometimes violent, but limited. There is a need of disciplining the child so that they understand that life is made with responsibilities and rewards; and when they break something, they will be held accountable for their actions. However, there will be positive acts which may bring compliments. The trick is to balance discipline with rewards, with emphasis on the second, to work the pulse of life that we all have inside of us.

To experience a democratic model, it is necessary to establish rules that often the children don’t like, because they aren’t mature enough to choose. The parents don’t ask if the children want to go to school, because if that happened, they, of course, would prefer to play. To care for and love the children, take them to school and explain, within the comprehension of each one, that in life there are moments for work and for leisure.

Attention to the limits

A caution is important: as the child matures, the limits are more “flexible” towards correct choices. On the other hand, there are parents who give in too much or they allow themselves to be manipulated by the ways of children.

It is important that parents have authority. The maintaining dominance over one’s emotions is a sign that the situation is under control. For example: If the parents yell a lot, they end up giving tips for children as these adults can’t handle pressure.

On Target in the education of children

A difficulty of current education is that parents want to be friends with the children, which is ok, as long as they are not afraid to be parents as is their duty. Or they become slaves, doing for their children and not allowing them to do tasks suitable to their age.

Want to know if you are on target? Listen to your children, talk about feelings and projects. They need to make sure they can count on you to help them, but also know that they will be held accountable if they do not respect the rights of others, fail to comply with their obligations or jeopardize their own happiness.

Ângela Abdo

Ângela Abdo is coordinator of the Group of mothers who pray for the children of St. Camillus of Léllis Parish Espiritu Santo and assists in the study of the National Guide to RCC. She acts as curator of the Foundation Nossa Senhora da Penha and leads workshops on strategic planning and people management to pastoral leadership.

Abdo is a graduate in Social work by UFES and postgraduate in human resources administration and business management. Has a master’s degree in accounting from Fucape. Acts as a consultant on small, medium and large private and public sector companies as quality and human resources Advisor and as a social worker of the CST (workers Solidarity Center). Is current President of ABRH (Brazilian Association of human resources) of the Espiritu Santo and Director, Manager and counselor of Vitória Apart Hospital.

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Jan 102017

A process of inner healing

Learn how to follow a process of inner healing

Nobody puts themselves in the Sun without burning, without suffering the consequences. With God what happens something similar, because nobody puts oneself in His presence without being benefited by its presence, and the marks of this presence are irreversible for our salvation. When we allow ourselves to be lead by the Holy Spirit, He gives us freedom.

Our Lord never thought about bringing us closer to him with the intention of taking away our freedom. If he didn’t want us to be free, why would we be created with freedom?


Our freedom has been compromised because of our faults, because those who sin becomes a slave of sin. For though our sin and the vices that came into our lives we were stretched thin. It was so that we could be that the heavenly Father sent us Jesus.

The risen Lord has delivered us from all evil, all the enemy’s trap of God, for we remain free. However, nobody is free from evil.


No one can know what is within us if we don’t open our mouth and say what we feel. You know when you’re not well, and the moment of prayer is when we put our troubles in his presence. When we pray, God Father remakes us, the Holy Spirit heals us and releases us. When we pray, we are in the presence of the Almighty, exposed to him and are matured.

At the moment we know God, we come to know ourselves. So, pray not for anyone. In prayer, God reveals himself to us, and He also reveals to us ourselves. If He reveals something that is not good, it is because we need to fix it.

We need forgiveness and healing, and those are graces only God can give us. You and I need prayer, ask the Holy Spirit to open our heart and find out what’s bad in there.

Our whole life is a process of inner healing. While we, on this earth, our lives will be a process of inner healing. We must stand before God because there’s no one who, having prayed to the Lord, to whom He has not responded. And if He doesn’t do it directly, he does it through a person or an action. For this reason, we must learn to listen to him in prayer, to learn about the plans he has for our lives, a plan of realization and happiness.

Many times, we are not happy, because this plan is not fulfilled in our lives. If we don’t open the heart for prayer, we really risk dying without knowing the plan that God the Father has for us.

The Paraclete does not enter into the heart of a wicked person, He doesn’t dwell on a body that is being used for the sin. Who wants to receive from God a reply, who wants to know the Lord and yourself must fight for the purity and holiness.

What is morally wrong is wrong today, it was wrong yesterday and will be wrong always. It’s not because we live in today’s world, that the wrong has ceased to be. Perhaps, what we need today is to open our hand to the Lord about what is within us. The evil one is terrified of people living the purity. Many thanks are given, because the Holy Spirit comes to the man who lives the purity. The blood of our Lord Jesus Christ has the power to purify us. By force of the Holy Cross all evil is vanquished! Desire to live in purity.

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Aug 312016

Qual o verdadeiro significado do escapulárioUnderstand why we should use the scapular and its meaning for the Church

Many people use the scapular for fad or simply because others use it, but what is the true meaning of it?

Many people use the scapular or other objects of devotion without knowing its true meaning, even worse when using it as an amulet, something magical, “lucky”, which frees one from “evil eye” or something similar.

Photo: Daniel Mafra/

As if the true sense didn’t come from the heart of one who wears such object, which, knowing their true meaning, uses it to flag something that is in your heart, in your faith, in his purposes and his conversion. Many use crosses, small medals, rosaries and various scapulars of our Lady of Mount Carmel as a fad, because everyone else is using or that artist used in the novel.

But what is the real meaning of the scapular.

The scapular or bentinho do Carmo is an outward sign of Marian devotion, which consists in consecration to Blessed Virgin Mary, through the inscription in the Carmelite Order, in the hope of your motherly protection. The scapular of Mount Carmel is a sacramental. In the words of Vatican II, “a sacred sign, according to the model of the sacraments, through which means above all spiritual effects, obtained through the intercession of the Church”. (60 SC)

“The devotion of the scapular of Mount Carmel did descend on copious rain of grace world spiritual and temporal”. (Pius XII, 8/6/50).

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The devotion to the scapular of our Lady of Mount Carmel began with the vision of St. Simon Stock. According to tradition, the order of Mount Carmel was going through a rough patch between 1230-1250. Newly arrival to Europe as Nomad, expelled by the Muslims of Mount Carmel, the order was going through a critical period. The Carmelite friars met strong resistance from other religious orders for its insertion. They were harassed and even lampooned for their way of dressing. The future of the Carmelites was directed by Simon Stock, man of faith and great devotee of our Lady.

The scapular was an apron used by monks during the work to keep the robe from dirt. Placed over the shoulder blades (shoulders), the scapular is a piece of the habit that even today all carmelites use. Over time, a reduced scapular was given to the lay faithful. In this way, those who wore it could participate in the spirituality of Carmel the great graces connected to it; among other privileges. In his Papal Bull called Sabbath, Pope John XXII States that those who wear the scapular are soon freed the pains of purgatory on Saturday following their death. The advantages of sabatino privilege were still given by the Sacred Congregation of indulgences, on 14 July 1908.

The scapular is made from two fabric squares together by Brown cords, having on one side the image of Our Lady of Mt Caremen, and the Heart of Jesus, or the coat of arms of the order of Carmel. It is a miniature of the Carmelite habit, so it’s a form of clothing. Whoever wears the scapular becomes part of the Carmelite Family and devotes himself to our Lady. Thus, the scapular is a visible sign of our alliance with Mary.

Commitments to those using the scapular

It is important to highlight some attitudes that must be assumed by who is this sign mariano:

• Put God first in your life and always seek to accomplish his will.
• Listen to the word of God in the Bible and practice it in your life.
• Seek communion with God through prayer, which is an intimate dialogue that we have with the one who loves us.
• Be Open to suffering of the neighbor, commiserating with him in his needs, seeking to solutions to them.
• Participate with frequency the sacraments of the Church, the Eucharist and confession, in order to deepen the mystery of Christ in your life.

I was vested with the scapular, on 16 July 1996, when I was in the novitiate of the Canção Nova. That day, I consecrated my affectivity and sexuality in the care of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to be able to always put forte the effort and openness of my heart to be worthy to receive the graces of this Holy devotion.

Reference: Carmelite Province

Father Luizinho

a native of Feira de Santana (Bahia) Brazil is a priest in the Canção Nova community. Ordained on December 22 2000, whose priestly motto is “I can do All in Him who gives me strength.” Twitter:http://@peluizinho

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Aug 232016

Through the Eucharist we are fed, healed and sent.

Jesus Christ the Savior, the master, Lord, presented humanity with the gift of His life. He instituted at the last supper, the Eucharist and the commandment of love (cf. Jn -20 13.1).

The Eucharist to the Church is everything, because that is what set off all the graces we need.Through the Eucharist we are healed and sent. And how are we healed? We’ve heard or read in the Gospel: “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you under my roof. Say the Word, and my servant will be healed “(Mt 8.8).


Being saved and being healed are synonymous in Scripture; the Lord brought forth healing, salvation in life that He created. At every Mass we often proclaim these words of the Centurion “I’m not worthy”. In fact, we are not worthy, but healing, Salvation, grace of God are gifts that He, in his benevolence, grants us.

When we say that the Eucharist is the source of healing, this means that the Lord Jesus, through this sacrament, can and performs the cures we need, restores us our spiritual health and, consequently, our physical strength is also invigorated. If we need healing, it’s because we’re sick, sick; and the one who is ill need nourishment. Typically, this is the case when you’re sick: we need to food to be cured. The bread from heaven, the Eucharist, that’s the food that makes us stronger and heals us.

The Holy Mass is also known as the Holy sacrifice of the Blood of the Lord. “If, as often as his blood is poured out, it is poured for the forgiveness of sins, I should always receive it, so that it may always forgive my sins. Because I always sin, I should always have a remedy.(CCC 1393).

The importance of forgiveness in inner healing

The Eucharist is food, medicine, healing, forgiveness of venial sins, but does not erase the deadly sins. One who committed grievous sin needs the sacrament of confession. Let’s enjoy this blessing!If you, a long time ago, found yourself far from God, with many physical and spiritual diseases, come back to Him; make a good confession. If you don’t have catechesis, seek it out; that way, you will encounter more deeply the Eucharist, this great treasure, this remedy. Certainly  your life will be better.

“The Eucharist is properly the sacrament of those who are in full communion with the Church.” (CIC 1395), seek communion with the Church, seek a Holy life.

The Eucharist is medicine for the sick and for the sinner. We always need healing, we need always to be fed. When we are United to Christ in the Eucharist, for sure we have the spiritual force to go on, we have hope. Even those who, for some reason, cannot receive Communion, join the Lord in my heart in Eucharistic adoration, pray with fervor and love, because also in worship we receive many graces. In fact, we received blessings of Lord through communion and Eucharistic adoration, but what we have received is to be transmitted and donated to others. We receive the cure not only to “look good”, we are blessed to be a blessing to each other, we are healed to be healing for another.

Father Marcio

Father Márcio del Prado, born in São José dos Campos (São Paulo), is a priest in the community Cançao Nova. Ordained on 20 December 2009, whose priestly motto is “Do ye to them” (Mt 7.12), Father Márcio attended Philosophy in the Cançao Nova Institute, in Cachoeira Paulista;and theology at Mater Dei Institute, in Palmas Tocantins. Twitter: @padremarciocn

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Aug 082016

How Can I Have Hope Before a Frustrated Perspective?

Saying that “while we live, there will be challenges, but with the courage to stand up to them we are going to win” would be unnecessary, since Jesus himself has spoken about it for over 2000 years ago: “in this world you will have tribulations. Courage! I have conquered the world “(John 16.33).

Como posso ter esperança de que o futuro será melhor
Photo: g-stockstudio, iStock by getty images

However, there are times when the questions have great strength and directly influence our lives.What to do, for example, with frustrated prospects, when dreams seem increasingly distant, when the losses seem bigger than the winnings and the errors are more than those hits?

What to do when you look back and you got the feeling that you did everything wrong and nobody else believes in you? Or worse, when you stopped believing in yourself? The questions are inevitable, but the answers are slow to arrive. The fact is that when we go through difficult moments, usually we can’t see God’s action in the events. We lack the strength to pray and see beyond our hurt feelings; so it’s hard to believe that miracles can happen. The numerous questions have the same root, hopelessness, lack of faith.


God expects a chance to change your life

At this time, perhaps you’ve wondered if it is worth it to continue or you ask yourself what is the meaning of life and if there is still a hope. The answer, however, is not the result of an internet search, for example, it’s inside of you and it has a name: God! He still believes in you! Yes, God didn’t give up of you and remains at your side waiting for a chance to change your life. He believes in your potential, the capacity to love, to overcome, go one step further in the direction of dreams that He has planted in your heart from the very first moment of your existence. God dreams about you and wants your happiness. “I know very well of the plans that I have for you, Oracle of the Lord! It is a project of happiness, not misery: it gives you a future, a hope. ” (Jer 29.11)
Therefore, even if today you are without hope, raise your head, look at the sky and think of God as a kind and loving Father who is now at your side.

And since God believes in you, you believe in you, and let yourself be led by the force for good in your soul. In the process of new life, try not to blame anyone. Remember that we are a free people and what happens to us is the result of our choices. Don’t fall into the temptation of blaming people and choosing to be a victim, that just stands in the way of new project that God wants to give you. Search and rebuild your story from the truth because when you reach out, you make a big discovery: realize that you are capable of love and you begin to love concretely even in pain.

I know it’s not easy to change your way of thinking and acting, but it’s important to remember what is possible with the grace of God. Don’t give up! You can have hope that your future will be better, because God believes in you!


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