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Oct 192017

Adoração ao Santíssimo SacramentoOur families must be consecrated to God, submitted to His will

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you” (Mt 6,33). When we do not give the first fruits of our time to God, all things are mismatched and unsafe in our family.


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That is exactly what the enemy of God wants, that we are unprotected, without the true starting point in our daily life, therefore, he can have access to steal, exactly, what we have of good. He wants to destroy everything that is good in us, because what is good comes from God, and the enemy wants to destroy the creation of the Lord.

The enemy’s goal

The enemy’s goal is to destroy everything that comes from God, because he is envious, a liar, he seduces people to evil, so that they are totally diverted from the Lord’s plan. The devil wants to make people more and more miserable and unhappy. He wants to get into the hearts of people and end the goodness that God has planted in them.

We can not think that man is good alone, without God. Kindness comes from the Father, and we must cultivate it, water it with the water of the Holy Spirit.

Imagine, then, the risk we run when we do not walk side by side with God! Our whole family must be urgently brought to Him, consecrated to Him, submitted to His will. And may we say, “I and my house shall serve the Lord.”

We must act before Satan invades and robs us of what is most precious and sacred to us; before he robs these things from the husband, the wife, the children. Let’s not let this happen in our family, let’s not fool ourselves or waste time.

We are good people, but that is not enough for us. We need to be of God, for only by persevering in Him can goodness abide in us.

Image and likeness of God

The enemy, of course, wants to destroy what God has built in us; he wants to destroy the image and likeness of God that we are.

The devil wants to steal our values ​​and the treasures that the Lord has given us. The enemy does everything to steal our happiness, destroy the union between couples, love in families, relationships between parents and children.

So pray, pray, do not lose the strength and the will to pray. Do not let yourself be defeated. Begin by praying the rosary every day; then pray more, seek the Eucharist, the Word of God, and expel Satan from his home and his marriage.

With God we are more than conquerors! He is greater and has the power to free us from the wiles of the wicked. He can restore marriage, rebuild the home, return love! Fight, react in prayers and take may of what is yours.

Consecrate your family to God

Consecrate your life and your family to Jesus, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady.

Parents, mothers, bridegrooms, boyfriends, girlfriends put your feet on the ground, wake up to life and urgently seek a life of prayer.

Invest in the things of God, put it in the first place, because it is not enough for you to be people of possessions, with titles and diplomas in your hands; rather, it is necessary to be of God!

Marlúcia Lopes
Community Canção Nova

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Sep 282017

If we detect selfishness quickly, we must fight it.

“A great act of love liberates us from selfishness.” I was reflecting on the life of Jesus. He has completely emptied himself, and laid down his life for us, and this is the great act of love for humankind. Jesus spared no effort, was not attached to His life, so He was able to give it for all. This is the great lesson He has given us. I’ve been thinking: How selfish I am, often worried about “my life,” “my plans,” “my things,” I do not look around and do not see the situations that need me the most. Selfishness makes us sick, bitter, makes us abandon people, leaves our soul sick and away from God. Today, let us renounce all selfishness, learn from Jesus to strip ourselves and love without measure.


Your brother, Wellington Jardim (Eto)
Co-founder of the Canção Nova Community and administrator of the FJPII

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Sep 182017



Forgiveness is essential for a lighter life

“… forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us …”

We pray this prayer every day, but are we practicing it? Jesus left us the prescription for the diseases of the soul, but we do not even realize it! Forgiveness is such a well-known word, but difficult to put into practice! Do you know how to forgive? Can you forgive?

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I believe it is unnecessary to talk about forgiveness; but talking about what one lacks he or she is capable of doing better, though it is a common problem as well. However, it’s worth it. Forgiveness is an action, a decision, a choice, a true remedy for the soul. A feeling provoked by an issue in an interpersonal relationship, with the name of hurt, disgust, bitterness and resentment.

Relating is a demanding activity! It requires a stepping out of itself, constantly, because when we come into conflict with each other and even with ourselves, we can leave wounded, traumatized. Such traumas can produce unpleasant feelings that are hidden; and when they arise, they control the human being, making him angryangry and bitter with life and the people around him.

These feelings have the power of destruction. They are capable of developing psychosomatic illnesses that we can not even imagine. Heart problems, ulcer, depression, nodules and even tumors. These are physical illnesses, which can be caused by the difficulty of forgiving. It is as if the person imploded, that is, exploded into him/herself, for not being able to release the forgiveness.

Ask for and grant forgiveness

It is so interesting that we can speak of the need to ask for forgiveness and also the need to give forgiveness. Often we have difficulty receiving forgiveness. The person humbles himself, repents of what he has done, asks for forgiveness, but the other, so trapped in his emotions, bitterness, wounds and hurt, cannot forgive. This is also destructive, because the issue is not being able to overcome the feeling produced. If I hurt the other and can make the move to ask for forgiveness, I may be overcoming my harmful feelings. So it is with him who is able to forgive those who ask him.

Whatever destroys us are the feelings of hurt and resentment, not the acts of forgiving. And forgiving is our remedy, it is the way of liberation, for sorrow and resentment are feelings so harmful that they have the capacity for destruction, paralysis and regression. Let’s take the following path:

– Recognition: look at your feelings and recognize that you feel hurt, and this has paralyzed, sickened you;
– Decision: in the face of my paralysis and illness, I decide to leave this place;
– Action: take the initiative to ask for or receive forgiveness.

There is no way to live these three steps at the same time. However, one must strive to win one at a time by looking at the current situation and focusing on the place you want to reach, the release of the feelings that chafe and fall ill.

Why is it so important to forgive?

Forgiveness has the power of deliverance. It makes us leave ourselves, our pride, vanity and self-sufficiency; leads us to a path that makes us recognize that we are imperfect and human, but that we can always start over. Are you willing to ask for and give forgiveness, or are you going to cultivate feelings that can bring death? The choice will always be ours, for to forgive is to have the ability to free yourself from your worst feeling!

Aline Rodrigues

Aline Rodrigues is a missionary of the Canção Nova Community, in the segundo elo. She has been a psychologist since 2005, with specializations in the clinical and business areas. She has professional experience in clinical, business and teaching.

Aug 242017


Praying the rosary requires dedication

From the youth, the rosary prayer had an important place in the life of St. John Paul II. He himself testifies: “The Rosary accompanied me in times of joy and trials. I entrusted it with so many worries;In it I always found comfort.” The favorite prayer of St. John Paul was the Rosary.

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In his encyclical, the Rosary of the Virgin Mary ( Rosarium Virginis Mariae ), he shows that this simple and deep prayer of the rosary has great meaning, as well as bearing fruits of holiness, for, although its characteristic is Marian, at its core is a Christological prayer. Thus, in order to better contemplate the face of Christ with Mary, let us see some tips that the saint himself presents to us in his encyclical, so that we can pray the rosary better:

1- Peaceful rhythm and a certain delay to think of the mystery

Many people pray the rosary in a hurry, agitated, impatient, that is, let the reflection of the immediate world take care of this prayer. The rosary is contemplative and requires a quiet rhythm of prayers and reflection on each mystery that is being prayed. Each well-meditated mystery illuminates the mystery of man.

2- You can fix an icon or other visible and figurative element

To enunciate the mystery with the possibility of fixing an icon or other visible and figurative element that represents it is like opening a scenario on which attention is concentrated. It facilitates the concentration of the spirit in the mystery, especially when the Rosary is recited in particular moments of prolonged silence.

3- Read a Bible passage

To give biblical grounding and depth to meditation, it is helpful for the enunciation of the mystery to be accompanied by the proclamation of a biblical allusion, which, depending on the circumstances, may be more or less long. This helps to hear the voice of God and, even on certain occasions, this Scripture passage may come with a later comment.

4- Mute

After the enunciation of the mystery and the proclamation of the Word, it is convenient to pause for a while and fix your gaze on the meditated mystery before beginning vocal prayer.

5. To emphasize the name of Christ by adding a clause evocative of the mystery

Adding to the name of Jesus a clause evocative of the mystery intensifies the Christological faith, especially in public recitation. For example, if we contemplate the mystery of the birth of Jesus, we can pray: “Hail Mary … fruit of your womb Jesus”, “born in Bethlehem.” Holy Mary … In every mystery contemplated, a clause is added to help with meditation.

6- Highlight the “Glory”

The trinitarian glorification of every decade is the apogee of contemplation, for we are continually in the presence of the mystery of the three divine Persons to praise, worship and thank them. In the public recitation, one can sing to give greater prominence to “Gloria”.

7- Finish each of the mysteries with a prayer

In this way, the contemplation of the mysteries can better manifest all its fruitfulness, since it will have more connection with the Christian life and the specific fruits of the meditation of this mystery will be obtained. St. John Paul teaches that to walk with Mary in the scenes of the Rosary is like attending Mary’s “school” to read Christ, to penetrate her secrets, to understand her message. Of all human beings, no one like her knows Christ better. Therefore, it is necessary to pray properly the rosary, because thus Christ is formed in the disciple fully.

Ricardo Cordeiro

Candidate for the Sacred Orders in the Canção Nova Community. Graduate in Philosophy at Canção Nova College, Cachoeira Paulista (SP). Bachelor of Theology from Dehoniana College, Taubaté (SP) and post-graduate in Bioethics at Canção Nova College. He works in the Internet Department of Canção Nova, in the Father’s Shrine of Mercy and Confessionals.

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Aug 232017


The feeling of guilt consists in making us feel guilty when in reality we are not

I do not want to talk about guilt, but about feelings of guilt. If we have sin, we have to say, “I have sinned, I am a sinner.” Faults are realities that should not discourage us, but rather throw us even more into the hands of God, realities that must make us encounter the Savior Christ.

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We can not save ourselves alone.

The biggest problem these days is to sustain the idea that we do not need Christ as Savior because we can save ourselves. This is all theory or philosophy – you can call it whatever you want – from the New Age, which says that you no longer need the Savior: “The Savior is me, the Christ is me!” It does not refer naturally to the Christ, who dwells in us, the personal Christ. For them, Christ would be that force, that energy that is in us: “The more I discover it in myself, the more it comes out of me.Therefore, I become the God of myself, I become the Christ. “

As we can see, we have something that is truly distorting and destroying our whole spiritual life. For them, the spiritual life consists in making spiritual experiences, experiences made by themselves.

By staying an hour in front of a tree, for example, they receive energy from the tree. This is for them the spiritual experience. We are on totally different paths, so we can say that New Age spirituality is probably the most subtle and serious enemy of Christian spirituality today.

Psychological wound

In this way, I am not referring to guilt, but guilty feelings. The reality of guilt is what makes St. Paul speak: “There is in me a law that does not allow me to do the good that I want, but leads me to do evil.” Feeling guilty instead consists in making us feel guilty when in reality we are not guilty. But I say to myself, “God forgives my sin, but I still sin!” Here we have a great psychological wound.

We find many believers with this feeling of guilt, which can turn into scruples or perhaps into depression, obsession; Often on a fixed idea. We fix our attention on a point, which is practically unreal, because, if God forgives us, we are no longer guilty. The devil is certainly celebrating when he finds such a weakness in man. He tries and can, with some ease, convince us that God no longer loves us.

God loves us and forgives our sins.

“God loves me!” It all starts from here, the walk to healing begins here. It does not begin with the saying, “I am a sinner!”, But in speaking: “God loves me, He forgives my sin”.

Since God loves us, we try not to sin anymore, because love must be reciprocated with love. So the beginning of the journey is here: “God loves me!” Is not God love? This is how St. John defines it! When there is a feeling of guilt, it is very easy for the enemy to enter very subtly to get in the way and stop us from continuing our walk.

Frei Elias Vella, OFM Conv.

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Note: St. Alphonsus Liguori also told us to remember that since God forgives us, once we ask for forgiveness we can trust in His mercy. Then if we have feelings of guilt that is not from God, but from the enemy. —ed. 

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Aug 012017

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Try to identify the source of your sufferings. See if it is possible to alleviate or escape from them, then pray

When you suffer, you must keep two things in mind: 1) God does not want suffering, because He is the God of life, love and happiness. 2) Suffering is part of the finite, transient and human situation of our being.

We know that all sorts of suffering entered the world through sin. It is necessary to know how to look at him not with despair, escape, revolt, but with tranquility and inner peace .


It is not possible to live without disease, without suffering and conflicts, because they are part of our human reality. We find them present in the lives of all: saints and sinners, even in the life of Jesus, Our Lady and all people loved by God.

We can not escape the “deterioration” of our body that grows old, falls ill and dies. Faced with this, it is necessary to change our focus and contemplate all these as paths that lead us to maturity, enrich us with experiences and prepare us for “new heavens and new lands”, where there will be no more pain or tears.

Today, we no longer know how to be joyful, because we reject the wounds and we despair to the point where, to escape pain, there are those who preach death, euthanasia and suicide as remedy. Of course, these means are contrary to the will of God and against our human nature, which is made to live.Whatever your suffering, you must know how to love and accept it, and undoubtedly seek all means to alleviate it.

It is not necessary to go to find suffering or to ask for suffering, it is only to accept those we meet on our way.

Read more:

The worst service we can render to Jesus is to present Him as the One who goes in search of death, pain and suffering. Through the Gospels, we can see Jesus before the pain of which He teaches us to flee. Remember?

When Jesus is sought to be thrown down from the hill, what does He do? He flees, When the guards seek Him to bind Him in the temple, what does the Lord do? He flees.  When are they trying to kill Him?Jesus runs away too. He always runs away! But when the cross, death, suffering become the only way of fidelity to the Father, to the plan of God in his life, He assumes them.

Here are some Bible passages about

“When they heard this, all who were in the synagogue were furious. They got up, dragged him out of the city and led him to the top of the hill where the city was built, to be rushed down. But passing through them, Jesus went away “(Lk 4: 28-30).

“When he had thus spoken, he departed and hid himself from them” (Jn 12,36).

“Therefore, Jesus no longer walked in public among the Jews. And he went away to the region nearest to the wilderness, to a city called Ephraim, and there he lived with his disciples “(Jn 11:54).

“Again they sought to arrest him, but he withdrew from his hands” (Jn 10:39).

This should be our attitude. When suffering is the only way of fidelity to God and our brothers and sisters, we must accept it with love.

Identify the source of your suffering

Try to identify the source of your sufferings: physical, spiritual, and moral. See if you can alleviate them or escape from them, then pray, ask God for strength to be able to take the cross as a gift of the same love of God. After all, by faith we know that “we complete in our flesh what is lacking in the passion of Jesus Christ”. Listen to these words of Elizabeth of the Trinity:

“O my beloved Christ, crucified for love; I had wanted to be a wife for your Heart, I want to cover you with glory, to love you until I die of love! But I feel my impotence and I ask you to clothe me in yourselves, to identify my soul with all your movements, to submerge me, to invade me, to replace you with me, so that my life is a true irradiation Of yours “ (elevation to the Trinity).

And of John of the Cross:

“Crucified inwardly and outwardly with Christ, she will live in this life in abundance and satisfaction of her soul, possessing it in patience” (Sayings 85).

“Christ’s crucifixion is enough! To suffer and rest with Him; But to do this  all things interior and exterior must be must be annihilated” (Sayings 90).

Learn to resize things

Not all sufferings are the same, we must be able to distinguish them so as not to “make a storm in a glass of water”. Overreaching is never good for our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. It is necessary to always resize things. And, faced with the problems of life, know what we can change, because something depends on us; And what we can not change because it does not depend on us.


The Christian, however, will never assume a “stoic and deterministic” attitude. He knows that in order not to be attacked by suffering, it is necessary to accept it in the way of love. What can help us is to meditate on the Passion of the Lord Jesus: see chapters 26-27 of the Gospel according to Matthew;Chapters 14-15 of Mark; Chapters 18-19 of the Gospel of John and the beautiful way of Jesus presented by the apostle Paul:

Have among yourselves the same attitude that is also yours in Christ Jesus,Who, though he was in the form of God, did not regard equality with God something to be grasped. Rather, he emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, coming in human likeness; and found human in appearance, he humbled himself, becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross.

Because of this, God greatly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bend, of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Phil 2: 6-11 NABRE).

My experience

In my life, as in everyone’s life, there has not been a lack of suffering or pain of all kinds, but with the grace of God and the help of the mystics of Carmel, I have come to understand that suffering is a “palace”, a “gift of God”. When I find myself in suffering, I take the crucifix in my hands and carefully, my eyes on Jesus crucified, and I receive all the courage and the strength to not be discouraged. And I see the truth of Jesus’ words:

“Verily I say unto you, Unless the grain of wheat fall into the earth, and die not, it shall be left alone; But if it dies, it will bear much fruit “ (Jn 12,24).

Friar Patrício Sciadini, ocd

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